UIUC 2013 Accepted Students Discussion

This thread is for those who have been accepted to UIUC MBA 2013 (class of 2015)…we can use this thread to connect and share info and help each other out so that we are in a comfortable position when we start at UIUC…

This thread is for those who have been accepted to UIUC MBA 2013 (class of 2015)..

we can use this thread to connect and share info and help each other out so that we are in a comfortable position when we start at UIUC...

I'm not clear on the fees part...as I can see the fee for only one academic year and i'm not able to understand the ranges method used to calculate the fees....

Can anyone help me to understand the total costs and fees for the two years MBA at UICU?

http://registrar.illinois.edu/financial/grad_fees.html#nextyear Here is the link for Fees breakout. To calculate the two-year cost, it's probably simplest to take their Estimated Total x2, and take out orientation fee.

hi @srikanthb.69 thanks for starting this thread!!

Hi @ss_srijan have you been accepted to UIUC ?

It would be great to get all the folks together and discuss the next steps...

yeah.. I got an admit!! I am not sure about the exact next steps at this moment. But i guess, we have to go through the checklist on the admitted students page on their site.

Hi Guys

some of u already know that I am current MBA1 student at College of Business UIUC. Congratulations to all of you admitted candidates.

I wanted to say am in India for this week and currently in Delhi, if any of you have any queries I could help out with, you could email me on [email protected] or call me at 9999418755.

Lookin forward to this fall...Cheers!
Arjun Dutta


HI Everyone.. and congrats to all those who get an acceptence from UIUC.:)

Hi Arjun,

I am kashif anwar and got accepted to UIUC...:) I have sms'ed you. Need helping hand..Request you to please have a look and reply.

Regards, Kashif

Hi folks ,

I also have an admit from UIUC with scholarship.
Congrats to all others who have been admitted.
I was interviewed by stig in chennai for in person interview.

My profile
Exp: 4.2 currently
Acads: 80%
EC: excellent

I have received mail to fill out and provide the scholarship acceptance and financial support document by march 1.
That was the latest that I heard from UIUC, also a fb page is also been opened for admitted students.


Have u ppl decided on funding required for the MBA around 55lakhs????

Hey guys,

This is Karan. Admitted at UIUC as well.
Would be great if someone can share some information on funding. And I ask this in terms of student loans. Any resources to explore about student loans in US? Options of banks ? Pros and cons ? Some starting information at least.

I guess being a current student, @Aayay might be able to guide us on this front.


well for student loans in the US you need an American cosigner, if you can arrange that. There are ofcourse options of Banks in India or NBFC's like HDFC's Credilla that offer loans for education to students. I don't know what precise info you are seeking, so please ask me a little more specifically how can I help?

So for starters, I am looking for information on the following:

1. Is it better to take student loans from India or the US? Indian banks have high interest rates. So would you suggest taking it from US itself?
2. If yes, then what banks would you suggest in US?
3. You have mentioned NBFCs as well. Any advantage of going with them instead of the banks themselves ?

hi..This is Revati ..admitted to UIUC class of 2015.
This thread seems dormant for while..how is everyone doing?
Just wanted to know if people have already starting booking places to rent in

Urbana-champaign? Can someone suggest good places to rent closer to campus

and inexpensive as well :-)

As far as my search goes, I went through craigslist and found out a couple of places from 300 to 600$$.

@red3005 Hi Revati

I am a current student from the MBA program. If you havent already, please join https://www.facebook.com/groups/imbaadmit2013/?ref=ts&fref;=ts as this is a forum where all your batchmates will now tend to start interacting more regularly. Also gives you an opportunity to know and befriend them better.

Let me know if I can in any particular ways assist you with your queries or if you require help of any sorts. My email address is [email protected]

As far as your housing search goes, I recommend you interacting with the tenant union as they are an excellent resource to help you with this. You can write an email to them giving all your specifications and budget etc and they are very responsive to reply with sensible suggestions for you to consider.

Arjun Dutta