Hey Guys…!!! Congrats to all those who have made it to tiss women studies…!!! This thread is an effort to prepare for the next round of the Selection process…!!! Good Luck to everyone hope we all prepare well and make it :smiley: Cheer…

Hey Guys...!!!! Congrats to all those who have made it to tiss women studies...!!!!! This thread is an effort to prepare for the next round of the Selection process...!!!! Good Luck to everyone hope we all prepare well and make it 😃 Cheers 😃 😃

hieeeee does any 1 has any idea about placements of women studies?

hi should we start discussing the topics expected for the essay writing???

hie vidya...!!! i was thinking it would be wise to wait till tomorrow have a word with the tiss care people get to know the details of the PIT and then preparing would make sense......because i heard from one senior that we might have just the interview no gd or essay..... so probably we should wait till tomorrow..... whatsay ??

@Arps23 Thats a good idea!! Yeas having right information is a mandatory before we start preparing...Ok so lets wait till tomorrow...Ping me whenever you are online to discuss ..take care!

Hey guys,

Did u get any info reg PIT?

any info?

hey ruchi9 , rainbow567 , yeah we did speak to the TISS care and they asked us to wait till thursday to know the exact details...in the meantime we can get started with the basic ground work we thought...GD or essay will need the same knowledge right ?? so thats what we thought....we should seemingly start of with the prep today...are you guys in ?

@Arps23 you should post the same pointers you posted on FB....will be easier for everyone to pick and choose and start collecting materials...:)
The main categories i can see are : 1. ALL LAWS AND ACTS - we should first of all know what are all the laws the government has for the women of our country....

2. ALL THE IMPORTANT WOMEN ISSUES - again this will have many subclasses like issues of rape, child abuse, female feoticide, domestic violence, literacy of women, employment of women, etc.

3. IMPORTANT AND SPECIFIC ISSUES - like delhi gangrape case, dalit girl gangrape case, individual issues i mean

4. IMPORTANT PERSONALITIES WHO WORKED FOR WOMEN ISSUES - in the last ten years all the people who fought for women , the causes and what happened to those issues....meaning did the govt pass a bill has been approved or is it still in hold , etc.


Good Morning People...!!!! Here are the five words of vocab for today.....

1) aggrandizement - glorify

2) repudiate - deny

3) redolence - good smell - fragrance

4) levity - humour

5) euphemism - a pleasant way of expressing an unpleasant thing

Well...these are just to start off with...i need to know who knows how many words from this....so please post in your reply the no.of words you already know..that way we will know the level of vocab of our group....and i think 5 per day is too less...maybe Vidya or Sonal one of you can post 5 more words late evening today...that way the count will be 10 words per day which isnt bad...whatsay ??
@Arps23 Just 2 out of the 5!!! Yeah will do my part in evening...:)
@Arps23 just 1 wrd ........very bad.......

hieeeeee girls.........the words are

1:Penchant; special liking for something……she has penchant for cartoons and dolls.

2:Sully; to spoil or lower the value of something ….by cheating they sullied the good name of their country.

3:doddering; a person who is unable to walk properly because of old age or weakness.

4:dogged; showing determination ;and not giving up easily….. abdul rasheed ghazi who was killed in operation, was dogged.

5:goon; a criminal who is paid to frighten or injure people. ……..goon was finally arrested and put behind the bar.
rds are.........

@srpusalkar ...thanks i'll update the vocaba-thon...tomorrow with five new words!! :)

Why are we working on vocab?

PS i have another interview coming up.. so i will be active and add after that.

vocab is not a part of anything...but we just thought it will be good to learn new words...be cause if we have essay writing then learning new words will help...and same in the case of GD....so we are just doing this...plus it just takes 5minutes a day for these words....you dont lose much right ? :)

yeah! gotcha 😃