TISS PIT/PI HRM&LR Call getters 2015-17

The group is to welcome the PIT/PI Call getters please continue your discussions here

The following are some of the essay topics asked last and last to last year

1)Role of B-schools in developing global leaders
2)Wage differentials across sectors Something related to Inclusive 3)Growth in India "Patriarchy is still dominant in the Indian Society". 4)Express your views on this topic.

5)Do B-Schools create great leaders - elaborate .

7) how our society is patriarchal?

1) Your greatest enemy your fear of the unknown
2) Use of networking in Talent Management

3)Role of media in bringing issues to society.

4)Impact of Media on the progress of Society

5) Negotiation with Emotion: A key competency for a HR professional
Privatization of higher education

1.Role of Caste and religion on Indian Politics.
2. How social media is helpful for HRs ? 

3)"Privatization of Higher Education" Privatization of higher education
Role of emotions in HR ( Something on these lines. Don't remember exactly) Something about caste and politics....

1. Future belongs to those who recognize opportunities before others do
2. Globalization in India Impact of Globalization on Employmen 1. How IT can be used in management ?


2. How religion affects Politics ?

Role of HR in modern corporates Do not remember it exactly
1. Role of media in bringing a positive change in Indian society. 

2. how is compensation determined among different job levels (it is the gist i forget original words)

Impact of Media on society/nation

please contribute to the thread by writing as many essays on the thread as you can

Some questions

Is there any gd?

What should be the word limit for essays?

I have applied for 3 couses hr,se and gl..so i have to write 3 essays one for each course?

Where to prepare from..for essay?any suggestions.which books magazines or sites.

And please also highlight about p.i process.what they generally ask.

Hello all. Request you to answer my following queries:-

1)Do we know the final cut off for the HR program? I know the weightage is 50:20:30 for tissnet, PIT, PI respectively but don't have the final figures. And what's the average scores awarded in PIT and PI?

2) I have a gap of around 2 year out of paid work. how far will that hurt my chances?

Any Idea how many got shortlisted. Just curious. 

What is the call to conversion ratio..n is there any fb group?

when will we be receiving communication from TISS regarding the interview dates?

Was a little curious to know who the topper of TISS-NET is and what was his/her score...just so that we know where do we stand..

Anyone shortlisted for MA in EESD, Guwahati?

Can anybody shed some insights on what will be the dress code for men for the interviews... as it is my first time.

What's the highest score in OBC category?

any one shortlisted for MA in DPPP @Tuljapur?

What does an HR manager do after 30 yrs of service??LONG term Goal for an HR manager??

Hello i have a call from tiss MA in social work livelihood and entreprenurship .so can any one tell me what i have to prepare for preinterview test ?

Did anyone receive any mails regarding interview dates??

Can any one tell weather we have to submit the income certificate on interview day or at the time of admission????.

Plus can any one tell in what format has to be the income certificate from where to make it??


I checked my results today and I have been shortlisted for MA(HRM) TISS Mumbai.

Since I saw my results quite late, I wanted to confirm if anything needs to be done now? Have I missed anything?



Is there any group (fb/whatsapp) for MA Development Studies / Public Policy Governance shortlisted candidates? If not, lets make one..clock is ticking!

Creating a Whatsapp group for M.A. Development Studies and M.A. Public Policy & Governance shortlisted candidates (for PIT/PI related discussions). All those who are interested, kindly ping me with your contact number. Thanks