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Hello (Prospective) Applicants, I am Riaz, and as on Aug 12th, 2011 I am a first year full-time MBA student at Terry college of business, University of Georgia. I have started this thread to be a focal point of discussion of all queries relat…

Hello (Prospective) Applicants,

I am Riaz, and as on Aug 12th, 2011 I am a first year full-time MBA student at Terry college of business, University of Georgia. I have started this thread to be a focal point of discussion of all queries related to Terry College of Business, insider information, life at Athens, Georgia or in USA in general irrespective of the year in which you are going to apply. So if you have got any questions, just shoot them over here.

==============Program Updates========================

A team of four first years including Bharath N, Kishore, Patrick Muller and Sonya Penkova finished 2nd at the Innovate 4 Health case competition sponsored by the University of Maryland.

Tim Ludwick, Greg DeBacker, Nate Hill, and Patrick Maynor finished at the top of Sterne Agee Student Investment Fund trading competition for racking up a 12.03% return on investment. Each school participating in the competition is given $50,000 with which to make stock market trades over a six month period. UGA's competition was Alabama, Auburn, Louisville, and Ole Miss.

3rd place in National Black MBA (NBMBAA) case competition (2011)

Our CFA Investment Challenge team includes Daniel Coogle, Viju Krishnan, Jonathan Lord, Patrick Muller, Konstantin Kleyman, and Sonya Penkova made the finals of the Southern Regional Classic, competing with colleges and universities from around the South.

Jide Adewumi, a 2nd-year MBA student, was awarded the Best Presenter award at the Ohio State-KeyBank case competition.

can you please tell what are the MBA programs that are available at Terry college of business?

Thanks in advance,

Hey Himanshu,

Thanks or your interest. I am not sure I got your question right, are you talking about the types of MBA programs like undergrad, full-time, part-time, executive MBAs or the types of concentrations available to you in a full-time MBA program?

Hey Himanshu,

Thanks or your interest. I am not sure I got your question right, are you talking about the types of MBA programs like undergrad, full-time, part-time, executive MBAs or the types of concentrations available to you in a full-time MBA program?

can u give the details about fulltime mba and executive mba... nd also can u tell abt the coll?? how far it is gud for a 2 years experienced professionl???

nd also abt 1year executive courses???

Going by your age (if it is correct), I wouldn't recommend an XMBA for you either in US or in India. XMBA is exactly what it means, for executives. Unless you are a prodigy, in which case an MBA would be useless to you as you are already great.

The program is good, I knew the program only on paper when I applied plus some insights from ad-com and students. Now that I have a first-hand knowledge, albeit little, I can tell you that it has been great so far. Would you believe if I say that my classes start only from Monday, but I have already met prospective recruiters on campus and discussed about internship and other job tips?

Talking about jobs, it is a small program -- my current batch size is 51 -- so you will not find the traditional recruiters who hire in bulk (think consulting) visit campus. So if you are thinking about McKinsey, Bain, Booz have to have your homework in order as they do not come on campus. Actually not many schools outside top-15 can even claim to have these companies on campus unless the campus is at the heart of a city (Georgia Tech, UMD, Georgetown etc). Getting to know ppl in Accenture, Deloitte or E&Y; shouldn't be a problem though.

Forget the college, when you are here it is all about the university. The university is great. It is officially the #1 party town in US. There is just so much happening here you won't believe how much fun you are actually having. Having a small class size really helps. Think less competition. Think very friendly and cordial atmosphere. The faculty, at least whom I have met here, are EXCELLENT. They actually care about you. They know your name. They know what you want. You won't be just a person who will fill up the statistics for them.

Let me know if you require any other details.

hey darklard
Kudos for starting this thread.I am planning to apply to Us B-schools for Fall'12.I am essentially looking 15-40 ranked schools across US.PrOgram costs & location of the program is a major concern for me. i am essentially looking at MBA in Technology or information Systems and am also open to Dual programs in IS.
Considering you are in UoG, how would you rate the program(I am guessing you would have done your research.)How would it differ from a program such as Georgia Tech.Also considering teh turnoil US is facing right now, how is the School thinking of adjusting to the changing trend and dark future in terms of employers.Sure, Employment is not the only concern but the program should help in making a candidate fit enough for future opportunities.
A few other of my queries:
1.How would you compare the dual programs vis-a-vis an MBA in IS.
2.What are the companies(esp Technology) that have past associations with Terry, not only in terms of employment but also in terms of internships.

Huh,.couple of ppl who posted the queries have gone AWOL. Aaanyway Rahul, thanks a bunch for your interest.

Before giving my reply,I just want to state that my reply will strictly be related to UGA, vis-a-vis other colleges you have said. The other details you have asked -- which I am more than happy to reply to -- doesn'f fall under this ambit and I am afraid I have to give them a miss. However, if you were to post the same question in this thread, I can give u a much detailed reply. I am just trying to maintain this thread strictly for UGA - Terry College of Business. Hope you understand. Let me go part by part.

"I am planning to apply to Us B-schools for Fall'12" -- Hope you have already planned, and have a GMAT score as it is already kinda late to be planning.

""1.How would you compare the dual programs vis-a-vis an MBA in IS."
I hate dual MBA, especially IS, coz you are still a techie. It might give you a career path towards CIO, but its still tech. Plus it takes the fun out of General mgmt, which i think is the first and main reason why you wanna do MBA. You cannot take other electives apart from MIS', at least most of them. So you can say buhbye to those cool strategy courses, or special courses on marketing analytics, coz you need to take some for MIS. Dun even think abt taking extra credits, at least not more than 5 or 6 as you'll be already overwhelmed with courses. If you wanna take dual MBA, try boston univ's program. They advertise it a lot, and they seem to offer full aid to anyone who will just take that darn course. Go thru the previous years' BU thread and you'll understand.

1. Terry has a dual MBA, but its JD and I dun think you want it. But you can take many courses from MIS stream, but it is NOT a dual degree. No dual degree in Terry.
2. How it would differ from GTech? Well, nothing. As would a BU or UMD or Georgetown not differ from each other. Expect the top 15 and/or ivy leagues, no other univs got enough "pull" to wither the economic storm. Dun even let them fool you otherwise including Terry. But we actually don't. (big grin)

I told you I am in first year, and my classes start only tomm. But I have already met with prospective recruiters and gotten a lot of tips (no no..instructions). My calendar is booked with fairs and all that, in fact I am thinking to give a few of them a miss just to have a peace of mind. But as any faculty would tell you, you should never do that as you will not know where you'll get your opportunity. Long story short, Terry is indeed adapting to the turmoil. How? By increasing the number of contacts the students have with outside world. My class size is only 51 man. Lets say you wanna do consulting, and only 12-13 in the class would be interested in that. Thats not even a challenge, let alone a competition. But the challenge is going out and getting that offer, as its hard to get companies on campus with small class size. ANY program with that small class size will find it difficult in getting recruiters on campus, including Gtech (size abt 54is). But GTech has an advantage over Terry in that GTech is in Atlanta whereas Terry is closer to Atlanta. But its just 1hrs and 15 mins.

But that didn't affect the employment prospects of Terry anyway, as far as I know. And UGA is a huge huge huge brand in south. There are just who love UGA and hate UGA (for sporting reasons). Everyone knows UGA.

I am yet to make use of career management center and all, but hav got the appointments lined up,so if you probably ask this question to me 2 months down the line, I can give you a better answer. Meanwhile, I'll try to get a 2nd year guy answer your question on this forum.

"2.What are the companies(esp Technology) that have past associations with Terry, not only in terms of employment but also in terms of internships."

Why worry abt the past, its never a good indicator no matter how rosy it was! In my 10 days, I was able to talk with reps from E&Y.; I know deloitte has a good relationship with UGA and so does Accenture. If you are thinking about MBB, you should not be trying for 15-40, but just top 6/7. It is next to impossible to be not studying from a top 10 and get into any of the MBBs. But I guess you wanna do IT consulting, so I guess it shudn't be a problem.

You had 2 concerns, cost and location. Location-wise u shudnt have a problem coz the great city of Atlanta is nearby and so are lotta opportunities. Cost-wise, if you get an assistantship, you will never have to worry abt money at least for the 2 years you are studying. Beat that!

Thanks a ton for your inputs darklard.
By planning to apply i meant my GMAT is two days away and my core essays,Reccos and Transcripts are in place.I am targeting R1 deadlines for most schools and will apply accordingly.
I do want to shed away the "techie" tag and that is one of the main reasons i wanted to do an MBA.I want to move to planning/business analysis/management side of projects.Considering my work ex is core Quality Analysis and S/w Development i have never really though of Finance or Marketing.However , who knows, i might change my mind after 1st year of college and i am going with a complete open mind.But considering my bg, i would definitely be giving 1st pref to Consulting/IT consulting roles.I shouldnt really bank upon the past companies but then is there any other way of judging the school's relationship with the industry?
Anyways, As far as the Schools are concerned, I am looking at several options in the ranking range 15-40(Will post queries about them in the diff post u have mentioned.)
You did point UGA has the local advantage and is well respected.Great.I hope Georg Tech is also in the same bracket.
However, one of my major concerns is work permit issues post MBA.I did speak to a few profs at Univ of Pittsburgh and they did point out that considering my bg and post MBA sector to be IT consulting i would stand a better chance than,say, a Finance person.I still do not have reasonable clarity on this issue.As far Terry is concerned,Can you please throw some light on this as well?
Anything else i might have missed regd Terry please feel free to add on.
Thanks a ton again for your help.

If UGA is well known, GTech is wellll known. You get what I mean. GTech is GTech man, its undergrad brand alone is enough to give its MBA program some pull. But I do not know how the MBA program is over there, you got to talk with a GTech student for that. I just answered in terms of brand recognition.

Work permit is a big thing, yes, but not sure if the profs actually meant visa? They might have mentioned getting job, as getting one is very difficult if you are a career changer. I would say, if you are not at a program where the companies you want to get into are not in campus, don't consider career changing or dun consider the school even. It's not that you wont be able to in, it is just sooo darn difficult. If you want to IT consulting, I would you should be OKAY with your background. Finding schools who are a traditional hotbed for IT consulting is easy. Go to either deloitte/accenture websites, find their corporate recruitment program and I think you'll get to know whether they would hire on campus. You'll find Gtech, McCombs, Tepper etc. I say, shoot an email to adcom, even for Terry; to any college you want to apply to.

But I can assure you that the hiring process will be anything but wat you had for your software interview. Most companies would take only a couple (unless you are in top ten where you are recruited in BUNCH), and you will compete with your entire class, especially if the class size is large and the class is focused on consulting thing. You'll go to many many rounds of interviews before finally getting tat hallowed offer. Just because a company recruits on campus doesn't mean that you have a sure shot way to get it. What it means is, the first step in career networking is done for you. Rest, you have to take care. For others who dun have the companies on campus...they have to initiate the contact which is step#1. As anyone would say, step#1 is the toughest.

An insider tip. All internships were paid internships..and as per the info I got -- which is pretty much over a beer and a cheeseburger at a cook-out -- everyone who was "in the pool" for the internship, got the internship. It's gonna take a while to see these kinda info on the university page.

One more piece of shameless marketing. Today was an informational night with E&Y;, on our Athens campus (free beer!!), and we got to meet a lot of people from E&Y;, prospective recruiters, and even got a firsthand knowledge as to how the system (ppl) works within E&Y; (diff consulting positions etc). Overall, an excellent session. Leave me a pvt msg if E&Y; is one of your target companies in job hunting...and you wish to know more about recruiting pattern from Terry college of business.

Representatives from Terry college of business will be there on GMATCH virtual MBA fair on 20th September 6:00 Am to 8:00 AM Eastern time slot. This is a great opportunity to meet the adcom and students to get to understand admission process, what the program offers, and whether our program can benefit you in your educational and career aspirations.

As a matter of is happening right now. Find us at your booth if you have any questions to ask or just want to know more about the program. Else see you tomorrrow,



Thanks to those who dropped in for the campus tours and an H2H with the adcom and current students.

Insider information...
Many of you have sent pvt messages (I understand) as to how assistantships are doled out to the incoming students. Well, that is a function of your profile, but I can say one important reason as to why you will not get an assistantship. (touchwood!)

TOEFL. Your TOEFL score has to be at least 100, with a speaking score of 19+. 19+ is the policy of university, so TCB cannot do anything about it. So if you had happened to take TOEFL lightly and if it had reflected on your scores, please take couple of days off and give the darn thing again. It matters!

And my sincere congratulations to the R1 admits. Looking forward to see you coming fall. Pvt msg me in case you wanna discuss more abt the school, life over here and how you can get an headstart with your college and career.

Hi Riaz,
I have got an interview invite for the Full-Time MBA program. I have scheduled for a SKYPE interview on the 15th of December. Any tips/suggestions would be welcome. I am planning on taking up Risk Management and Insurance as my concentration.

Aaaaaalways a pleasure to connect with a Chennaiite. Sent you a PM. Check it out.

For all of you Chennaiites,

I'll be in Chennai from Dec 19th to jan 5th on sem break. A few of you have some personal questions about MBA and life over here that cannot be conveyed on forums, so if you like to meet at someplace, send me a pvt, and I'll schedule something. All the best for R2.

Hi Riaz,
Thanks for starting this thread. I am a R2 applicant at Terry and was interviewed on 12/09. Could you please let me know if the decision regarding GA is provided along with the admission decision (that is issued on the date mentioned for that round).
It would also be very helpful if you can throw some light on the IT /consulting firms that have recruited international students from Terry in the past.

My Profile:
GMAT - 720
TOEFL - 112
GPA - 3.18 (when converted on a scale of 4.0) B. Tech Electronics from NIT Surat
Work Ex by June 2012 - 5 years in IT for US Insurance firms (3 years in India and 2 years in US)