TISS HRMLR PIT-PI Experiences (2013-15)

Please share your PIT-PI experiences here. Date/Slot:TISSNET Score: Essay topic: Interview experience:

Please share your PIT-PI experiences here.


Essay topic:
Interview experience:
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Topics reported on Day 1

1. Sensitivity of men working on women issues
2. Impact of agricultural mechanisation on agricultural labour.
For HRM nd LR
1.Privitization of higher education in INDIA
2. Emotions in HR:A Competency to have in HR managers
@88PJ how was your interview,can you share your experience..
@88PJ Multiple topics in a day? Each one gets a different one?
@JokaShoka please help..
i have PI on 12th march for M.A. in education and MHA...plz sugest wt essay topics for education and hospital adminstrtn... some idea to deal with one of the toughest question that: Why do you wish to join this particular course?..please give some relevant answer for MA in Education and MHA...
thanks in advance..

88PJ-- please share ur interview exprience..plz plz...........

Can someone post the topics given for the Globalization and Labour PIT? 😃

I would humbly request only HRM/LR experiences to be shared ,kindly maintain a separate thread for 'other' courses experience as they are bound to be on a different tangent and would unnecessarily cause distractions...thanks

plzz post the topic given for Rural development programme...

plzzz share the PI experience, questions asked

The thread clearly says HRMLR. Lets keep it that way

@JokaShoka said:
@88PJMultiple topics in a day? Each one gets a different one?
the topics u posted were for SE. not for HRM.

do they also asked for certificates of extracurricular activities ...............

@manishdhar1987 : Just posted info i got to know .. intrvw on 15th ..
Mayank Sharma
X 86.5%,Rajasthan Board, 2003
XII 73.8%, CBSE, 2005
B.Tech CSE, 78.78%, 2010, SASTRA University.
IT, TCS- 31 months
TISS-NET 2013 score:87
Extra Curriculars: Sports, Plays ,quizzes etc.
Any other noteworthy points in your form/CV/profile: Mentioned some of the achievements at workplace and in school life. No proofs were asked but I guess they might verify at a later stage.
PIT Topics
1.Negotiating with emotions: A core competency of Human resource professional.
2.Privatization of higher education.
Wrote essay on topic 1 connecting emotions with human behavior and how HR can develop this competency to tackle wide variety of emotions among a workforce.
PI Experience
Panel :3 members,1 lady and 2 gentlemen.
Asked me to answer About yourself in brief,why HR and Why TISS in a single go.
They Skimmed my explanation and asked me about 1 role-play situation based on a jargon used by me.
another panel member asked to give examples of successful and failed applications of another jargon used by me.
Asked about role of HR in IT sector and how they are affected by changes in its business models.
Interview was mostly fluent and was cross questioned only once or twice but thoroughly.Rest will be revealed by results.
Prepare Why HR,Why TISS thoroughly and you might see the interview drifting upon your answers.
Any other observation that you want to share with us:
Duration of interviews before lunch was long (~30-45 mins) and afterword €™s it came down to ~20-30 mins.

@monk4june hey mayank,r the interviews on lines of being grilling?I too have a IT work ex of rnd 2.5 years,anything that should specifically work upon?
@manishdhar1987 No grilling was there for me but we cant generalize that.Know your organization's HR policies thoroughly so that you could use those if required or asked.