University of Tennessee at Knoxville - Fall 2013 MBA Admits

Anyone with information on the program or admit , Please respond.

Anyone with information on the program or admit , Please respond.

Hello anyone planning to go to Tennessee this year in Fall session. Please reply Puys

@ashutoshagr1986 I am planning for it ..

Hi Venky, great to know you are planning, even m also planning.
u got any scholarship from the college

No I didn't get any scholarship

so whats ur profile venky

Hi Venky & Ashutosh,

Nice to see this thread about UTK.
I have an interview scheduled on april 1st (april fool's day) :-P. Looking forward to it.
Are you guys done with it ? If yes can you please guide on what to expect and what kind of questions they might ask ?
@ashutoshagr1986 Hi I have got an acceptance from UTK as well for Fall 2013, I shall be joining as well
@ronz congrats on the admit, did you get scholarship mail from the college.

@Ameetjha : Hi Amit, Normally UTK does not have schedules interview but like you I also scheduled an interview. Mine was general question, why mba, why UTK, career aspirations and all that stuff. nothing much outside the normal questions.

Nope no mails yet for scholarships got the admit on Thursday evening.

@Ameetjha I never had an interview as well submitted my essays and straight admissions letter.

it's the same here. No scholarship & no interview.

Puys, if anyone else three of Venkysearsh, ronj and myself got admit and plan to attend this Fall session, kindly join the group. It will help us to know each other in better way