TISS GD/PI Topics, Experiences

FOR ALL the TISS Aspirants 2004…recently i had a chat with one of ex-tissians. And he gave me some GD topics…I hope these will help us…lets have online GD… 1. Only a man and women should marry. 2. Fools runs in where angels f…

FOR ALL the TISS Aspirants 2004....recently i had a chat with one of ex-tissians. And he gave me some GD topics....I hope these will help us.....lets have online GD....

1. Only a man and women should marry.
2. Fools runs in where angels fear to tread.
3. If variety is the spice of life then why have only one wife/husband.
4. Chairs are better than tables
5. A Dog has only one tail.



hey, andy, thanks sooo much!! i have my tiss exam on 10th june, and all this will really help me. btw, cud u give us some facts about tiss - the instt as such and the selection process?



ditto, man. i got mine on the 11th and have found very sketchy info on tiss. HALP!!

hey u all people,thanks a lot for tat info,i too hav my TISS exams on 16th of june,may b i'll try and get get info frm my other frds who had done classes for TISS xams,and also i request all those guys to tell their exp 2 us as soon as they get throu their rounds........

till then guys keep on preparing :x


if u can contact ur frens who took coachin tht wud be gr8
but pls hurry
my test is on the 8th :shock:

Hi people,

Thats true our D-Day is just few days from now....i think now we all should get in to thread and start sharing the resources.....my date is on 9th june.....

We can keep this thread alive by posting the topics after our sessions so that others could also benefit from it......What say ???????????


hi andy

do u als have PM and IR test on 9th

pls let me know

how many topics are we going to get for the essay.
one more q i wnted to ask is, if asked why an engineering gradute wants to change to pm& ir wht should be a reply to that?

well you get to choose from atleast 3 topics for the essay
hmm engg to pm and ir well it is similar to any grad to PM and IR
just say what made you choose pm ir
the need for good employees
the need for retaining them in the org
how you have read abt huge employee turnover affecting the company blah blah blah
and how social you are as a person how you can interact with people, co workers, juniors,seniors etc
just think of something good for shifting your interests from engg to pm ir

wen is ur test ??? my tst is on 9th
any inputs on prep??

any body going to bombay today by paschim express form delhi, please reply.i have my test on 9th morning.also i am on waitlist no.1 at present,so i need some help.guyzs from delhi please help

Can I apply for Tiss now. Please let me know the info.

hi guys
i think some of them must hav gone thru the xams,plz tell us wat topics u hav got so tat we can atleast prepare for tat
how is the patern this yr
is it changed or the same
and other thing,me too a mech engg,dono how to answer their ques if they ask why u wana get in2 PM and IR
guys plzzz help

what is TISS.

secondly, what do u say, on a topic as vague as: a dog has only one tail.

any ideas are welcome.

hi I am new here and my gd is tommorow. Hope u all who have finished with the gd pi post some info . :grab:



meeeeee! on 11th

its ironic when ppl want info all come to this thread n post...but once thru wit their process no1 bothers to post their experience....ppl pls try n change ur attitude...as for me i have my tiss gd-interview tomo i.e. 15th june....wil try n post detailed a post of my xperience as i can.wish me luc.

hi guyzs
i am sorry for being late in posting my exp. at tiss.actually i have just arrived in delhi today from mumbai.i had my gd and test on 9th.got selected for the interview on 10th.
essay test: 1: values for the new millenium
2: solutions for global terrorism
3:enterprenuership in todays global world(i don't remember the exact topic but sort of like this.).
i wrote on values for the new millenium.guyz there is no need to write more.at tiss its quality that is more important.so even if you write three pages make sure your beginning and end are top quality.also please structure your essay.there is more than enough time to think. my results were out at 6:30 in the evening.only 53 got selected(53/300) out of which 38 girls and 15 boys.

gd: this is the cinch, if the group as a whole performs well and maintains decorum,probabaly everyone gets through. do not make it a fish market.also there is negative marking for dominating ghroup proceedings.in our gd we were given 2 topics 1: workplace governance in a boundryless organisation is a challenge.
2: lobying and its social impliations.
you are given 20 minutes to discuss on any one of the topics. the time for deciding on which topic to choose is also within those 20 minutes.so guyz try to arrive at a consensus as soon as possible. our gd was excellent.4 guyzs and 1 girl made it through from our group.

the interview was on 10th.my turn came at 3:30pm. i had to wait for nearly 5 hours for it.but it went of well. freshers make sure your acads are strong.i was asked all sorts of question.:1.why pm & ir after engineering?
2: how was cat 2003?
3.is tiss a mediocre institute, if not why?
4.acads question etc.
so guyz it is not that difficult to get trough to the interview stage, after that you need a lot of luck.in the interview be as honest as possible.be yourself.if you donot know an answr to a q. say "sir i do not know", rather than beat around the bush.

the results will be out on the 19th on their website.
so guys best of luck and crack it

hey niranjan
thanks a lot and all the best
well i hav my xams 2morr,i got thru knw some topics frm my frds
for essays there were,1.india shinning (not shining)
2. individual and social cost of health
3. strategic mgmt

cant recal the gd topics,wil put in as i get them
plz people put in ur responses,tat really help
all the best