Thunderbird Fall -2013

Anyone from india applying to Thunderbird for Fall 2013

Anyone from india applying to Thunderbird for Fall 2013

I got an admit from Thunderbird a couple of days back.
What abt ur app status?
@tmithun said:
@DebakalpaI got an admit from Thunderbird a couple of days back.What abt ur app status?
ya i also got the Admit .. So are you joining ?
Not decided whether to join...What abt you ?
I got $27K Scholarship, U?

Hi can you guys who got the admission please send your profile and interview questions

hi can you ppl who got the admit share your profile and interview experience?

@tmithun hi, can you please share your profile?

My profile:
GMAT 610
GPA 7.94
Work Exp total: 3yrs+ with a Leading MNC in the Energy sector.

Regarding Thunderbird interview, it was for abt 30min with regular ques such as Why MBA? Goals? Teamwork/Leadership example? Challenging Situation? Specialization? Strengths/weaknesses? etc.

Let me know if you need any assistance,

@tmithun Hi Mithun,

Congrats for the admit!

Iam planning to apply for Thunderbird.

Here is my profile:

GMAT 680
Work Exp total: 3.5 ys as Business IT analyst
Acads: Excellent.
Extracirricular : Decent

I am interested in Global MBA of Thunderbird and esp. for operations.

Since Iam applying in R2 , will be eligible for scholarships?

Please let me know.

Thanks ,


First of all Why thunderbird when u have an option of getting into better ones, However since u fall in the IT sector you need to position yourself very carefully in your essays, since a lot of students with over 700 apply from the same sector...
Well, you have a scholarship essay in the thunderbird app, so if can produce a good essay, then even if you apply in R2 you should be getting it...
What all colleges r u planning to apply?

Hi @tmithun ,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Since Iam from IT sector, there seems to be huge competition in admission and scholarship aswell.

Yes, I have applied to better ones such as Illinois, purdue ,carlson, univ of pittsburgh
giving i/w for some univ and waiting for decision for some of them.

Given huge competition from IT sector applicants - iam really looking for scholarships and as I want to do MBA asap, for playing safe, I would like to apply .

and btw, any idea on how good is it for operations ?

@tmithun thanks for your quick reply. anything tips for the interview?

Maintain a good connection between your current work exp and goals-both short and long also be very specific.

Remember to if asked about a situation do follow
Situation - your action - result. (as the interviewer may not know abt your field)


Revert on any other clarifications


Thanks soo much mithun.. did you apply to round one or the early decision deadline?
I applied in round 1, I felt they give the decision very fast,

All the best !



ok thanks man


I have been admitted to thunderbird fall 2013, Full Time MBA...Just wanted to know who all are joining.


Hi can u pls share your profile?

Hi Ravj,

My Profile:

GRE 310

ECE Engineer, Working in Dubai for the last 3 years.

Extracur: Decent

Which round you applying for Ravj?

Hows is the reputation of this college? Any ideas people?