University of Cincinnati- Fall 2013 admits

Anyone applying for or got admit , please respond.

Anyone applying for or got admit , please respond.

Hi Venky,

I have got admit, but not sure if I should take it up.You have any additional information about it?
Congrats for your admits.

There is not much information out there about the program.
Below are the details , I found:
1) It's rated as One of the best in terms of ROI (In US).
2) Placements are good but average salary might be low.

Please share any info you have..

Not much info I got,only thing is that this school have good placements (close to 92% in 3 months).Nothing much program portal.

You have decided?

I still have to decide.Below are the reasons that are driving me to consider this program:

Good placements, Low fee , 16 -Months course, better place (Cincinnati) -- rents are cheaper, and comparatively better electives (IT , innovation).

But feedback from a alumni would be better. Do you have any chance to speak with one?

I tried contact few alumnies on linkdin,as of now, no business week shows good placements, not sure about city though.mind letting me know your email address?

Can I apply with a 600 GMAT,3.8 total experience for Fall 2013.

What are my chances ?

Thanks guys

Hi @GMAT_Conquer

you have good chance to getting it.

@MBAwait Do you think it's worth applying ? Avg salary is just 53K.
What I like is the location,Cincinnati,Ohio though

Cincinnati is a big hub, many Fortune 500 companies hv their HQ s or hv presence there ..
Overall a good city to live ..But with U of Cincinnati MBA, you will be competing with students from the top ranked program - Ohio State Fisher and directly with ppl from Case Western Univ...Avg. Salaries at Case Western are higher & enrollment is 874(vs U of Cin - 599).So, we might hv difficulties with jobs after H1B.

@GMAT_Conquer I applied this as a safe school but presently considaring to join.

Placement stats are close to 92% in 3 months.(according to poets n quants) and avg sal is about 64K.

@MBAwait Great !! Any numbers on what %age of international students found jobs in US .
I sent you a PM with my mail id.

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