The PUYS adda for WAT and PI preparation

This group is created for PUYS to gear up for some of the WAT topics that may be asked, and share some tips and tricks among themselves to tackle the interview panel at the time of PI. This group can be of help specially to the puys who do not have access to good coaching institutes for GD,WAT,PI preparation. People who have joined different coaching institutes are also requested to join the group and help other puys as much as they can with material, WAT topics etc.

Everyone who think their advice can be of even a little bit of help to the aspirants are more than welcome in the group :)

If we are not going to help each other, then who is ?

Starting with the very obvious PI question - 

Why MBA ?

Please share your answers and thoughts in comments.

Another cool interview question - 

Have you worked in a team environment? What were your contributions to the effort?

 Please share your answers and thoughts in comments. :) 

Views on the "High skill integrity and fairness act of 2017" (H1B Visa) .

I am very weak in essay writing..what to do guys.please help

I don't what is that kind of wat called. They are neither abstract nor current affairs. Like "Traditional book study vs modern ebook study". What is this type of essay called ? And does anyone practising such essay ?

Please post some sample topics for wat

Gandhigiri in 21st century! WAT

Modi and Trump : Similar triangles or parallal lines ? 

Good read 

 What all areas should be covered for some static Gk questions in an interview like covering cabinet ministers,States captial and CM ,

about one's home state 

Some more examples plss 

Why do u want to take mba after btech? 

Compiled GDPI experiences of B schools handbook 

Why MBA in HR after working in the IT industry for 2 years?

Since we're discussing WAT topics too,i guess Universal Basic Income is being widely discussed these days. I fpund a few articles which might give better perspectives about it.

Waiting for some good articles from Indian Express too


 Merger of Railway Budget in General Budget is a step in the right direction. Argue.
found this in a site called edmyt. seems relevant.

Sb k sb silent followers bne hue ho 😡. Post bhi kro grp pr wat topics, interview experiences, interview questions etc etc. Aise kaise hogi preparation fir 😧😩😢

As per the last year report 45% of Brits identified "immigration/race relations" as a top issue facing the country. But when voting happened why those immigrant voted to leave EU?

guys , hw FTAs( Free trade agreements ) can benefit when world is moving towards deglobalisation? Plz give ur inputs.


My SP Jain interview experience (first ever interview)

First stage:

Psychometric test 20 questions and WAT.

WAT: What is your take on black money war? Is it a fight between the government and citizens?

GI 1:

P1 - Answer Tell me about yourself, why mba, why sp jain and why marketing (I was shortlisted for this profile) in 1 minute.

Me - Told.

10 minutes after their chit chat with other 4 people

P1: Why marketing? why mba?

Told the same with some extra examples.

P1: Tell me some IT based company which has a good marketing strategy.

Me: Told. Gave good details.

Again sat empty for 15 minutes.

P2: Why marketing? Why mba?

I was like  😑  

After some time, 

P1 asked me something about my project.

Me: Told.

That's it. Told us to leave.

Bc pata nahi kaisa interview tha 😑