The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but then you come out with sheer passion and dedication and win the challenge. If yes, then go on and read below as this is the place that belongs to you.  Read more: 

UDT 2014 declared : 

@jay3421  - Kaptain Saheb

@prate3k   - Sub Kaptain Saheb














Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but then you come out with sheer passion and dedication and win the challenge. If yes, then go on and read below as this is the place that belongs to you.

Why this place belongs to you ?

Because you believe that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start !! Determination, efforts and self conviction determines the former!

The belief in former and ' Never Give up ' attitude makes us believe that despite all the odds, I can make it into one of the most coveted institutes just like my counterparts who have been doing great since day 1 in every arena of life.

This thread is for all such underdogs who have been trying hard, very clear about their goal, haven't given up ever irrespective of the low scores they got in mocks. All because of the dream , all because of the passion they have for not only proving to themselves but to show everyone that 'Never Underestimate Underdogs'.

What is the team all about????

The concept of an underdog team evolved some years back, where in a team of 11 hard working dreamers are selected, they help each other and they work together in full filling their dreams. These guys know they are not great guns, they are not studs, but they are extraordinary in one thing than the rest of the pack. These guys have that single word which is an energy drink for the Journey called CAT i.e. Determination.

These guys might have failed in 8 out of 10 mocks but they would have surprised by outstanding performance in 2 mocks and all because of sheer passion and confidence.

Total 11 members will be selected democratically (Captain + 10 playing members). But everyone else is welcome to take part in the journey of UDT till CAT and post CAT also.

How do I apply???

Just make your nomination here on this thread with a link to your Mock CAT scores..Based on the selection criteria, your scores, your attitude, your activeness on the forum etc, you will be taken in to the team, THE PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team.

Please go through the below links for references:







2013 :


1.Only one post per person (edit the same for additional information)

2.It should be self nomination & no soap box stuff allowed in any form i.e dontmarket for your friends by posting here or sending PMs/calling the selectors

3.Kindly post your mock scores (for the exams held) in the same nomination post & keep editing the same as when you get your results for the next coming up mocks.

Puys who dont follow the rules would automatically loose a chance to be selected.

Eligibility criteria:

1. Should have scored less than 500 rank or >= 99.0 %ile atleast once in AIMCAT/SIMCAT/MOCK CAT or in any other institute's exam.

2. Should be a dreamer, a firm believer, should have the fire in the belly

Know your selectors:


: One of the person who knows PG in and out, Moderator, Community Manager and Avid quizzer

2. Yours Truely ( .

More selectors can be added as and when required.

Selection Process:

It would be in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Selectors shortlist 15-20 nominations ( approx ) from among the nominations made.

Phase 2:

Selectors talk to these 15- 20 puys to have a discussion about their performance in mocks, activity on PG and views on being part of Team.

Please note that selectors reserve the right to ask for LinkedIn account or FB account, Contact Number or Test Series results screenshots for authentication reasons. Failure to provide these as and when asked during selection process will lead to rejection.

After this talk, announcement of final team for season 2014 shall happen.

Deadline for Nominations: 13.09.2014, 11:59 PM

Phase 1 results to be declared: 14.09.2014

Announcement of new "Under Dogs Team 2014" : 21.09.2014 ( Tentatively )

Being a part of this team is always a don't lose out by not nominating on time.

All the best Junta...Hope to see an Underdog team which will make all the UDTians and Puys junta proud.

All the best 😃


I'm not your typical underdog and I won't pretend to be one but CAT aisi cheez hai ki iss mein sab underdog hain! 

I mean come on I started my prep in June, if that doesn't make me an underdog then nothing will!

I am very active on PG and help anyone that I can, along with the occasional trolling of course! 😛 

Also, I was the first to nominate themselves for UDT, there's something to be said about enthusiasm and initiative.

That's the thing about odds, it does't matter what they are, as long as you have a shot you have a chance.


10th 87.2% (ICSE)

12th 94.2% (CBSE)


78.58% (4 Semesters) B.Com(Hons.) S.B.S.C. Delhi University 

The Relationship between CAT and me is 40 month old as this will be my 3rd Attempt. After 2 consecutive debacles my belief has only gone stronger that next time I will crack CAT.This journey of CAT has made me stronger than ever before . I know in my heart that a day will come when all the memories of my past struggles would flash in front of my eyes and I would say just one line ,"This part of my life,this little part, is called happyness".    

I am truly an Underdog who is waiting to Unleash his potential to let the world see that you can ignore me but you can't stop me. 


10th        79.83(CBSE)[Average performer]

12th         88.50(CBSE)[Getting Momentum]

B.Tech    81.03(USIT,GGSIPU)[Topper here]

Some Past Scores:

NMAT 2012: 209,210,211 

SNAP 2012:96%ile 2013:98.9%ile

CAT 2012:95 2013:84

Link to Mock Repository

Finally the sacred thread opens

My Nomination(first time nominating myself for something )]


10th 87.6%(WBBSE)(West bengal state board)

12th 84%(WBCHSE)


first attempt for CAT.....

It's been my third attempt of CAT.


10th: 86.4%(cbse)

12th: 94.7%(Andhra Pradesh State Board) 81.2%(Electrical and Electronics)

Here's my nomination:

10th : 91.6% [ On top of Cloud ]

12th : 87.8% [ Messed with my future ]

B.Tech : 75.81% [ Proved my underdog tag ]

Mock Scores :

Highest was in AIMCAT 1518 : 36 percentile.

Though I should be ashamed of the above statistics. I believe, I can fight back and achieve what I have seen for myself.

Here is my Nomination:

Sahil Panjrath

10th : 78%

12th : 79.6%

Graduation :  70.42% (2013) Honors degree in Physics

Fighting against the odds here as you see :D 

Currently working at ZS Associates.

Nominating myself for this particular thread for the first time. My CAT journey started 2 years ago, and there have been lots of ups and downs in my journey so far (mostly downs, as I am attempting CAT yet again), and in a way I have become very fond of the exam.  

My previous not so successful attempts were as follows:

CAT'12 - 95.43%ile ,no calls

CAT'13 - 99.4 %ile , calls from 8 IIMs including 6 new IIM's and my precious IIM A 😁 😃

I am not going to leave any stone unturned this time !

Here are my mock scores for current season:

Fighting to realize my dream. Hope to be a value addition for this thread. 

Here goes my nomination:

10th : 82.5% [ Was challenged by a girl that i wont reach 60% also coz i had scored 41 in Maths Mock, and told me that i was not near her in any field, i took the challenge silently and just smiled at her on the day of results, her score was 71% ] ----> proves when i am determined i can win anything, and btw my math score was 86 😉

12th : 74.6% [ Was confused in life ]

B.Tech(EE) : 72% [ And thus i slipped down in life more coz actually i dint find EE exciting ]

Work ex: 2.8 yrs (Infosys Ltd)

Had appeared CAT in 2010 and had scored around 80+ percentile without any prep. Wanted to erase all my past debacles and God gave me the right platform- The Billo Rani. I am the perfect underdog because i am determined this time again, just the girl changed to a CAT.

Mock Scores :

AIMCAT 1514N : OA: 76.06  sec1: 89.32  sec2: 39.14  screwed this time coz all focus was on VA in a lesser prep duration. Wait for the next AIMCAT!!!

AIMCAT 1515N: OA: 64.25  sec1: 31.17 sec2: 86.81  ---> All focus on VA

AIMCAT 1516N: OA: 74.43  sec1: 62.11 sec2: 80.95

I know this looks low compared to others, but i am a determined soul and on fire..

i would end with a quote "Fire, though it may be quenched, will never be cooled"

my nomination-




quite good in quant but lacking in verbal

My nomination - 10th - 94.6 ( More or less my only achievement) 12th- 82.2 ( Totally lost it. Somehow saved myself in the engineering entrance exams ) 64.87 ( Screwed ) Giving CAT for the first time. My mocks. AIMCAT 1516 N - 91.12 percentile  AIMCAT 1515 N - 90.7 percentile  AIMCAT 1514 (old ) - 93.5 percentile 

10th 91.82

12th 87.83

final year grad student with a commerce background! yes! pretty different in an environment otherwise fraught with Btechs IITs etc

avg grad results so far hovers around 80

AIMCAT1516N 94.19

AIMCAT1515N 91.44


AIMCAT1513N  88.8

couldnt make it big in the last ones and i wont give reasons because losing should never be accompanied by an explanation.

eagerly looking forward to be a part of this team!

Its not about perfect.Its about effort and when you bring DAT effort every single day;dats where transformation happens.

Nominating myself for the very first time and yes for the very first experience of cat.

10th- 78.2%


Btech-68% ( thinking dat I cannot earn good marks looking at my 12th % so as the result)

My mock

CL mock  2014-01

Qa/di- 30 attempted (17 correct  13 incorrect)

Va/lr-36 attempted(17 correct 19 incorrect)

Didn't achieve anything big in life but now d time has come to prove wat I believe in.Looking forward to be a part of this team.


Passionate dreamer 

(Work hard in silence so that success can make noise...)

After IIT life, there is "fire in my belly" to achieve more. Appeared in CAT 2013, flunked big time. Working it out again, aiming for IIM A,B,C and seriously following the pagalguy for the first time. Here is my nomination for the team as am always an UnderDog.




CL Mocks

Mock No. and Type___QA____VA______OA



Proc-8(Old)____97.23____61.6____90.52 (1st Jhatka)

Free Mock(New Pattern)_____84.59___90.41___89.47(2nd Jhatka)

Proc-1*(New)____96.52____95.53____97.95    AIR 138

Proc-3*(New)_____91.49___54.09_____83.36(3rd Jhatka)

Proc-5*(New)_____91.64____94.61____96   AIR 203


1516-N____95.03____97.68____98.01     AIR 428

1515-N____92.86____90.92____95.09(4th Jhatka)   AIR 765

1513-N____97.76___94.67_____98.4    AIR 257

I take inspiration from my success and learn from mistakes and want to nail CAT'14. Best of luck to everybody in this group.


10th : 82.8 

12th : 68.4

B.Tech : 7.18cgpa (63.9% - thnks to %age conversion system of our univ.)                      

NMAT : 209 Marks(94.71%tile)

CMAT Feb 2014 : 237 Marks (386 AIR)

CAT 2013 : 225 (90.66%tile)

willing to get 95+ this time !! fingers crossed !! 😃

My performance has been quite unexpected & inconsistent though but u never knw !!..When it's ur day, anything can happen !! 


1519 : 96.63

1518: 97.24

1516(old) : 94.79

1516-N : 89.79

1515-N : 80.86 (losing focus)

1514-N : 87.49 

1513-N : 89.95

Slowly but surely will score 95+ eventually !! 

Gudluck to everyone working hard out there !!..u guyz rock !!..Pagalguy Rocks rather !! (y) 😃

Strike me down but I will rise anew from ashes,

For you can give up but I am sure I never will. 

Although I might have been consistent performer in my past but recent years have not been kind. But I have firm belief in myself to make it big. I am targeting A,B,C,L,FMS and IIFT.

So here is my nomination for Under Dog team for I have no big guns but my sword will have to do just fine 😃

10th-92.4% [CBSE]

12th-89.2% [CBSE]

BTech- 79% (IIT Kanpur Che Eng)

Job Exp: 19 months (Reliance Industries Limited)

CAT 2013 Attempt - 85 %ile ( Without any prep/ test series )

Mock score Repository:

It has been real journey of ups and down. I scored below 66 once in VA and below 90 (OA) on two accounts. But each time I fell I fought even harder and fiercely. After that debacle in VA improved my sectional to 98.5 (old pattern) and scored 97+ overall in succeeding mocks to below 90%ile. 

If I get the chance I would be thrilled to work with fellow puys who are determined and have the guts to pick themselves from pits that others consider their dooms 😛

Eligibility: Scored 99+ in simcats and consistently scoring AIR below 500. 

Last year , watched from the sidelines every movement on this thread and was very eager to be a part of it since then . My mentor @shubham07iitr (fellow UDTian last year) who made the entire UDt proud has inspired me even more to be a part of it . Last year missed many a calls narrowly .. IIFT (3-4 marks) and XLRI (2-3 marks) . These lessons have made me more determined for 2014 .

Here is my prof :

10th = 89.8 ( CBSE)

12th = 90.3( AP State)

UG = 67.25 (Chem Engg) 😐

The link to my scores is :

*I am not the most gifted ones...nor among those with amazing in-born skills* *I work hard and play to my strengths*

Have been a consistent performer since my school-days but these Mocks have not been kind to me.... Who doesn't want to be in a top B-School... *Dream high* *Chasing my dream* to be in the top B-Schools (A,B,C, FMS, XLRI, IIFT).... Missed IIFT / XLRI by a whisker last year (IIFT 3 marks, XLRI 1.5 marks)... Determined to make it count this year.... Here goes my profile

10th : 90.3% (WB Board)

12th : 87.2% (WB Board)

UG : B.E Electrical (JU) 7.97 CGPA

Work Ex : 31 months

Here are my scores... Searching for consistency !!

So here is my nomination for Under Dog team. Perhaps not so consitent in the mocks, but I am still working on it.

I am targeting A,B,C,L,I,K,FMS and XLRI



BTech- 80.06* (IIT Kanpur)

Mock Score Repository