TIME Aimcat 2018

discussion regarding aimcats scores, percentile and general queries....

Has the aimcat for 2018 started? Their website doesn't give any information except that aimcats will start in april. Can we register for aimcat online?

Hi everyone,

Any idea when AIMCATs would begin for all the students  ( including the correspondence students )? Also, is there an thread for discussion on SAMCATs of TIME?

What would be the amount charged for the aimcat series?

Does anyone have any idea about the AIMCAT schedule?

how to book aimcat slots ?? anyone , its already 23rd

i am myself  TIME correspondence 2018 student but on my home page when after logging in i click on aimcats no link opens ... i am even mailing them but nobdy understands ...??? god knows wat to do

First AIMCAT of the season AIMCAT 1922






VA - 41

DILR- 41

QA- 43 :(

OA- 125


VA - 41

DILR - 35

QA - 38

OA - 114

 AIMCAT 1922 VARC - 86 (29C/3W) DILR - 45 (15C/3W) QA - 53 (18C/3W) OA - 184 (62C/9W) btw dont we have a seperate thread for this aimcat?

VARC 46 (19C/15W) Someone pleeeease help! DILR 62 (22C/7W) QA 83 (29C/5W) Overall - 70C/27W Score - 191

when will the results (percentile) come for aimcat 1922 ?

I was planning to take the aimcat test series..what do you guys suggest..should go for the basic or enhanced series?

I will be appearing for 2018 entrance exams for B schools. As I am doing self study so I usually gets stucks many a times but fortunately somehow I have been able to find someone who can help me out with my queries. This time I have come across you guys with the same expectations. Recently, I have given my first AIMCAT mock. I have landed with 82%ile. I got really disappointed after getting the result. Although, I managed to assemble myself and made up my mind that No matter what happens I will try to learn from my mistakes and will keep improving. I am aiming for nothing less than 99%ile. The advice that I am looking from you guys is that how can I effectively analyze my Mocks so that I can get the best out of it and learn the most out of it so that I can consistently improve my score? I would really really appreciate if anyone can take out some time and explain me the approach thoroughly. I am looking for a bonus advice as well which can help me to attain my goal. Thank you. God bless us all.

I'm planning to buy the AIMCAT test pack. But, I kind of wanted to know the schedule of the tests before doing so. Is anybody, who's already a student/bought it, willing to share the schedule? I'd really appreciate. Thanks in advance!

Can I give a missed proctored mock from home? If so then within how many days must it be given?

Guys is it possible to get a discount from aimcat enhanced series by asking a friend who has iim calls to open account??can this be done online??


I started preparing for cat 2018 again for ABC, but now changed the mind, and will be joining iim- kashipur. I have a time mock account which i bought at a discounted price of 2450. Anyone interested can whatsapp me at 9915882714. Apart from that i am donating time material in ludhiana any genuine person who need can contact.

Why does the time login work irregularly? I am unable to login.