Tiss exam

Friends!! How was it?:slight_smile:

Friends!! How was it?:)

My overall experience of the exam was good.
A new thing observed this time was -ve marking in the second section for HR course.
The cut offs as per my knowledge for the previous years were 41 and 45 respectively with no negative markings, hoping that it would fall this time to under 40.
My attempts were - 50/50 in 1st section.(80 percent accuracy)
and approx 52-53 in 2nd section(80 percent accuracy).
Expected Cut off this year as per me is 39-40.

For HR course :-
Marking scheme followed in previous years is 17.5 marks for the first section and 52.5 marks for the second section.
50*0.35 = 17.5
75*0.75 = 52.5
Total 70 marks .. and calls are given at 40+ scores.
PS : Please add to this in case i missed out something.