Top 10 MBA Schools in the World

This group aims to help the Indian MBA aspirants who want to get into one of the top 10 MBA schools abroad. Share tips to improve applications, GMAT scores and much more!

One common problem for MBA aspirants targeting the top 10 schools is being able to afford MBA consultants. Sure, some people make it through on their own, but this group is to ensure that we get all the help we need not just to get into a top MBA Program, but also get the maximum scholarships possible. Because let's face it, an American MBA is way too costly for an Indian earning in rupees.

Ryan Barba, a top MBA Consultant who has helped over 550 candidates get into one of the top 10 MBA programs in the world (including Harvard, Stanford and Wharton with a 94% success rate) has curated a great interactive course which will help your application stand out and ensure your candidacy. This course costs 7500 INR. Let me know you're interested. Check out Ryan Barba on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram for his nuggets of wisdom free of cost!