United India Insurance Co Ltd Administrative Officer Recruitment 2013

Feel Free to post queries about recruitment/job profile/general insurance. Sudhir PawarA.O(Generalist)2010 Batch

Feel Free to post queries about recruitment/job profile/general insurance.

Sudhir Pawar
2010 Batch

wesite is not opening for past 2 days

@chennaiboy eligibilty requirment kia hai is post k lye????????

exam date is clashing with Civil services prelims date , i so much wanted to appear for it but alas ...

anyways attached is the notification for other's reference

unfortunately the date is clashing is with Civil services pre examination . attached is the notification

What is the job profile of Genralist officer .. is it same as AAO ??

@Shobhit2012 It is same as AAO in LIC, only the nomenlature has changed in General Insurance Industry.AAO in LIC is AO in General Insurance Company.

LIC sells Life Insurance, United India sells non-life insurance (like automobile, 2 wheeler insurance etc)

Can A Graduate BE in ECE apply for this post?

@suraj143 Kindly go through the notification,all graduates are eligibile for the post of generalist, specializations in respective streams are required for "specialist" officers but this time around all the 445 vacancies notified are for the post of generalist making all graduates eligibile.

can you tell exact books for prep ?which will be use ful for lic aao also ?@sud_speaks

@sud_speaks thanks for the links....keep posting if u find des kind of links ...

where did you get the notification from?

why isn't site opening? http://uiic.co.in/careers/recruitment

@metallurgy perhaps there is some maintenance going one.Notification has already been shared at the top of this thread by tiwapram
@sud_speaks can you please share the job profile, typical work day, growth, transfers, work/life balance. Thanks in advance

Any job in a general insurance industry broadly fits into three departments Underwriting/Claims/Accounts and Generalists who are supposed to be 'All Rounders' in our industry, are expected to make themselves well versed with all the departments.

On a lighter note,To start with you would be asked to work in ONLY ONE of these departments(initially non commerce graduates are rarely posted in accounts department)
Work pressure is easily manageable, As far as Growth is concerned, it was a problem in this industry but we have seen a silver lining in the form of introduction of Fast Track promotion Policy which has has been implemented since last year and makes an officer eligible for promotion after three years of continuous service in one cadre.
Though first posting depends more on luck more than the preference opted, you could easily get request transfer to your preferred location after three years of service at the initial place of posting.
Work Life Balance is better than any other Financial Sector Job or in other words it is the USP of this job, you would rarely find an officer in any General Insurance Public Sector Company Complaining about the lack of Work/Life balance :)
@metallurgy as i have mentioned in my earlier post UIIC is recruiting generalist this time around, the other profile they recruit is Specialist and all the posts notified in GIC advertisement are of specialist, who are supposed to cater to specific departments such as engineering,marketing,IT etc
Also, GIC Re unlike other contemporary public sector Gen Ins companies who are functioning in all the domains is a company operating in Reinsurance.

will der be any preference for specialists over generalist.....?

is it the same ao post which ppl have written previously ?

is der any other notification for specialist ?
@nine 1.There is nothing such as preference, As the name suggests "generalist" may be posted in any department/office depending on the need/requirement of a particular region/office whereas "specialist" are recruited for specific departments such as accounts/Engineering/IT/Marketing/agriculture, As the career progresses Specialist may be asked to work in other departments as well, to make things clear Generalist in Gen Ins is similar to General Banking Officer or P.O in banking parlance.

2. Yes, This post is the same AO post for which people have been recruited earlier, in fact this is the only post/cadre for which General Insurance Companies have been recruiting since past few years.

3. Presently, this is the only post for which recruitment has been notified, no specialist are being recruited in this years recruitment process.