Hi Guys, This is the Official Thread of Universal Business School, Mumbai. I am happy to answer any queries you might have on Universal Business School. All the very best! Samita ChahalUBS Student Cardiff Met MBA 2013-14<>

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Hi Guys,

This is the Official Thread of Universal Business School, Mumbai. I am happy to answer any queries you might have on Universal Business School.

All the very best!

Samita Chahal
UBS Student Cardiff Met MBA 2013-14


Hi Guys,

Happy to share with you the happenings on the UBS Campus.

March has been an eventful month.

We just had a fantastic Holi Celebrations spread over 2 days. The Evening was celebrated by burning the Holika bonfire and then with dry colors and mitthai and wonderful thandai we celebrated the day.

We have had our examinations which got over today.

Placements Update: More than 50 Campus Interviews happened in March. Comanies like American Express, Lexi Pens, Hubtown, Dulux Paints, Siemesn, CNG Certified, Neeyamo, Integreon, Bajaj Electricals, Sodexo etc. interviewed us.

We are looking forward to the Water Picnic Report on 31 March 2014.

Have fun and be safe.....

Samita Chahal
UBS MBA Student 2013-14

Hi Guys, Did you see the Article in Times of India Times B-School - New Age Business Schools make a mark.......featuring Universal Business School, Mumbai and ISB, Hyderabad

Pgdm+MBA how is it? How is the Study?

 5th UBS Symposium  was so successful many CEOs have come to our campus  you can find list of some of CEOs who attended below:

1)  Mr. Rohit Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, The BagTalk .Com. 

2)  Capt. Tapas Majumdar, Head HR Ops for Express & Ecommerce Business, Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.

3)  Mr. Sanjay Bajaj, VP, GEMS Group

4)  Ms. Shagufta Merchant, Director, Reach Local Services Pvt Ltd.

5)  Mr. Atanu Chatterjee, Head HR, Drakes & Scull.

6)  Mr. Indrajit Chatterjee, Exe. VP, Group CHRO, KEVA.

7)  Mr. Rajesh Malviya, Director, Walls n roof Realty Pvt Ltd

8)  Mr. Balram Bhagat, CEO, UTI Retirement Solutions Ltd.

9)  Mr. Shyam Sunder, Head of Logistics, Mondelez 

 In UBS  we have 16 clubs one of them called matchbox it helps the student to practice marketing they buy things and sell it they cook and sell they make advertisement for their products it is very useful  


 Nature is one of the many things that makes UBS Special. We were invited at 6 AM to have tea in our chairman house then we all went for trekking such a beautiful way to start our day #nature #green #chairman #fun #ubs#BBA #cardiff 


  Octave Nights are back with more fun to entertain you this time in Bollywood style. The theme for the evening is "BOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES" and as we always say work hard and party harder.
"Live For Today, Plan For Tomorrow, & Party Like Bollywood Style" https://www.facebook.com/universalbusinessschool/photos/a.193198834029917.56009.117734061576395/1454580861225035/?type=3&theater 

In UBS we have everyday twice spots class cause we believe how important sports to the body and soul .


  every week Matchbox club amaze us with new activity . Last week students were cooking and selling the food they cooked .
#marketing #business #UBS #STUDENT_ACTIVITY #clubs #MBA #BBA#cardiff#match_box https://www.facebook.com/universalbusinessschool/photos/pcb.1461839970499124/1461825380500583/?type=3&theater 

  'If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life'
Blood donation camp in Universal Business School (we   collected 61 units of the precious resource, which helps save countless lives every day in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. )https://www.facebook.com/universalbusinessschool/photos/pcb.1466258550057266/1466257330057388/?type=3&theater 

 Nothing is better than starting the day to find nature around you. In UBS our BBA students woke up early morning for trekking with 2 purposes cleaning and having fun #nature #green #bba #ubs#cardiff



 In UBS we have many talents and we believe that you should always get out of your comfort zone show your talent . When we say talent we don't mean only dancing and singing or playing music we also mean the talent of creating an event since students are the ones who make this event from A TO Z , The talent of marketing for your event ,the talent of how to cover a big event and most important the talent of making new friends and to open up to the world and have fun.
PS: special thanks for ELC team for organizing the event and for making this video (Octave night) 

 Smiles on the faces of the students, tears in parents eyes, happiness on professors faces and everyone is proud. Celebrating the end of the long road they chose to learn how to be leader how to be something in this world to have knowledge . Celebrating new life they are going to start full of success. congratulations 


 Part of the global CEOs series One of our students interviewed Mr. P. R. Ramesh chairman of Deloitte India. 


 Global Celebrity CEO Mr Atul Khatri - Stand-up Comedian. Teaching our students that you can always follow your dreams, be successful and do what you love in life .
Certificate in Business Administration from the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester in Manchester, England. After completing his education, he joined his family run computer business (Kaytek Computer Services Private Limited) and assumed the post of CEO At the age of 43, Mr. Khatri became a comedian whilst still being engaged in his business.#Global_CEOs_series #UBS #Cardiff #MBA #BBA 

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