University of Alberta MBA Program - starting Fall 2013 (Class of 2015)

Hi everyone,I think there isn’t any thread on UAlberta MBA starting Fall '2013 yet and hence this thread. I have completed my online application for UAlberta MBA Program starting Fall 2013. In hindsight, that was the easy part. I am yet to sen…

Hi everyone,

I think there isn't any thread on UAlberta MBA starting Fall '2013 yet and hence this thread.
I have completed my online application for UAlberta MBA Program starting Fall 2013. In hindsight, that was the easy part. I am yet to send the University my application package with all the supporting documents and official marksheets/transcripts. And that looks like a mammoth project for me.
Hoping to hear from others who have/will apply to this program.


No one for Alberta yet this year ?

Well, I had applied for Alberta MBA too the previous year. I have got selected and will be attending this Fall session of 2013 instead.

My profile is -

GMAT 640,

Work exp- 6 Years with a couple of months of International Development volunteering abroad.

Reasons for Selecting Alberta -

Small Class Size,

Good Economy of Alberta,

Cheaper and Faster,

Good opportunity post MBA in the domain of Sustainability.

I hope more people will join the group and propogate the brand name Alberta MBA.


@amit2k11 Hey Amit,
Great ! Congrats on the admit. I'm still not there yet, though.

I am working in IT Consulting and will have 6 years by Aug,2013, including 2 years in Toronto. all of those years in Capital Markets domain.
I'm applying for MBA Finance.
Very few extracurricular activities worth putting on MBA apps !!
GMAT 720 (Q50, V38) AWA - 6.0

Have you already applied for the Student Permit and stuff? And, any scholarship details?

For the last part of your post, I sure hope that happens ... It's a very good school and is undersold in India. Although, people here in Canada know the brand well.
@boserahul Are there any other schools you are applying for, in this season. I believe Rotman has a respectable position in MBA for finance domain in Canada. I believe that Alberta is more suitable for roles specific to Energy Industry.
What do you say ?
@amit2k11 yes, i totally agree with you. I am applying to Rotman as well, but the 2-year expenses are freaking too much. Not sure whether it is totally worth it. I am applying to a 3rd, very inconspicuous, university known as Memorial University, Newfoundland. The uni has a very good MBA course on offer but they don't market or run their MBA separately as most other universities. Its very very very cheap though!
So, for me, it has to be a trade-off between quality/reputation and expenses. Horns of a Dilemma!!!
Alberta is mostly known for Energy and Nat Resources industry. But, with the economy booming in Alberta currently and with the major , upcoming projects for the province in the next few years (also in the Energy sector, though ) , I am hoping that the Financial sector will not be too far behind. Being optimistic, you can say.
Are you from the Energy sector in India? What do you mean by "domain of Sustainability" ?

Sustainability is a domain concerned with Triple factors. Environment,Social and Economy. New age Business Managers are expected to underline this triple bottom line in their decision making process.

In Canada, Schulich, UBC, Alberta and Calgary are especially known for their eminence in Sustainability domain. Something that you can relate to is Carbon Funding or Clean Development Mechanism (CDM's).
So, I believe that you can understand the importance of Sustainability and Energy Industry in tandem.
I am an Engineer by profession. However, as I have been working with various National and International NGO's I believe Sustainability is a domain to look out for in near future. Especially,since the Global Warming issue is looming at large.

For more details you can refer to -

Nice ! That is definitely a very pertinent domain in today's ecological concerns. And your profile sounds quite interesting and different.
So, did you apply to the other Schools you mentioned ?
Also, any scholarships you received from Alberta ?

Well, I have a couple of admits.

Since, I am more interested to pursue a career in a specific domain so I am weighing my options and working on my profile.
Yes from Alberta I have received a handsome scholarship mostly because of my profile I suppose.
I was wondering about your research work for narrowing down the schools. And what are your thoughts about pursuing an MBA in USA especially in this economy ?

good job on your profile ! I have been trying to do the same. Let's see how it comes out on paper , for the applications. Also, my profile is not as "different" as yours.
Have sent you a message on my thoughts of Canada vs USA.

Hi @boserahul and @amit2k11
I am planning to apply to the Alberta Fall 2013 as well. However, I guess I am a 'Late Latif' since I am yet to give my GMAT and TOEFL. I plan to finish off GMAT by Dec end and TOEFL in early Jan.
I have around 7 years of total exp out of which 6 years is in the natural gas sector. I am sort of confused between U of A and U of Calgary. Looking at the placement report of Uni. of Calgary, it seems an MBA from there seems a sure shot ticket to high paying jobs in largest companies in Alberta.

Still weighing my options !!!! Amit how much scholarship did they offer to you ? I know that $7600 is the min they give to all international students.

Hello everybody. I have submitted my application for R1. Post that have some email conversations back and forth with Eva. Cant seem to log into bear tracks because its always offline in IST day time. Anybody got an interview call yet?

@sal1R123 hey, great to hear that ... mind sharing your profile ? and your reasons to apply to Alberta ?
Hi all,

Good to see this thread,
Thought of sharing a happy news, I submitted by app on 20-Nov'12 and done with the interview on 14-Dec'12. I received an email from Eva, on 20-Dec, stating that my application has been forwarded to FGSR for final approval and heard this is just a formality.
Anyone else got the admit mail?

@tmithun hey, congrats !!!! whats your profile like ? mind sharing ?
Thanks Rahul.
GMAT610, GPA7.94
Work exp: 4ys(1-Manfacturing, 3-Commercial) in Energy sector with a leading MNC,

Any comments on the international reputation of Alberta MBA?
Since you have the firsthand experience in Canada, in your opinion which college between Uni of Calgary and Uni of Alberta is better? I heard that Calgary has more opportunities than Edmonton.

@tmithun i believe University of Alberta is a better university than that of Calgary, academically. Also, it is true that Calgary has more opportunities but i'm not really sure whether that would be much of a problem for UAlberta graduates, mainly because Edmonton and Calgary are just 250km apart.
Not very certain of the international recognition of UAlberta, but it has got decent recognition in Canada. From what i hear from the current students of UAlberta, getting a job is not a very big problem, provided the graduates do the right things at the right time, and a lot of networking ...
Have you applied to Haskayne as well? what are your other options ??
Thanks for your swift response,
I have an admit from Haskayne,
In my opinion, MBA is a kind of a life time investment, hence it should be well valued both inside and internationally. But i believe US colleges have more value than canadian ones (Except the top three) Unfortunately, this is found to be true even in India.
Your thoughts please,

@tmithun yes thats true ... a lot depends on what you expect to achieve out of your degree.. a job? brand? recognition in India? etc .. Canadian MBAs are lot safer options than US ones... thats what i feel... moreover, from the long term perspective of keeping immigration options open, Canada is better than US any day... although neighboring countries, there's a world of difference in the work culture and lifestyle between US and Canada... i personally would prefer Canada anyday...
|However, that doesn't mean its the more sensible thing to do... if i want a MBA from a university with a brand name and global recognition, i wouldn't think below the top 15 in US and some others from around the world. but those MBAs come at a premium cost. even ISB hyd is a very good value for money MBA, not to mention its recognition in India and the world over.
really depends on what ur eventual aim is ...