U of Calgary - Haskayne MBA Fall 2011

Hi all, I have got an admit from U of calgary… Has anyone else applied for Haskayne MBA?? Regards, Jay

Hi all,

I have got an admit from U of calgary..

Has anyone else applied for Haskayne MBA??


Hi jay,

I have also received the offer from U of Calgary.
I got a call from admission director.
How much scholarship did they offer you?

Pankaj Kapoor

Hi Pankaj,

I have received a scholarship of $10,000.. How much did you receive?

Have you decided to join Haskayne or waiting for some other offers?

Hi JRAM and Pankaj,

I also got the admit from Haskayne School of Business for Full Time MBA Fall 2011:cheers:.

Can you please share your profile?

My Profile:

570/3.5 years exp/IIT(Indian IT Male)/decent acads/decent extra-curricular.

Have you guys confirmed the offer?

Also, please share your thoughts on the university's MBA program reputation and placment stats.


Hi Wendy,

My profile:

GMAT: 650 / 6+ yrs of workex.

I am planning to confirm my offer next week. How about you?

I found a lot of good things about the program. It is located in the energy hub.
Its placement statistics is impressive. It is 92% for 2010. You can get this detail from its career center website.

I am trying to contact some of the present Indian students. Will let you know the outcome if I get a reply from them.

Thanks Jay.

Please share your findings with us. It indeed will help us in making the final decision.

I looked at the placement stats from Career Center and they do look impressive.:D

Insight directly from the Indian Students at the Calgary University will give more info to us.

I have heard that Haskayne School of Business is renowned for getting into Oil-Gas Sector and it's Global Energy Program is certainly very good. Placement for this specialization is 100%.

I am not very sure about the other specializations. I am looking for Project Management Specialization with a career in Management Consulting or Operations Management. How about you?

Yes, I have confirmed the offer.

How much scholarship have you got?


One of the present students replied to my mail.. He too told me that the placement prospects is REALLY good. He didn't have an exact figure on number of students placed in different stream.. But told that Consulting companies such as Accenture, Deloitte and Mckinsey come on campus for recruitment.

I am also aspiring for a career in management consulting :)

I have mentioned my scholarship amount in my previous message... How much did you receive??

Its great that you have confirmed the offer.. How did you send the $500?? From Which bank did you get the cheque? What is the procedure?


This is Suman S Ghosh. Got offer from Haskayne with $5000 Schol.
Can contact me at [email protected]
Mob. 09861421610

request you guys to mention contacts too.

Congratulations for your admit Suman..

I have sent you a personal mail.. Lets keep in touch..

Did you contact any of the alumni or present students?

Hey Jay

That sounds great:D

Regarding the $500 payment...I did the wire transfer (online transfer) from ICICI Bank. I got the confirmation that we can use this facility from Haskayne School.

I would suggest you do the same since it takes less time (2-3 days). Bank would need your offer letter as the proof, so do carry that.

Let me know if you need more info abt it.

I have got $10,000 Scholarship.

Hey Suman,

Congrats mate.

Can you please share your profile?


Hi Wendy

PM me your mail id and mobile number.. Need more info on wire transfer (Details like a/c no. Bank name and address and swift code)

Hi Jay

Please find below the link where you will find all the info for wire transfer facility.

Wire Transfer (International Students) Enrolment Services University of Calgary

I have sent you a message which has the contact details.


Thanks a lot Wendy for the info...

Then whats up? Have you applied for the VISA?

Hi All,

Its good to see such an active Haskayne thread.
I have also received an offer with $5000 scholarship.

My contact details are [email protected] and Mob: 09971224442.

Pankaj Kapoor

Hey Pankaj and Jay

Have you guys confirmed the offer and paid the confirmation amount?


Hi folks,

I have never heard of this school. But based on your comments and after looking at thier website it seems to be a good b school. Can you guys let me know based on my profile what are the chances of gettin a call from this school. And what do you guys think will be the total expenses. And what are the scholarship opportunities.
My profile:
Work ex: 3 years in IT 😞 and 0.5yrs as Operations development analyst. (Both in retail)
GMAT: 690 AWA: 4.0
Toefl: 109

Thanks a ton in advance guys..!

Hi Sharath,

Haskayne school does not advertise a lot.. So you may not have heard about the school.

Your profile is really good and you have a good chance of getting a call (Personal opinion)
But I guess the last date for international applicants was march 1st. Don't know whether they accept application from international students.. Get in touch with the adcom to know about this..

The tuition fees for this year is $ 63,000 (Increased by 12.6% from last year's fees) + $1200 general fees

$11,500 grants is provided for all international students and there is a possibility of securing $10,000 scholarship (Max).

Hope this info helps.

Hi wendy,

I ll be confirming n payin d amount in a day or 2..... How bout u hv u startd wid loan n visa process?

Hi Wendy,

I have confirmed the offer and have paid the confirmation amount (With your giudance 😉 )..
Did you receive the welcome pakage?