TRB polytechnic EEE

Candidates who appeared for TRB EEE exam

Please post your genuine score in TRB EEE

  • 100 to 110
  • 110 to 120
  • 120 to 130
  • 130 to 140
  • more than 140

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Frnds,please post the marks u got and u have heard till now

friends any chance for 105 bcw(with *)ME only no teaching experience

 where I can get question paper of trb lecturer 2017 ?

What was the expected cutcutoff for EEE and how was the question paper is it easy moderate or 

Any SC canditaes score mine 104 without ME and EXPERIENCE


Again when we have certificate verification 

Please tell me the information if know 

Hey..anyone have any idea why cv is getting postponed..???

      PLEASE SEND THE MAIL TO FOLLOWING MAIL IDS AND IF POSSIBLE SENT BY POST                                           

Sir,  TRB has uploaded the OMR sheets of all candidates on 11-12-2018 and given time upto 18-12-2018 to submit the discrepancies if any.Till now no update on revised CV list is uploaded on TRB website.There is speculations that the agency is going to conduct reexam because of scam..Since OMR is secured by TRB and uploade in website in public domain,the transperancy of exam is clear,in the revised CV,all fraud with forged marks will be removed.So next cv,we all expect to be a genuine one.However Honourable SENGOTTAIYAN said the media that exam result is cancelled and FIR is filed,future decisions depends on the findings of case.His words created panic about the students that there will be reexam,everyone is in a confusion whether there will be reexam or not. If TRB conducts reexam,it will affect the life of many genuine ,hardworking students like us who prepared for more than 1 year for clearing this exam,how can TRB make us suffer because of some fraud candidates??Also when we contacted TRB office,the officials are saying they prepared the REVISED CV,but waiting for GOVERNMENT ORDER to publish new CV.  Sir,I request you to do justice to the genuine students ,for us teaching isnot a job,but a passion.We worked hard to reach the top level in ranklist,then how the GOVERNMENT can make us victims of the uncertainity and unemployment.So please publish REVISED CV at the earliest.   

if anyone have electrical 2017 paper plzzz upload or send to my [email protected]    plzzzz