Top Business Schools for Strategy or Business Development

Are you looking to start a career in Strategy or business development?

Business strategies are essential tools for managers who want to achieve their goals. They identify opportunities and take action to improve performance. Business development is often seen as the handmaiden of Strategy.

Strategy is the art of creating value through planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling resources to meet objectives. It involves analyzing markets, customers, competitors, and other stakeholders to create new ideas and develop new products.

There are plenty of top schools where you can study these subjects. Here are the top business schools for Strategy and business development.

Top business schools for Strategy and business development.

Haas School of Business

Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, is considered one of the best schools for management in the US. It boasts a student body of about 18,000, with an average GMAT score and undergraduate GPA of 738 and 3.7, respectively.

According to the school, almost 18 percent of its MBA graduates land jobs in business development or strategy roles.

Haas offers MBA programs with specialization in six areas:

  • Global Management

  • Technology Management

  • Public Policy and Nonprofits

  • Finance

Guanghua School of Management

The Guanghua School of Management offers an MBA specializing in Strategic Planning. This program has been oriented to help students with the skills needed for strategic planning in China and the global context. The full-time program is offered on a year-round basis.

It has been ranked for several years as one of the top business schools in China, according to domestic and international rankings, including those conducted by the Financial Times, Forbes, and Eduniversal.

Guanghua School of Management also offers undergraduate degrees in management, finance, accounting, marketing, and other business fields. The school also provides many master’s degree programs with specialized areas such as finance, public administration, and international management focusing on global business.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is located in one of Canada’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, providing a genuinely urban education in a culturally unprecedented business environment.

The college has become prominent for its Business Development focused MBA programs, especially among international students. They also offer various programs, including health care administration, doctor arts administration, and an e-business strategy MBA program.

It was ranked as a global top ten university by Times Higher Education World Ranking. In 2017, it had a total enrollment of 71,417 undergraduate students and 13,795 graduate students.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School (HBS) is an American graduate school of business administration in Boston, Massachusetts.

Students interested in Strategy & business development can choose HBS because it offers related electives for both.

The MBA Program at HBS includes four semesters of core courses and education in different corporate environments.

In the past 20 years, HBS has evolved from offering business education to working professionals to delivering programs for diverse global students. Nowadays, it maintains its #1 position among leading institutions globally.

The school has also been consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the world by The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, and US News & World Report, respectively.

University of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen is a private research university located on the outskirts of St.Gallen in Switzerland. Professor Johann founded it as a school for teaching business skills back in 1863.

The University of St. Gallen’s MBA in Strategy and International Management is a graduate degree program with an in-depth curriculum that does not confine itself to the definition of management and administration. With both substantive and personal development, it offers the opportunity for students to develop their skills and knowledge in Strategy, finance, marketing, or business development.

University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is a publicly funded research university in Shellharbour, Hong Kong. Founded in 1912 as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Hong Kong.

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is among Asia’s top universities and one of the best business schools in the world. It offers an MBA in Strategy, a globally recognized course for students who want to pursue a career in management, consultancy, or investment.

Judge Business School

Judge Business School delivers executive education courses to corporate managers and professionals worldwide throughout the year in English and over 20 other languages without fail.

With a General Management pathway strategy that stays true to its MBA roots, JBS provides six specialized undergraduate and four graduate degrees.

Their MBA with a concentration in Strategy builds on the foundations of Economy & Business and Strategic Management in a broad-ranging program that attracts ambitious and high-performing candidates from diverse backgrounds.

They also offer courses on entrepreneurship, Management Consulting, and Leadership Development. Master’s students are also given options where they can study part-time or full-time for differing amounts of time ranging from one year to five years.

Fudan University

Fudan University was founded in 1905. Currently, it has 22 schools, departments, and 58 Graduate Schools. There are about 4500 full-time teachers in the university for the whole school, and there are more than thirty thousand students.

With a global vision from China’s first member of IBSAA, Fudan MBA is committed to creating graduates qualified for senior leadership positions.

Fudan’s MBA Program seeks to foster future leaders who can make management decisions with specialized knowledge in a growing international environment. They don’t offer an MBA specialization in Strategy or Business Development. But their standard MBA core subjects of both domains.

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So, these are the top business schools in Strategy or business development. Before picking a business school for design or business development, it is essential to examine the curriculums offered by the different schools. Each school may have a unique set of courses available on the subject, so you will want to choose a school that best fits your needs. It is essential to do your research.

This list spotlights top business schools known for their awesome programs in strategy and business development. Check out their profiles, compare the deets, and find the perfect fit to launch your dream career. Let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a business school for strategy or business development?

When selecting a business school, consider factors like program curriculum, faculty expertise, career placement outcomes, alumni network, and learning environment. Look for programs that align with your specific career goals and interests in strategy or business development.

What are the different types of financial aid available for business school students?

Several financial aid options are available for business school students, including scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans. Research scholarship opportunities offered by the schools you are interested in, and explore federal and private loan options to finance your education.

What skills and experiences are valuable for aspiring strategy or business development professionals?

Developing strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills is crucial for success in strategy and business development roles. Additionally, relevant work experience, leadership qualities, and a global perspective can enhance your candidacy.

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