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 Here's are a couple of important guidelines to get you started in your preparation.

Before the test day: PracticeIt is important that you prepare section wise and practice on all topic areas. During such practice and by taking mock tests and previous year’s test patterns, you can easily arrive at their strengths and weaknesses. A focus on strengths can help you narrow down the scope of preparation and an increased focus on only a few topics, resulting in improved accuracy in the chosen sections.

On the test day: PrioritizeYou must have a priority order in which you will attempt the questions on the test day. This can often be decided based on your strengths. Take a lot of practice tests before the exam, and find out your strengths and weaknesses in terms of topics. Always attempt the questions in your strength areas first. Then if you have time left, you could attempt the rest of the questions. But be careful not to accrue any negative marks, as this may erase the marks you might have scored in your strength areas.

In the test: PaceMaintain composure right before and during the exam. To keep anxiety levels low, drink a glass of water before the exam and take a few deep breaths before you start the test. Once started, go to your priority section and then your strength areas within them. Remember to maintain speed at all times during the exam while also keeping a keen eye on accuracy. Whenever your mind starts wandering, give yourself a quick jolt to get back to the test.Practice, prioritize and pace. Good luck! 

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  5 Reasons Why SBI PO Is the Most in Demand Job In 2017 

1. Attractive Salary: A system engineer in Infosys, TCS or Accenture has a pay scale of Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.4 lakhs per annum, while an SBI PO has a pay scale of Rs. 7.5 lakhs to Rs.13 lakhs per annum. This means an SBI Probationary Officer in a city like Mumbai can make up to Rs. 1 lakh per month. 

2. Easy and Fast Career Growth: Performance and Potential are the only elements which determine career growth. Even If you are not from IIM/IIT or other prestigious colleges, you can still work your way to the top position. For example, Arundhati Bhattacharya joined SBI as PO back in ‘77 and today, she is the Chairman of SBI. This Opportunity is not possible in other places. 

3. Job Security: If you are in SBI, you need not worry about losing your job. Even when the whole world was fighting recession, Banking sector has remained profitable. SBI provides job security and safety to all its employees.

 4. Amazing Perks and Benefits: If you are working with SBI, you will be treated as family. SBI provides various allowances as a part of your job role. It also provides medical benefits for you and your family members. You will also get all loans at concessional rates of interest. Not just while working, even after your retirement, SBI takes utmost care of you.

 5. Good Work Life Balance: Working as a PO provides ample time for you to pursue your other interests and hobbies. If you are preparing for civil services, or if you wish to pursue your post graduation, then you will have enough time to prepare for these exams if you are working with SBI. Your future is secure: The Banking industry is the most dependable industry in India, as it follows a shock proof approach towards its financial work-flow. In a growing economy like India, where new banks and their branches are opening every day, the banking industry is only going to get better with time. 

 Comment if you know any other reasons on why SBI PO is the most sought after job.

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 Hi GuysI have been attempting SBI PO since 2013.I have not qualified in prelims in 2013,2014 and 2015. I cleared prelims and got upto mains in 2016.I remember there was no prelims but only one test during 2013 and 2014.For eligibilty there are only 4 chances for GEN category where prelims are not counted as chances.So what are my number of chances attempted till now?

 Pls help.... 

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There are plenty of books, blogs and websites out there to help you prepare for the bank exams but “which one do I prepare from” is the most common question in your mind. Finding out which of these resources are reliable and useful and which of these is a waste of time can be challenging. So we have come up with the following list of the most recommended books to help you crack SBI PO Exam. 

Here is the list of Books for Quantitative Aptitude & DI Section of SBI PO exam: 

1. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant) by Rajesh  Verma     

2. Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinations by R S Agarwal     

3. Aptipedia - Aptitude Encylopedia by FACE     

4. Arithmetic for General Competitions         

5. Advance maths for General Competitions          

6. Data Intrerpretation Magical Book Series          

Will come up with the books for Reasoning and English soon.  

Hello friends,being a fresher I am going to give my first attempt to SBI PO exams.Since approximately two and a half month is left in my hands.How should I prepare for aptitude.Since I know my weak part is solving questions based on SI and CI,which book should i refer?

I would also like to know that in aptitude which topics should i consider to be madatorily prepared ...

Hello everyone i am preparing sisince 3-4 years.cyears.cleared ibps clerk po till nterview.Bnterview.But no final results till now.Anow.All my sbsbi chance used.Wused.2013,2014,2015,2016 .u.used. In 2015-2016 qualified in prelims.I want to ask can i fill form by writing chance used 3 just to get an idea about the pattern for ibps po as this will be my last chance to prove myself n get job.Sejob.Serious 

Hi my all sbi chances used qualified in prelims 2015 n 2016. So just to get an idea about exam can i write 3 chances in sbi form n give exam.Jexam.Just to get an idea as ibpibps po last chance n hope to prove myself.Please help that it will not create any problem?


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I. 5x=7y+21
II. 11x+4y+109=0 

Solve both the equations to answer - 

  • if x > y
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