TISS Result

Hi Friends, TISS Result is out! unfortunately, it seems i could not make it… congrats to everyone who could… Results at http://tiss.edu/9prgsr.htm

Hi Friends,

TISS Result is out!

unfortunately, it seems i could not make it.. congrats to everyone who could...

Results at http://tiss.edu/9prgsr.htm

I have attached the files of different courses in the order:

Human Resources Management and Labour Relations
Disaster Management
Development Studies
Globalisation and Labour
Health Administration
Hospital Administration
Media and Cultural Studies
Social Entrepreneurship

Neither did I or any of my friends 😞

1.Social Work
2.Disability Rehabilitation

hey wat kind of result is dis....no waiting list...nothing...???????
does tiss suppose dat every1s gonna join it???

A request to selected Pyes to post wheather they intend to join TISS ? There could be few cases of multiple converts. It will be of great help to others.

Hi Friends,

TISS Result is out!

unfortunately, it seems i could not make it.. congrats to everyone who could...

Results at http://tiss.edu/9prgsr.htm

Thanks!but unfortunately I couldn't make it too!may be next time!All the best to all!

this is so disheartening. no waitlist, no category specification.
one request to all converts:- please post your profile here so that others can prepare for next time.

congrats to those who got through. you all made it to the stellarmost institute for HR in india. but for the most, who didnt, puys, sunshine has been subdued by clouds, let rain come and the sun shall again shine through. best of luck for next time or other institutes.

hi guys!! i've finally succeeded in converting one call......n thank goodness it is TISS.....
congrats 2 all d others who have made it.....n those who havent, plz dont get disheartened.....jus b optimistic n remember dat u must have other gr8 thngs in store 4 u.......
n as sm1 jus mentioned bout profiles in 1 of d previous posts....i'm a bcom grad frm kanpur university n a fresher.....

Me not selected ...even after a good PI...neways Congrats to all Final call getters :thumbsup:...and for all rejected ones like me smile :smile: coz this reject means something better is in store for us.

Me to could not make it to TISS, but I am not disappointed....
But, I must say something at least we got a chance for the GD/PI...
I have learnt a lot through this process.Congrates to those who made it 😃

Can any1 share some info about the waitlist...and usual trend at tiss..like..how many ppl are expected to clear waitlist.. 5..10..15....

it ll be very helpful..

TISS does not come up with waitlist... later if seats would get vacant...
TISS would call the students, which is on the 61st list.

hey im thru.....v v v happy!!!!

neither did I... right now very disheartened :(
although good luck to all who made through 😃

Hi ,

I am elated - I did not think I would make it .. its still sinking in !!

Here is my brief introduction :

1.Name : Anvesh Kharbanda

2.Current Location : Pune

3.Graduation/PG details : Engineering in ENTC from PICT , Pune University .

4.Work Experience if any : 21 months with Infosys as a software engineer ( yes another guy from IT :smile: )

5: Special Interests, hobbies : love football (soccer) - am very passionate and have played for school , college and club teams as well .

Congrats to all those who have made it ! am very excited and looking forward to meeting you all at TISS :smile:

I was following the thread as a friend of mine was hopeful of getting through. She didn't, even though she had a great profile and GD/PI.
Anyway, good luck to the selected candidates.

Hey me too got through, will be joining

BA Public Administration ( Distance learning, Alagappa University)
3 yrs alonwith Graduation (various industries: Translation company, ELearning etc)
And 14 months after Graduation ( with a KPO)

Hobbies: Cricket and listening to music

any possibility of knowing if there is any