The University of Kansas- Official Graduate admission thread, Session starting Spring/Fall' 2018

To discuss Graduate admission requirements

Hello everyone,    

The University of Kansas is an outstanding university located in beautiful and vibrant heart of the U.S. Nationally ranked #2 by U.S. News & World Report, the university believes that varied factors are united by their mission to educate and do discoveries which will change the world. KU is also recognized as a Global Research Institution as it assisted in initiating 34 active companies in the state. 

At the moment, we are conducting a detailed profile evaluation for the aspirants wishing to apply for Graduate programs, session starting in Fall’ 2017. To check whether you are eligible for the program, you can mail us the following documents at [email protected]    

1) Academic Mark sheets for 10th & 12th  

2) Entrance exam score: IELTS/ TOFEL (If you have taken) 

3) Work Experience (If you have taken)  

4) Extra-curricular activities (if you were involved in any)   

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We would like to wish you best of luck for the evaluation. We hope to hear from you soon  

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University of Kansas’ University Accelerator program is specially designed for International Students to assist a student in making a successful transition to living and studying in the U.S. 

Watch & learn from international students talking about their experience of studying KU's Accelerator program and how it is assisting them in their education in U.S.

Anand Burman, Chairman, Dabur India is a proud alumnus of The University of Kansas. 

Benjamin D.Hall, Genetic Scientist who co-developed a vaccine for Hepatitis B is also a proud alumnus of The University of Kansas.

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We should prefer a best school get enrolled and start education. In the there is great inspiration for me to learn from the professionally expert people.

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The University of Kansas actively celebrates active presence of women on campus and impact they make on KU Community. 

Sharing her experience, Pamela Paulino, Master Student in Design Management, Dominican Republic said, "To me, being an international student at KU from the Dominican Republic benefits KU, in the sense that it creates more diversity. I am an architect, and architecture in the Dominican Republic is very different from architecture in the United States and definitely in Kansas. So, in that sense, having more variety of thought and experience enriches the classroom environment. KU has given me more sense of belonging in a lot of ways. Being a Jayhawk means something, which we don’t have back home. University is just a place we go to school to get education. But here, being a Jayhawk means belonging to KU and actually giving something to the community and getting something back."

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Whilst discussing work options, Rachel Davis, Our career accelerator program advisor offered to assist students in their job search. "We can figure out the best places to look for positions, how best to market yourself in your applications materials, and howto make a good impression in the interview process. I'd also recommend using your time at KU to the fullest to build up your resume, which means getting involved in student organizations, volunteering and learning more about your strengths."

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 KU is a great place to pursue a graduate degree. We invite you to explore our graduate degree programs, resources, people and community. Graduate education is central to KU’s mission of learning, scholarship and creative activity. With 10 programs ranked in the top 10 among public universities and 42 ranked among the top 50, you will find a degree program that will prepare you as a professional in your discipline.   

The KU School of Engineering is one of the best in the nation. Innovative research, State-of-the-art facilities, Talented and dedicated faculty, Distinguished alumni: This all makes the experience of studying at KU School of Engineering, one of the best a student can have. The KU School of Engineering is a bridge to the future, pioneering new technologies and developing solutions to problems facing the world. KU engineering faculty, students and staff are committed to answering the call for interdisciplinary research and engineering education.   

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A big state with a big heart and a rich history, Kansas is the heartland and technically the center of the United States. KU is located in beautiful Lawrence, Kansas — a true college town on the banks of the Kansas River. Friendly and caring, it boasts international cuisine, extensive outdoor recreation, shopping and a thriving arts scene. Rolling Stone magazine named Lawrence one of the “best lil’ college towns” in the country   

The University of Kansas welcomes students from around the world. Having students like you from around the world is so important to us, as you bring a global perspective to our campus that provides value to all students and faculty  

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KU is home to 28,000 students from more than 100 countries and all 50 American states.  

The richness of the KU offer ensures all students have opportunities to explore new fields. When it comes to preparing for their future, KU’s Career Advancement Program provides the support they’ll need. Designed to help students through educational resources and experiential activities, and from applying for graduate school to preparing for interviews, career counsellors are there to guide them.  

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KU is one of only 34 public universities that belong to the prestigious Association of American Universities, an organization made up of the nation’s leading research universities. Graduate study at KU will change your life. It will prepare you to become an innovator and leader, ready to meet the demands of industry, government and our global society. It will assist you in getting connected with your alumni. 

We have: 

-  State-of-the-art facilities 

- Talented and dedicated faculty 

- Distinguished alumni 

- A dedicated team for International student support   

Our thousand-acre campus is recognized nationwide for its beauty. Located in a small, cosmopolitan college town, it’s a place unlike any other. Peaceful and friendly, Lawrence boasts international cuisine, extensive outdoor recreation, shopping and a thriving arts scene. Rolling Stone magazine named it one of the “best lil’ college towns” in the United States. Living costs are also very low and there are several housing options available for International students  

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As an International Accelerator Program student, you will develop social, professional and academic skills to be successful in personal as well as professional life. This program will help you to connect with your fellow students and your local community. Learn more from KU Academic Accelerator Program Student: Oluwabusola Carrena, from Nigeria.  

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The University of Kansas: by the numbers:

#1 National ranking, City management/urban policy
—U.S. News & World Report 

#1 National ranking, Special education
—U.S. News & World Report 

#4 National ranking, NIH grants and contracts for pharmacy research 

5 National debate championships and national basketball titles 

38 Active companies created from KU research  

40+ Languages taught 

42 Nationally ranked graduate academic programs (U.S. News) 

50 & 105 States and countries represented by KU students Contact us today to know more about our University:

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Graduate study at University of Kansas will prepare you to become an innovator and leader, ready to meet the demands of industry, government and our global society. We will change your life. We will:   

- Challenge and support you  

- Connect you to your classmates  

- Connect you to alumni that number in the hundreds of thousands  

- Offer you a second home, which will be a place unlike any other   

Our program offers a learning-centered environment that promotes academic success, active involvement in campus life and community engagement. There are two distinct tracks in the Master’s Accelerator Program. The track that is right for you will depend on your English-language proficiency and academic qualifications. Our two tracks are:    

- Direct Master’s Accelerator Program (Direct MAP): This is an ideal route of entry for the highest-achieving, bilingual students who do not need additional English support. Through Direct MAP, students will be fully enrolled in their degree-course schedule alongside their fellow domestic students. Students continue into their second semester with nine degree credits. 

- Advanced Master’s Accelerator Program (Advanced MAP): A one-semester, pre-master’s program designed specifically for international students who are ready to succeed in immersive English-speaking classrooms. Advanced MAP provides the extra benefit of English-language and academic training that will help students excel in their master’s program. Advanced MAP students will earn six credits that will transfer into their selected degree.  

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