UCLA 2009 Applicants

Hi All, I am a round 2 applicant to UCLA Anderson this year…aiming for the admission next fall…did anyone start getting invites for this round?

Hi All,

I am a round 2 applicant to UCLA Anderson this year..aiming for the admission next fall...did anyone start getting invites for this round?

Hi All,

I am a round 2 applicant to UCLA Anderson this year..aiming for the admission next fall...did anyone start getting invites for this round?

Hello Veethi,

I intend to apply for Round 2 of UCLA too. Haven't gathered much info except from the website.
Am yet to take the TOEFL though. Had a friend who had applied last year, but couldn't make it beyond the wait list. Do you have any idea on the Scholarships offered there?

Just been through the application form. Seems one of the essays can be submitted in the form of a video or an audio. Thats unique.

Anyway, stay in touch and good luck.


i have already applied to UCLA..actually i wanted to submit in R1 only but due to system errors the app submission got delayed by 2 hours but the school dint consider...as far as scholls are considered i dont think they r very lenient with it ...however pls carry on ur research as well cos i myself m not too sure about it .. 😃

is it possible to get admision without work exp......

yours truely,

its possible but in that case the school looks at the kind of managerial and leadership opportunities you have had during your undergrad school..also, if u have impeccable academic record throughout and have been a forerunner in extra curricular and social ventures, would also help..its a little difficult to impress the adcom without a work ex given that almost every school has the average work ex of 5 years in its class..in short if u think u have an outstanding profile (including an awesome gmat score) then u can sure give it a shot!

HEY thanks a lot for your quick reply.....

i dnt think my profile is that good, esp. acads.... i think i ll have work my way thru the MSc management in some good b school.... and then later plan for the mba....

yours truely

Good to see a UCLA thread.Another potential applicant here. 680/M/3 yrs work ex. Background family business. BTech in E&TC.; What are your profiles like?

My GMAT is a concern and hence not sure of applying. Could use ur inputs whether to apply or not.

Even i have heard that the school does not give many scholarships. But the location and the course is top notch..

hi guys,

i applied to ucla in r1...have an inter call...i wonder why the UCLA threads are so dead....even the previous years

congrats!!..my app's submitted in R2 and havent yet heard from the school...how long did ur interview call take? n do u mind sharing your profile..

mine is pretty avg
700/5.5 on gmat and 2 years work ex as an SAP consultant..


I applied in the first round. Took around 50 days to hear back.

My profile
4 yrs work ex by july 2010...telecom
GMAT 770

@ amtikamit...are u over with your interview? Can u pls share yur experience? I have not yet heard from the school..guess they are waiting for R1 to get over and then probably focus at Round 2 like its the case with Cornell..Just being hopeful cos UCLA seems to be a long shot for me! 😃

hi veethi....my interview is not over yet... i was supposed to have it with an alum in Chile but he sent a mail to the adcom regarding his unavailability to conduct the interview. The adcom has to rematch me with an alum now.

im in for R2 as well. essays start now.

whats the overall competition for ucla like this year?

no idea about the competition specifically for this year but its bound to be competetive as always!..even PG is not much of help as far as UCLA is concerned for a better idea..all UCLA threads seem to be pretty dead...

Has anyone from India received an interview invite as of yet for Round 1???

considering UCLA. not too sure though.

UCLA submitted

y is this thread so dead...there so few updates about the happenings in UCLA app process!! even the school doesnt send any mails like other schools who keep sending mails of holiday greetings and other updates!! UCLA adcom doesnt seem to be very keen on Indian students 😞

submitted. phew!