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Courtesy-  @muneeb.lateef 

16th March.

PIT: 1. Diversity in indian higher education

      2. Corruption harms emerging business(don't remember the exact topic) 

Interview:  panel of 3 prof. 2 male 1 lady

P1: tel me about yourself

p1: you have writen bla blah in why this course in the DAF...justify it?

p1: what are the functions of HR? and what were your experiences with HR department? (i have work ex)

p2: this section of the interview dealt with different concepts of social psychology and social psychology scientists and research experiments...multiple questions on the same (i had mentioned social psychology in my DAF)

p3(lady): how would u rate or quantify any HR policy?

p3: If u r the HR head...what would u do different in applying hr policies?

p3: name and explain any policy that u would implement.

chilled out panel...listened patiently to whatever i had to say. and even helped sometimes. Don't know how to rate the interview but was a gud experience.

advice: be sure about what u write in DAF and stay calm...ATB everyone..:)



PIT/PI Experience 

PIT Topic - Importance of Moral and values in building organization.

PI- 3 members, one lady (P1) and two gentlemen (P2, P3)

P1 - A question from my DAF, regarding my interest in social activities "what is the area of operation of XXX NGO" - told the answer

P2 - why did u choose to work with them ? - told my interest in social activities and blah blah blah

P2- Looks like it is indeed area of your interest !! Who is labor minister of India ? - told

P2- Who was before him ? - told

P3- Do you know what are trade unions ?? - told.. he asked about CITU .. I was able to tell only the full form

till this time.. I was feeling confidant.. then P1 strikes 

P1- So u have worked on so many social and rural projects, why didn't u apply for those courses ... ? I talked about my interest for HRM

P1- It looks like u can become a successful manager in any field... why do u want to waste ur time in a cubical, in checking attendance sheet and other meetings ?? - I gave my scripted answer for why HRM... she looked satisfied but other two gentlemen were not even looking at me... Mr. P2 started working on his computer.. I was feeling a bit nervous by this time as I was loosing the grip..

P1- I don't think u should become an HR manager, u have more potential... (I didn't know what to say)

P3- What are qualities of a good HR person ?? spoke 2,3 lines and was stopped. The interview was over, abruptly.... 

Final Word - I think I did good in starting but fumbled a bit after that. If possible try to read something about labor laws and trade unions..

All the best to all...

PS. The student coordinator are extremely helpful and talkative :). Thanks a lot to them for glitch free experience. 

is there any group of this kind for Development Studies?

Here is my experience of the pit pi in TISS for Hrm lr. I am writing this from mobile. So please ignore typos.


10th 86

12th 80

B.Tech 70

25 months in IT

others- Gen Secretary of a students association in college

PIT date/topic- 17th March 2015

Role of ethics and moral values in organizational performance.

Panel 1: This panel was somewhat cool acc to people before me but I happened to be the first one to be inerviewed after lunch. So maybe fresh and revitalized, they grilled me a bit. Two profs and one lady prof.

I had a long wait before the interview and totally drained out by then. Even forgot to greet them Good Afternoon after I entered after asking permission. Infact they greeted me first.

Both the gentlemem started by asking me abt Why HR from the DAF. I have written something abt education sector so a discussn followed why wid u do this? Answered them.

Then asked me abt TISS ..asked to name a few subjects. I just said I didnt go thru the course subjects in details. Bit explained to them abt the hr course being socio centric. 6 internships and 40 hrs foundation course and all. They countered saying all these were shown in presentation today by the seniors. Replied ai got in touch with an alumnus to knw abt the course.

 Then asked me abt HR policies ..explained them abt my company hr policies. Got grilled a bit here and there with some technical hr qsns to whch i cudnt answer properly. 

Then again asked me why i wud like to pursue education sector. Why not go for MA education?

Lady prof asked abt hrd minister and her FRAMEWORK of policies. I just replied politely I am not versed with the technical HR knowledge..but explained her abt HRD minister's initiatives like IIMs IITs Aiims and all. Also added that Smriti Irani wanted Saturday as games day for school kids. 

Abruptly the interview ended.

My take on the interview: Though I tackled all the grilling and cross qsns well, I am not too satisfied with the interview. I tried to explain them why I wud like to pursue  innovative teaching techniques in  education sector and they tried to counter me here and there but overall I was able to put forth my ideas. However screwed up in one hr policies and strategy qsn. 

Advice to other candidates: Be urself and dont expect anything. Anything can happen and anything maybe asked. Give ur best and hope for the rest. At least I am in that boat. 😆

My PIT/PI experience

Date:- 18th March

PIT topic-

1) Second careers for corporate women dropouts

2) Emporwerment of middle level managers in an organisation

Though I had limited knowledge on both the above, I choosed the first one. Started with describing the problem. It's effects. Then other career options. Then finally ending with why the problem exists and how start moving on the path to resolve this.

PI- Panel 1- Two middleaged gentlemen(P1 and P2) and a middle aged lady(P3).

Greeted them while entering. 

P1-  Tell me about yourself.

Me- Gave a brief intro without specifics.

P2(The dangerous one)- Why do you want to pursue with HR?

Me- Told him regarding my current role where I have to interact a lot with the client's end users and how I can relate this to HR. 

P2- Suppose you are a HR head of a company and you want to introduce a new policy, like wanna introduce 2 days extra leave in a week. How would you convince your manager?

Me- I will find out which other organisation is having this policy. Then will collect data of the impact of this policy on the overall growth of that organization and will represent the same to the manager. Also it has to be taken care of that the culture, size and field of work of those organisation should be similar to ours.

P2- Forget about that. Suppose no one has ever implemented.

Me- Then with my experience and understanding will try to analyse it's usefulness. That includes monetary effect, motivational factors for the employees. Also how will it help to retain and attract more talents. Then will push it to be implemented to a small team. If the results are positive, will convince my manager to go with it.

P2- No no, How will you convince him?

Me- By explaining him/her the  impact of the policy on the organisation.

P2- That is what, How will you explain? What are the benefits.

M2- That depends on different aspects such as.....(Stopped by P2)

P2- Tell me the truth. You want to become HR because you think it is a simple job where you can earn lot of money right?

Me-HR's job is not simple as he has a dual reponsibility of seving both the employee and the employer. Also, it is true that becoming HR has not been my life time dream. First time when I got to know about an HR was during a brief at my training at TCS. And since then I have come to know a lot about an HR's role and responsibilities which excite me.

P3- You have written in you DAF that you want to be associated with national level renowned college .......(To embarrass me choosed a messed up sentence)

Me- Ma'am I can explain you that(With an embarrassed smile)

P3- Let me give you another situation. Suppose you have been newly recruited as an HR head of a big firm. While going throught the DB you found that the skills of the employees are not updated for years. What will you do.

Me- I will arrange the data with the current skills for the employees and the kind of skill our company require right now. Will communicate the employees regarding the concerns of the organisation and will give them the oppurtunity to take training from the company on different latest technologies. 

P3- How will you motivate them to take the training?

Me- Will let them know how can these technologies help them excel in their career. Also will let them know what course of action the organisation can take if they do not fulfill the current responsiblities, even layoff is possible, as any organisation works for the profit and the ultimate goal is the organisation's development. 

The told me I can leave. I greeted and left.

That is all folks. Hope my experience helps you. Don't know if I spoiled it or was it a stress interview. Waiting for the results now.

Essay : Role of Ethics and Values on organizational performance

Intro :

India boasts of unmatched planning of harappans, the empire of Ashoka, ragas of nanak kabir and namdeva but apart from it India has been front runner in propogation of ethical values too.

Body :

Wrote def. of ethics values and differentiated between them

Wote about different types of ethics

Indian religious texts and ethics

Relation between Ethics and values in performance in sectors like

                 Public-info leaks

                 Private-nexus for info stealing, radia tapes

                 Politics-paid media and RPA related issue

                 Media-Cheque book journalism lesliee udwin case

Conclusion :

Though compromising ethics may bolster organizational performance in short term but in long term it leads to trust deficit and fate of organization is set to be doomed.

Interview :

Panel 2

Last one to get interviewed 

P1 :

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. How come you went to Varanasi for education

3. So you have gap in your education

4. Up till engineering I can understand but what after that( civil service preparation)

5. What was your role in your job

6. Why civil services

7. What subjects have u opted in civil services

8. Tell me the name of poets of Maithili

9. Have you heard of nagarjuna

10. Tell one poem of vidyapati

11. What was your XAT score

12. Why didn't you apply for CAT

13. What is PMRDF

14. Have you prepared for HR

15. How did you prepare

16. What HR guys do

17. U know where you would get placed after studying from here

18. How will you analyse performance for PMRDF fellow

P2 :

Smiled and didn't ask any question

P3 :  u are from bihar, tell me one thing, I have seen during my study days that lot of people go out from Bihar to study but no one returns.

: Lack of Employment opp

: Why

: Lack of Infra

: Why

: Governance deficit

: Why

: Illiteracy

: Why

: Poverty


: Conservatism

: Can you explain

: used a quote from my regional lang to explain, after asking if I could use it, further I translated it for them

: don't u think caste is a prominent factor over there

: I agreed

Ok  , its done

P1:  can you once again repeat the quote.

Every one smiled and I left.

Verdict : Reject     79/100   39/50    35/75

The interview gave me 35/75(=straight rejection) though essay gave me 39/50. proffs considered me worth of 35 , well I accept the verdict with great humility, I don't know where I am headed.

essay--two choice , i wrote on contribution of media towards positive change in society 

essay started with jeffery thmoson and mills harm theory,then talked about media being the 4th pillar of democracy,and a little bit of LOKSANGHRA

body of the essay had a one page flowchart showing different aspects of society-political,cultural,legal,administrative,economic,international,environment,sustainalble development and then finally individual as a whole,gave examples for each how media has brought positive change in each of them

then in a paragraph explained d critical problem of media ,self regulation and all ,also quoted RIGGS,G.E.CAIDEN, then ended with a RIG VEDA qoute

interview : i was the perhaps the 3rd last to be interviewed, panel had 3 persona,1 lady 2 male 

p1(lady) introduce urself

i talked about myself family and how i want to use my knowdlged towards creating change in society and institutionalising the change process

p2(younger male) asked the same question again as he was not in the room when i enetered

p2 why hr?

i told that hr has two parts objective and subjective,objectivity is science which can be learnt i want to master the art of subjectivity in HR 

all panels started laughing and then they laughed and smiled for whole interview don't know why

p3(old male) diddnt ask anything ,he told me that subjectivity in hr/arts/social science can never ever be mastered,he again explained his point saying that art is as old as civilisation as the subjectivity can't be mastered the contribution of arts has not realised its full potential

p1 what r u doing rite now ?

i replied i am doing nothing just gaining knowledge..p2 then asked why work ex. as i had 11-12 months of work ex, i replied i need money to survivie as all my work ex was free lancing stuff

p2 how u will hire chemical engineer....

i replied i will hire 20% from iit and rest through a common exam

p3 how will u design a common exam giving ur passion ur subjectivity in hr

i replied the whole process to be like TISS exam with same mark distribution and talked about motivation being the key and achieving a satisfying decision

p3 why u wire hire 5 pointers from iit......i replied because i am a 5 pointer 

p1 again asked about labour relations

i replied about my industrial experience and the problems of labour which i saw in canteen when they talked in maithali

p3 again asked what exactly are u looking from TISS 

i replied i want to develop the art of subjectivity in HR so that i can channelise my knowdlge 

p3 how will u open a industry ??

i started replying p1 interrupted and asked which industry u will open so that it will give maximum employment...i replied power plant

p3 again why not chemical industry....i replied because i am a 5 pointer and not good at chemical engineering

somewhere in middle they also asked me about TAYLOR,BERNARD,SIMON,MASLOW....and to relate the personnel mamnagemt of fb google shell and tiss...and many small questions related to this 

p2: laughed all laughed and they again told me that u can only develop the art of subjectivity but u can't master it 

interview over 

when i was leaving p3 called and again told me its difficult to master the subjectivity in social sciences 

i left smiled 

can't really judge how the interview was...whole interview seemed much like ideas sharing ...

comments on interview will be appreciated 

Name : Shradhda Somkuwar

PIT date 19th march

Topic: resistance to Change: reasons and recommendations(attempted)

My profile

10th= 85%

12th = 80%

Work ex: nil but NGO experience

Last second one to get interviewed

Panel :  lady 1 around 40's, lady 2 around 40's, elderly gentleman (mid 60's)

Lady 1 : tell me something about urself

Me : told  (prepared)

Lady 1 : Why HR ?

Me: Rehearsed answer; mentioned about a theory subject on HR which I studied during graduation

Lady 1: tell me  the practical applications of the subject in industry

Me : told (seemed satisfied)

Others were not even looking at me

Lady 2 : so u like reading books?(mentioned in my DAF)

Me: not an avid reader but I like inspirational books

Lady 2: who has written god of small things?

Me : arundhati roy

Lady 2 : what is it about?

Me: couldnot answer well

Lady 2 : story of my marriage is written by?

Me: no idea

Lady 2 : do u read chetan bhagat? 2 states?

Me: realized two states is story of my marriage.

Elderly man: so what have u studied?

Me: chemical technology

Elderly Man: asked a technical question and including a chemical reaction.

Me: answered somewhat

Elderly man: tell me how will generate employment in rural areas using chemical technology

Me: told  (using polymer industry)(seemed satisfied) discussion went a little philosophical here.

But ended on a positive note.

All the best guys!

What was the final cut off for NC-OBC out of 225 last year? Does anyone know?

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