University Of Iowa Tippie; 2013 intake

Hello Guys, Anyone applying to Tippie for the 2013 intake?

Hello Guys,

Anyone applying to Tippie for the 2013 intake?

Yeah iam planning to apply.. but i need to boost my gmat.. have a mere 660.. how abt u? wats ur profile? and what are the strengths of iowa tippie

I have a 740 GMAT, but my work ex is on the lower side, its just 2 years.
Strengths of tippie, well, I can only speak about what I have read but I am not sure I have anything new or special to add to that. It would be best if some present/ ex student from there could comment.

I am applying. Have interview on the 20th of December. will let you know about it.

Got an admit. Decent scholarship.
@WubWubMan , your profile?

700 GMAT/ , MS, 2 years part time + 2 years full time healthcare exp in US.
when did you get your admit? what questions did they ask you?

I got my admit this morning.
The questions were the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary.
You have applied to any other colleges @WubWubMan ?

Congratulations! are you waiting for other colleges and if so which ones do you wish to get into? I applied to Yale (long shot, didnt get) and am applying to vanderbilt round 2, jan 8th.


I have applied to a few more colleges. yes.
But, for no apparent reason, I prefer Tippie the most. Probably because I feel it is a college that is growing in the rankings and not coming down. So, I need to sit and brain storm if I want to think of something else or settle for Tippie.
Your plans?

Same here. Its great here in the midwest and Iowa city has some really nice people. downside is that no major companies in town since its a college town. However there's always Chicago which is just 3 hrs away.


Yeah, as you are actually staying in the US, would it be possible for you to shed some more light on the placement stats for international candidates?

I know a couple of Indians from previous batches who are currently employed and a couple who are 2nd year students. Apart from that I don't have a lot of information. I believe some student profiles have been posted on the college website and contain a few international students.


they do, but they would only show the positive side of the story. I want to know the negative side of tippie, if there is any.
You are a Indian national living in the US?

I understand. I have asked a current student n will let you know once i find out.

Yes. I am from mumbai. currently working in Iowa.
@WubWubMan , alright. Cool. Ping me your id of gmail or something if you make it and are planning of joining the tippie MBA.
@WubWubMan @Gunner711 Guys, please let us know if you find something about Tippie. I am a bit apprehensive as I have heard a few discouraging stuffs about the placements there. But again, its all "heard" and "read".

I only finished my application y'day. Now waiting for the call.

@Gunner711 congrats on the admit and the scholarship man!!
I would really appreciate if you could share your interview experience? (Method of interview, Questions, etc)
@PokerKings , negative stuff about tippie?
While I am still trying to find out and doing all research I can about Tippie, I have not found any negative yet. So I would be glad if you could actually give me quote what you read or some such thing.
@ss_srijan , the interview was not bad. I think it was more of a formality. It lasted an hour. it was on skype and it was just the basics. Nothing special.

Some of my friends staying in US hd said that the placements in Tippie hvnt been spectacular in the past few years.... but again, I would like to know something more substantial....anyways I am applying to Tippie as I believe the curriculum suits me perfectly