Discussion regarding the scores and other things of TIME NMAT 2016 mocks

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Has anyone attempted the mock ?

are they not providing solutions for these mocks???

TIME NMAT mock 1001662

QA- 90( 30correct) it was not easy man uff!!

LR-  69( 23 correct) could have been better

LS- 57(19 correct) could have been better

overall- 216   fell short by 15-20

 NMAT mock 1001662 





TIME NMAT MT 1001663 mock

LR- 66(22 correct) what happened here shit

QA- 108(36 correct) i did it yes great feeling

LS- 81( 27correct) it was easy though still great job

overall- 255( 85 correct) need atleast close to this on my actual NMAT

what should be the target score in TIME nmat mocks for assuring call from NM mumabai ? any suggestions ?

NMAT  1001662  : 258


Hi Guys,

PLEASE HELP. I am ONLY preparing for NMAT and I am unable to find the right material. I already have NMAT official guide but I need more practice material.

Kindly suggest which book/s i should buy to cover everything. I need to practice quality material but I am unable to find it.

Please help and let me know:

1. which books i should buy

2. which test series i should take confused between TIME & CL one for NMAT


please share your scores and discussions regarding the all india nmat mock of TIME this week on this page

246 in MT1001662 Bhai ye score accha hai ya bura koi feedback dedo.Kuch nahi pata NMAT ka

78 in LR

111 in QA

57 in LS

243 in MT1001663 with 87 in lr only 81 in quant and 75 in english

Complete the series...

1, 1, 3, 5, 11, 21, 43, _______, _______, _______

TIME all india nmat mock

225 dejected, nmims ka sapna toot raha hai

Can anybody please help with what is a safe score for nmims mumbai for a b.com fresher?? i mean the score that will guarantee admission to nmims mumbai..

Where is the link for Time Nmat mock Test. I could not find it on Time website

All India NMAT Mock :: 

How easy/difficult is TIME's All India NMAT MT1001657 as compared to MT1001663 and MT1001662?

  • Difficult than MT1001662
  • Easier than MT1001662
  • Difficult than MT1001663
  • Easier than MT1001663

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TIME all india nmat mock 1001001657

Total score-225

all india percentile- 99.4

All india rank- 25  yippie yippie first time ever in the all india toppers

Hey guys I missed All India NMAT MT1001657. Is there any way to attempt this test now ?


Closest to actual NMAT i feel among all TIME and IMS mocks

LR- 84( 28 correct)

QA- 96(32 correct)

LS- 69(23 correct)

overall- 249( 83 correct) a feel good NMAT mock just before the All india nmat mock