university of Hyderabad

Can any1 tell me howz university of Hyderabad for MBA?

Can any1 tell me howz university of Hyderabad for MBA?

hi anirbanbamba,

This is SUMERA from SMS, Uoh. It is a good place to have learning and enriching experience for management students in an environment with rich diversity and good infrastructure facilities.....
If you have any querries regarding the admission please post it.I am there to help...

Hi anirbanba as summera said its a good place for mba, can u be more specific in terms of what you are expecting from mba course or college?? so that it will be easier for us to help you.

click on this link to get more information
@endeavour19 : hi ...i want to know about placements...there is no information on websites


The list of companies that we attended for placements in this year:
1. BAJAJ Auto Finance
2. TCS
3. Colgate Palmolive
4. Deloitte
5. ICICI Securities
6. Jaro Educational Academy

We are expecting companies like RBI, Virtusa, HSBC and Pokarna to visit our campus.
@endeavour19 : sir i also want to know what was last year cut off....and the intake of i have applied for it and not expecting a very good result in Cat
Cut off's are not to be reveled, it changes y-o-y. the usual intake every year is 60.
@endeavour19 thank u sir...

@endeavour19 wen do they display the shortlist for gd-pi...i applied wid cat score of 73 general...wat r the chances...pls help

@Amanullahkhan: i will tell u in 2days...

hi is time still there to apply ?

@endeavour19 said:
@Amanullahkhan: i will tell u in 2days...
sir i was waiting
@endeavour19 what is the avg. package of placements....?????????????

dont worry much about packages... the avg packages is 3.6 to 4lacs

@endeavour19 and how many ppl get finally it 100% placement....

no out of 59 only 21 got placed... but this is the correct time for placements so many will get placed...