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To discuss admission requirements for Undergraduate admissions

Do you know why University of the Pacific has designed Career Accelerator for International Students?

- To engage students in a continous professional development & provide continous career guidance throughout four semesters

- International students are also given skills based training and internship/work opportunities in U.S. only

-  The program team regularly organises unique workshops for give cross-cultural real-world experiences to international students. 

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How University of the Pacific offers best of both worlds:

- Mediterranean Climate: Hot & dry summers followed by mild winters

- San Francisco is just a 90-minute drive

- Located close to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park & several other recreation areas.

- Stockton has cinemas, music venues, an opera house, museums and much more

- Every annual festival is celebrated 

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At University of the Pacific, our faculty members teach, delight and inspire students every day. They are passionate about their fields of study, eager to share their expertise and dedicated to each student’s success. We are committed to providing students like you with a broad and rigorous education that will lead you to question your assumptions and seek innovative solutions to life’s challenges. 

When you graduate from University of the Pacific, you’ll be prepared to lead in your community and in your profession. What’s more, you’ll be capable of spreading the knowledge that you’ve gained in your own life to enrich and enliven the world around you.   

Our campus is a diverse and vibrant community with dozens of social and professional organizations that celebrate and honor the cultures, heritages and beliefs of our students, faculty and staff. One of the most ethnically diverse universities in the United States, Pacific brings students from all walks of life together.
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University of Pacific received national recognition for its leadership in higher education. It was consistently ranked among the best national universities and as a "Best Value" by U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review. U.S. News ranked Pacific (No.15) for ethnic diversity. The Economist and The Brookings Institution have ranked Pacific at No. 3 best value college or university in California. It is among the top 10 schools in the nation whose graduates exceed expected earnings, according to an analysis by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.    

The university is deeply committed to its student-centered approach. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to excellence in teaching. Our close faculty mentoring, a rich blend of liberal arts and professional education, and a broad array of experiential learning activities prepare students for lasting achievement.  

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Designed specially for International students, our International Accelerator programs creates a learning environment that promotes academic success, encourages students to involve in campus and community life. There are three types of International Accelerator programs:    

- The Integrated Accelerator Program (IAP): is a two-semester program for students with an advanced level of English-language proficiency. The program features a robust advising and mentorship component, as well as priority access to the most exclusive & in-demand courses   

- The Academic Accelerator Program (AAP): is a two-semester program designed specifically for students who are ready to succeed in immersive English-speaking classrooms, but who also want to benefit from English-language and student support. The program curriculum offers a balance of University-wide and AAP-exclusive courses, with English-language course supplements that equip students with the practical, subject-specific vocabulary and skills they need to excel in all classes.   

- The Extended Accelerator Program (EAP): is a three-semester program for students seeking an immersive English-learning experience. The program's contextual curriculum gives students a first-hand practical and cultural understanding of Pacific's campus and California. Students may enter the program in the spring, summer or fall. 

Upon completion of the program, student progress into year two of their undergraduate education with a full year’s worth of academic credits.  

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University of Pacific is ranked as: 

#3 Best-Value College in California (The Brookings Institution)  

#12 Best-Value College in the U.S. (The Economist) 

At University of Pacific, we believe that one best learns by doing. We ensure that our International Students get access to hands-on experience opportunities, from the moment they walk on campus. We will prepare you to become a leader in your community and profession.  Our faculty members teach and inspire students every day. They are eager to share their expertise and dedicated to each International Student’s success

Jialin Li, from China, shares his experience of studying at University of Pacific: 

"I chose Pacific because of its high ranking and small classes, and because of the California weather! The campus is beautiful and the professors really care about my success. Pacific is like a family - lots of people from different places. It’s fun, and people are so friendly and helpful. It’s far from where I’m from, but it’s my second home."  

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