TISS- Tata Institute of SUICIDE 4 STUDENTS?

what is happenning in TISS, 3 suicides in 3 months, now 1 inside the campus, is it the institute for suiciding students, whats happenning there? we are concerned… is the course that stressful… are there any harassment for students…let those …

what is happenning in TISS, 3 suicides in 3 months, now 1 inside the campus, is it the institute for suiciding students, whats happenning there? we are concerned... is the course that stressful... are there any harassment for students...let those who know about it come out with it...REPLY

hey is this true????? i just cant believe this....TISS is supposed to be esteemed institute...how can such ghastly things happen.....seniors pls clarify...hope its not a case of harassment...
i have applied for MA in SW this yr....
pls reply

Hey i have also applied for Tiss.Why are these suicides taking place?that is anyones guess.but I am worried about the hostel life.Is the treatment of fellow students in the hostel biased or something?Are these suicides random act of desperate people who want to get away from their troubles? i guess we'll have to wait and watch ........

only one of the suicide was apparently in the insitiute...that gal wasnt a fresher, a research scholar...so chances of raggin are not high... she was there 12 days....the other 2 were apparently for personal reasons

* as reported on NDTV
Wud welcome comments from TISSians.

PS: i know i might sound insensitive but those who want to not go to TISS are more than welcome...less competition for guys like me!!!

man this is really a matter of concern(though m not applyin to tiss)

no doubt it brings a bad name to the institute.seniors plz clarify.

well.. i hav applied to tiss too... n i was like wat the f***.... dint expect this et al... can the TISS guys throw some light on this?

ya.....the issue is serious yaar......where are TISS guyzz....come & let us know the truth........plzzzzz.

check these links out



www.hindustantimes.com/ news/181_1234270,000600010004.htm

the student is 23 n a post-graduate student at the insti...yes, not a fresher..

:-x..oh God.....

Hi guys...

I'm a TISS student althou not from the same department in which the unfortunate incident has occured. I would have responded to the concerns much earlier but had not noticed it in this thread.

This is an unfortunate thing to have occured and as the news says, police are investigating into this. For the record, I'm aware of only 2 of these incidents - would like to know where the figure - 4 suicides - was obtained.

Personally, I think its not morally right to speculate on why the two girls took this extreme step and so I won't be adding to any of the reasons here. At the same time, I understand the concerns you'll have as aspirants about the hostel life and the courses.

I'm a student of First Year - PMIR and have spent close to 7 months in this Institute. There are no 'harassments' or 'ragging' here... plz understand that this is a social science institute so rules on these things are strict. As far as stress of courses is concerned, I can safely say about PMIR course that its much MUCH spaced out compared to other institutes. Thats not to say that we lag behind in anything... we follow a different study pattern. So stress in hostel or PMIR course can be completely ruled out.

i hope your fears in these two aspects are settled. Any course is as difficult or as easy as you make it. You can get back with any other concerns that you may have (preferably in the PMIR dept - there is a separate thread for this!) and I'd be happy to clear them for you but I'd urge u guys to rise above such speculation on the causes of the suicides.

That Was A Diplomatic Reply

If It Is A Case Of "nothing Official About It"
Then Its Ok But...

If It Is Due To Professional Stress Or Somethin Like That
Then It Is Really Horrible...

Its A Big World...
Only V Shud Take Care Of Ourselves