The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2012

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but then you come out with sheer passion and dedication and win the challenge. If yes, then go on and read below as this is the place t…

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but then you come out with sheer passion and dedication and win the challenge. If yes, then go on and read below as this is the place that belongs to you.

Why this place belongs to you ?

Because you believe that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start !! Determination, efforts and self conviction determines the former!

The belief in former and ' Never Give up ' attitude makes us believe that despite all the odds, I can make it into one of the most coveted institutes just like my counterparts who have been doing great since day 1 in every arena of life.

This thread is for all such underdogs who have been trying hard, very clear about their goal, haven't given up ever irrespective of the low scores they got in mocks. All because of the dream , all because of the passion they have for not only proving to themselves but to show everyone that 'Never Underestimate Underdogs'.

What is the team all about????

The concept of an underdog team evolved some years back, where in a team of 11 hard working dreamers are selected, they help each other and they work together in fullfilling their dreams. These guys know they are not great guns, they are not studs, but they are extraordinary in one thing than the rest of the pack. These guys have that single word which is an energy drink for the Journey called CAT i.e. Determination.

These guys might have failed in 8 out of 10 mocks but they would have surprised by outstanding performance in 2 mocks and all because of sheer passion and confidence.

Total 16 members will be selected democratically (Captain + 10 playing members + 2 Reserves + 1 Coach). But everyone else is welcome to take part in the journey of UDT till CAT and post CAT also.

How do I apply???

Just make your nomination here on this thread with a link to your Mock CAT scores..Based on the selection criteria, your scores, your attitude, your activeness on the forum etc, you will be taken in to the team, THE PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team..

Please go through the below links for references:



1.Only one post per person (edit the same for additional information)
2.It should be self nomination & no soap box stuff allowed in any form i.e dont market for your friends by posting here or sending PMs/calling the selectors
3.Kindly post your mock scores (for the exams held) in the same nomination post & keep editing the same as when you get your results for the next coming up mocks

Puys who dont follow the rules would automatically loose a chance to be selected.

Eligibility criteria:

1. Should have scored less than 100 rank or >= 99.4 %ile atleast once in AIMCAT/SIMCAT/MOCK CAT or in any other institute's exam.

2. Should be a dreamer, a firm believer, should have the fire in the belly

Know your selectors:

1. raghav507: One of the most knowledgeable persons out here in the community with the selfless desire of helping puys and guiding them to take the best decision for them.

2. : Popular name among Bangalore puys, Community leader who is very focussed when it comes to preparation for exams and with knowledge that is needed to make it big not only in written exams but in GDPI as well.

3. Yours' Truly

Auditor : Grondmaster ( winner of best OMPA award, an avid quizzer, one of the most helpful people around )

Selection Process:

This time selection process is slightly changed. It would be in 2 phases.

Phase 1:
Selectors shortlist 20 nominations ( approx ) from among the nominations made.

Phase 2:

Selectors talk to these 20 puys to have a discussion about their performance in mocks, activity on PG and views on being part of Team.

After this talk, announcement of final team for season 2012 shall happen.

Deadline: 04.08.2012, 5 PM

Phase 1 results to be declared: 05.08.2012 (Tentatively)

Announcement of UnderDogs Team 2012: 12.08.2012 ( Tentatively )

Being a part of this team is always a dont loose out by not nominating on time.

All the best Junta...Hope to see an Underdog team which will make all the UDTians and Puys junta proud.

PS: Slight change in selection process has been made to ensure that no case of fake posting happens as well as selected team remains active on forum.

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1. Addressing QA concerns -

2. Addressing VA concerns -


main start karunga apne nomination se 😛 :P

I am no champion.
I dont score 90/90.
I dont get 99.99.

"Success has been and continues to be defined as getting up one more time than youv'e been knocked down."

One needn't be a born genius to succeed, one just needs to keep trying again and again. You can knock me down, but you can't take away from me the spirit to fight and dream again. "Someday" I will achieve what I want to, no luck , no hardship can stop me from doing that.
That "someday" might not be today, that "someday" might not be tomorrow, that "someday" might not be in the near future, but still I can wait patiently for that "someday" to happen with faith in my GodJii ;). I know, before that "someday" I might fall numerous time, I might cry numerous time but I will rise up again to try once more :)

Success at CAT would be one of the baby steps towards that "someday" and getting into UDT would be one of the baby steps towards CAT.

I had nominated myself for UDT'11 but was rejected. Last year I must not have been good enough to be a part of the team.(But still I spammed a lot in the thread 😛 )
This year I hope I get selected. ( I hope my post get counted as genuine and not as spams 😛 )

Last year's failure in CAT/XAT was completely my fault. Neither normalization nor luck screwed me, I simply didn't perform when it mattered.

No excuses.

Just a brief info about me:

Name: Anjaney Anjan(iske pehle meri id anjaneyanjan7 thi)
10' : 90.67
12' : 83
Grad: 8.34/10(till 7th sem- Btech-IT)
Work: 1 month

CAT'11 - 95.10
XAT'12 - 98.98 (DM 47 - no calls)

Calls: None

Mock Repo'12 :


Some Promises are meant to be kept. The Promise you made to yourself is one of them.

My Nomination:

Name: Omkar B. Parab


Xth: 90.13% (Maharasthra State Board)
XIIth: 75.67 (Maharashtra State Board)
Grad(B.E. EXTC): 68% (Mumbai University)

Hobbies and Extra-curriculars:
-I've played Chess, Football and other all kinds of sports at city/state level.
-Write for online magazines and even made it into an ad agency as a copy-writer until I decided the romantic, broke writer wasn't the life I wanted to lead.

Here's a story that has featured the magazine I write for (
In the first photo below whackk's logo, my picture is at the bottom right corner.

-A genuine interest in all kinds of music and movies, attend festivals often and what-not.

All this is just so that you know me from more than an academic dimension.

Previous Attempts:
CAT '11: 96.1 (Pawned in section 2)
XAT '12: 91.xx (Pawned in QA)

Calls: MDI, NM
Converts: NM BM,HR.

Why should you select me?

Right from my acads to my first ever mock score of 64.07%ile in the last season, to whatever that has happened in my life, I think I've always under-achieved. In my opinion, I've always been an underdog in every sense of the word.

And even now, when I take on CAT, which has become a part of my life, the stakes are against me again. I don't feel overwhelmed. I am not scared or worried, because that's how it's always going to be, that's how it's meant to be. Our job is to take it on, work our hearts out, make sacrifices like my signature says and give it our best after which the result truly becomes irrelevant.

I am not unhappy with my failure last season because I did my best. I know the value of being in a team having been a part of the make-shift MMDT we had last year. I was lost before that. But the team and its members instilled so much confidence in each other that all of us eventually did a lot better than what our mock scores predicted before we got in.

This is the team I've always wanted to be in for the spirit it represents, the determination it symbolizes and the sheer ability the members in this team in the previous years have been so generously endowed with. Not to mention the kind of support and confidence that will be shared among the team-mates.

Just to show you how much I've wanted this even last year.

My nomination from last year:

My mock scores:
TIME______________ ___CL_________________ Others
____ __ NO____OVR%Tile ____NO_______OVR%Tile

1318____98.58 ________PM3____90.46 ________icat00______99.32
1317____96.81 _______UPM1____97.9 _________SIMCAT2___98.16
1316____97.82 ________PM4____93.03
1315____99.81 _______UPM2____99.83
1314____99.42 _______UPM3____95.5

Link to the Repository for more details:

So, that's about it.
Sorry for the long post. I've always been a sentimental fellow and my heart's set on the UDT. :D
As I've said kazillion times before, whether I make it or not, I'll be posting and making my own little contributions to the team as and when I can.

Link to my Mock Repository :

Had reserved my space in Repository but never edited it. Searched for it today and done with the editing so that I can be a part of UDT'12

An Awesome Team to be a part of.. :)

So here goes my nomination for UDT 2012 *excited*....

This is going to be my 4th season and the previous 3 times I have somehow managed to bog myself down in the 96-97% region successfully. In my opinion this has mostly been the case due to not very judicious attempting coupled with normalisation. However I'm still standing, bruised and battered maybe but I'm still on my feet.

So my profile looks something like this

Name: Supratim
Age: 25( not the freshest puy around as my signature mentions)
Xth: 90%
XIIth: 91.50%
Grad: NIT Durgapur- ELE- 74.20%
Work Ex: 35 months at POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD as testing Engineer

So it probably isn't a very bad profile to look at, barring the grad % maybe, if i do say so myself. However, looking at my results the last 3 times and letting my parents know that I couldn't make the cut every single time has really taken its toll on me. My jobs great, a little stressful but great nonetheless, its a PSU, its a NAVRATNA company,the pays good, i'm well respected by people twice my age but somehow i don't feel i'll ever be able to forgive myself if i can't make it into any one of the big 6 IIMs. I owe it to myself and more importantly to my parents. Their voices hiding all the disappointment and trying to console me after my failures is what eggs me on and I believe that it will be my energy drink this season.

Well here are my Mock scores this season for all that they are worth, though I have gradually realized that sometimes they have the tendency to flatter to deceive:

T.I.M.E (ID: KXCC2X008)

1320- 99.77%
1319- 98.80%

and here is the link for additional info like A.I.R and sectionals

I am a true underdog this time, the CAT has bested me 3 times but I still truly believe I might just have enough fuel left in the tank for one last hurrah.....

And whether I make it or not I sincerely wish that UDT 12 smashes all the records set by its predecessors.


Its a dream to be a part of this team......Would be really happy to nominate myself.....

Hope this journey brings a fruitful result!

Hit hard cat12

@Estallar12 said: Mock CAT Scores : TIME Enroll ID: JDCC2X021 NO _______ Sec1%tile _____ Sec2 %tile ______ OVR%Tile ____ AIR AIMCAT 1320: 99.41 ______ 92.18 ______ 99.02 _____ 158____ AIMCAT 1317: 99.38 _____ 98.89 ______ 99.52 _____ 97___ AIMCAT 1316: 99.98 ______ 99.98 _______ 99.99 ______ 2____ AIMCAT 1315: OA : 132 [Technical Glitches in result] AIMCAT 1314: 99.98 ________ 99.9 _______ 99.98 _____ 3____ Career LauncherEnroll ID : 2311452 Number ___ Section I ____ Section II ___ Overall ____ Topper's ListProc Mock II: 90.7 _______ 99.9 ________ 99.73 _____ YES____ Proc Mock III: 95.9 ______ 99.1 _______ 99.09 ______ NO____ Proc Mock IV: 99.2 ______ 96.7 _______ 99.27 ______ YES____
Estallar bhai !! commendable & jaw dropping performance ; seriously u r THE ONE - Keep it up mate - ATB :)

Hello puys...

Finally, the most awaited thread on PG has been started and wanted to nominate myself to be a part of coveted UDT'12 legacy..


NAME-Ayush Goel
XIIth- 90.40%
Xth - 86.40%

Work-Ex:- 6months in MNC


CAT'11 - 97.78%ile
Converts-IIM Kashipur(didn't join)

Although this is my third attempt at CAT(gave my everything in the last two to get into good B-school but that doesn't happen) but still i have the fire in my bellies to make big this time around as i firmly believe in "Hard work never goes unrewarded" and this make me feel if not this time then may be next time.
Thus, my fighting spirit and NEVER GIVE UP attitude give me fair edge to be a part of this team and also to get interacted and share some gyaan with some of the best mind.

Here is link to my mock score repository(Reply#175)-


Hello All,

I would like to nominate myself for the UDT-12.

CAT 2012 ended with a less than expected score, but the lessons have been learnt.This time,I am ready to give it all.


I have always liked the concept of a team because it just gives you that extra bit to be even more determined when you see others with the same goal doing so well around you.My scores have not been jaw-dropping like those of some of the others around -Yes; it has always been 'almost there but just not there' with me.And that, in a sense, already makes an 'Underdog'.But , what I lack there , I compensate with the sheer determination I bring in to the picture!

Please find my mock scores below (Reply #180):
Thanks @visionIIM-ACL

This is the moment i was waiting from so long ... Underdogs Team....
I would like to nominate myself.

2012 is my first serious attempt at CAT.
Being working professional i require this platform for motivation, inspiration and doubt clearance.

I have a knack of getting to correct answers in objective questions, will try to share few with team.

I work at Tata Motors, Car Plant, Pune
Passout 2011 V NIT Nagpur....

I have joined IMS Classroom coaching at Pimpri Centre. I have attached screenshot of my score at simcat 1.

CAT10 90 %ile
CAT11 92 %ile
XAT12 96 %ile

And congratulations moderators, new interface is really amazing.

Hi everyone,

I would like to nominate myself for the coveted UDT'12

Here's my brief introduction
Name:CBZ123(anonymity because of personal reasons)

Educational background:

Work Experience:
Company:BHEL(24 months in all)

Prevous Attempts:
CAT'11-OA 97.72
XAT'12-OA 98.4
Major Converts-None

I have been an avid spectator of UDT'11 and DT'11 and It would be a big confidence booster to be a part of them.

Here's my Mock repository link:



Wanted to nominate myself for the UDT'12

Passed out this year from DCE...
CAT 11 - 97.51

here's my mock repository link:

Would speak more if given a chance by PG...

Hi all,

I would like to nominate myself to be part of the coveted UDT'12.


Name: Deepak V
City: Cochin

Educational Background:
B.Tech (ECE): 81.19 (till 5th semester)
XIIth: 94.40
Xth: 90.80

Currently in my 7th semester of

CAT 2012 will be my first attempt for a shot at the top B-schools in India.

I am 20 years of age and am just 3 months old in PG. I have been fascinated by the people in PG and hope to draw some inspiration from them 😃 My only shot at CAT 2012 would be my self belief and determination...I also consider myself as an underdog for CAT 2012 as it would be my first attempt in one of the most competitive exams in India.

Here's my Mock repository link(Reply #198):

Hi All,

It may not sound humble but I would like to nominate myself for PG UDT '12

I was a member of KDT 2011 and I followed the activities of UDT '11 thoroughly.Have attended PG meets at Kolkata for numerous occasions and met many of the PG stalwarts whose stories are no less than some bestselling novels.

Never had the courage of posting on last yr's sacred UDT thread but everyone of that team has been an inspiration. Being a part of this year's UDT would be a great morale boost.

My profile:

Name- The PG Id is self-explanatory
Location- Kolkata

Xth- 90.00% (WB Board 2005)
XIIth- 86.60% (WB Board 2007)
B.E(CSE)- 8.61/79.80% (Jadavpur University 2011)

WorkEx- 13 months (Cognizant)
Certifications- Have completed two AAPA(Annuities) certifications.

Past CAT/XAT scores:

CAT 2010(1st attempt)- 97.58 percentile ||Calls- IIM-S,SP Jain,MDI
CAT 2011- 96.80 percentile ||Calls- None
XAT 2012- 97.36 percentile ||Calls-None

Interests: 1)An avid follower of Football & Tennis(An ardent fan of Barca & Rafael Nadal)
2)A voracious reader of story books(especially thrillers)

Mock 2012 scores:

CL Proc-1: 99.58
CL Proc-2: 97.51
CL Proc-3: 99.78
CL Proc-4: 99.51
CL Proc-5: 99.45
(Taking only CL mocks this season)

Mock scores repository link:

###The dream is yet to be realized & that is enough to keep oneself motivated###


I would like to nominate myself for UDT as well.

Being an average student and even did not decide sometime before that I'll write CAT. But as soon as I decide to take on CAT I've realized it's significance in life, the indomitable attitude it asks for.
jada kuch nhi kehna h bt "I'll never say never."
me b kuch karke rahunga.

Aha...Nostalgia creeping in...Just a few years back I was a part of UDT 09.....the UDT which faced the wrath of the first online CAT.

Anyways the 3 non performers completed their journey this year including me.UDT is more about the spirit and you would not find the type of camaraderie that exists in UDT in any of the other teams including DT.

Stop thinking about things which are not in your hands.Although this sounds as a cliche but then this is the need of the hour.Don't take screwed mocks very seriously.They might not be the clear indication of your actual performance in CAT.For any more help regarding VA and keeping your spirits high I am just a ping away.To sum up the vindication of CAT 09:

Anishnambisan:FMS class of 2014
phdis:IIM C class of 2014
ayush13:MDI class of 2014.

I would like to nominate myself for PG UDT'12

10th - 95%
12th - 75.8% - 67% (till 7th sem.)

Work ex - None

In short,very average acads.

This will be my second attempt at CAT.

Season 2011 :

CAT - 97.7 %ile
XAT - 91 %ile
NMIMS - 222(98.7x %ile)
IIFT - 38.xx marks

Converts : NMIMS(CM)

I was just a silent spectator on PG earlier,but have been active since the starting of this season.

The last season taught me a lot and I am determined to improve upon the mistakes I did last time.
Link to my mock repository :

hello puys :D

this time we would also consider the candidate's activity on the PG forums while selecting members in the dream teams.
also there would be serious authentications about the candidature and genuineness of the applicants, unlike past years.


Hi ppl,

Pata nhi whether i deserve to be a part of this team or not.....gr8's like anjaney,ayush,debjit......this tym its gonna be electrifying.....:D
Nomination post kiye deta hu.....chance milna baad ki baat hai......
Chota intro.....
Chasing a dream.....A dream alluding mediocrity.....a dream aiming the pinnacle.....
Third Cat Attempt....Hope it proves to be a third time lucky....:D

NAME-Siddarth Chowdhary
CITY-Mumbai/Kolkata Durgapur,CSE)-75.80%
XIIth- 86%
Xth - 83%

Work-Ex:- 8 months in ITC Infotech,Presently working in from July 15th onwards


CAT'11 - 99.33%ile
XAT'12 - 99.31%ile
Converts-MDI,IIT B

Open Simcat:98.89%ile

According to me mocks are best used for experimentation n hence shd have a min use for judgement......but kul hai....Jitne yaad the likh dia hu......will update as i remember more....:)