TISS Climate Change and Sustainability Studies

Post your queries related to TISS CCSS.

Post your queries related to TISS CCSS.

There is three sections in TISSNET-

1. General Knowledge

2. Maths

3. English

The level of GK n english is very high, but Maths' level is of 10th standerd.

Maths is scoring.

For GK, read current affairs of at least two years and arrange notes of CAT exams for maths and english. That will be good enough.

And please read The Hindu regular.

Admissions open for M.A., M.Phil./Ph.D. & Short Term Programmes, 2015

Kindly check the website


Mumbai campus has an intake of 15 this time...what will be the apporox. cut off? How is M.A. in ecology, environment and sustainability development course in Guwahati campus compared to ccss mumbai..?

Hey! I need to know which of the two, the course at guwahati or mumbai is better. The ccss or the ecology, environment and sustainable studies. I know they're two different courses, but they share similar papers and I'm equally interested in both. So, it'll be nice if someone could suggest which is better in terms of options after the course and the placements (research counts!). I have to give my preference, that's about it. I'll anyways apply to both. 

scored 62 ..cut off 63.....any chances for second list?

Hi... Is this group active?? @rajneeshraaj are answering qs?  thank you

Hi, I've been shortlisted for the CCSS PIT/PI and I want to know what sort of questions are asked in the pre-interview test, because the TISS PIT format says that the pre-Interview test will test the basic knowledge of students in the field of climate change and sustainable development and will also test the students' analytical abilities.

And I also wanted to know the calls to seats ratio for the course. The intake is only 15, so how many people are going to be called for the PIT/PI?

I have been shortlisted for CCSS.... please someone guide for PIT..!!

A bit late to post here...Will the PIT be in campus itself or some other venue. My interview date is 9th March, does anyone from bangalore travelling on same date

Results are out.

all the best guys.

Hello friends,

I got an admit for the CCSS course just 3 days back. I am in a state of dilemma whether to join the course or not as I am preparing for civil services. Please help me understand a) if this can be achieved alongside the TISS curriculum for this course(which includes field works, internships etc.). b) Also, what are the future prospects and placement opportunities after completing it?


I m  mechanical engg 6 yrs exp in coal preparation project.thinking of going for  msc in ccss frm TISS Mumbai. Will it be a good idea as my current CTC  is 6 lpa? What will be future prospects based on my exp and profile? In  dilema whthr it will be worth?

Hey everyone, I'm taking a year off could someone tell me the syllabus of entrance and what i should brush up on and how! Please help or my lazy ass wont work hard at all