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What is the pay scale and in hand 

state domicile maanga hai kya is paper me joining ke time

bhai jaipur se bhara hai kya kisi ne form

Regional language mangi h kya

Is negative marking there in the exam??

What the expected date for electrical exam , 5 or 6 ?

Does anyone has an idea of previous year cutoffs ,zone wise and category wise.Please post it here. It would atleast give an rough estimate.

how was the paper ...guys???

  • very easy
  • I don’t give a damn
  • damn easy
  • easy

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How's ppr

what do you think if 250+ is ok?? in electrical

how much your getting in GS paper as per ACE academy key please post here..

Hello, I found few mistakes in Ace General studies key paper.

Q.42- Check Telangana govt. website- http://www.telangana.gov.in/About/History search on the page for Telangana Praja samithi-It was founded by Chenna Reddy (though it is wrong)...so no suitable option matches in the question paper..

Q.60- Observe the 2nd statement and verify it here on Govt. website-http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=123595

It should be "regular supply" but in the question paper it is given "Regulate supply"(check meaning in telugu text as well) which is quite opposite to the meaning...so option b is correct..

Q.71. Arts college was inaugurated on Aug 28, 1919- http://www.osmania.ac.in/ArtsCollege/history_overview.htm .declared open on 4th Dec 1939

Q.137- Check this 2016-17 annual report pdf on Ministry of Home affairs site http://mha.nic.in/sites/upload_files/mha/files/EnglAnnualReport2016-17_17042017.pdf .No of infiltrations is 364 in 2016...so no answer

Above questions can be challenged when the official key is out

250-255 marks (p1+p2),Electrical engineering, ST, zone V, Male. What are the chances of getting an interview call ?

  • won’t get for sure.
  • Very likely.
  • Likely.
  • Mayn’t get.

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please everybody from electrical engg send a mail to the ACE academy to provide key for us too like civil and mechanical.

please post the marks as your getting in the electrical engg ACE key.... please


 Highest marks in electrical you heard as per ACE KEY... 

Getting Paper-1 --> 105/150

Paper -----> 180/300; 90/150 Electrical

Total ---> 285/450  

ST Category ; Zone-5

I think TSPSC might have forgot that they had conducted AEE exam ...


Post your marks after checking with the preliminary keys.