The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

There are many who desire and a few who deserve. There are many who get bogged down under pressure and a few who flourish. There are many who burnout during the process and a few who keep getting better. These are the few who do not know what it is like to stop, who keep challenging themselves to their limits, for whom there is no such thing as a cut-off and anything short of 100 is a chance to improve. Presenting to you, the team of the best and the most consistent aspirants: The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

There are many aspirants who desire and a few who deserve. There are many who get bogged down under pressure and a few who flourish. There are many who burnout during the process and a few who keep getting better. These are the few who do not know what it is like to stop, who keep challenging themselves to their limits (which do not exist), for whom there is no such thing as a cut-off and anything short of 100 is a chance to improve. Presenting to you, the team of the best and the most consistent of aspirants: The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

A lot of you have been waiting with bated breath, to see all the mock maulers under a common roof sharing insights and experiences alike. Keeping up with the trend of almost 10 years now, we announce the nominations for Dream Team 2015 to be open.

A few details for those who don't know:

What is thread all about??

This thread is the place where an individual comes & nominates his dream team in the following Order, Captain, Vice Captain, 9 other members.

The person also mentions the reason (definitely with the link to mock CAT scores) why he wants Mr.X or Mr.Y in his team...

Please go through the below link for reference (The previous year Team links can be seen in the first post of the discussion)

PG Dream Team 2014:

Can I nominate myself in my team???

Yes you can. But wont it look better if some one else nominates you?

A small advice: when you are selecting a team, please also consider the person's helping tendency & activity on PG. We do not want this to be another mock repository where there is simply a collection of scores.

Know your selectors:

1) @grondmaster : Community Manager/Moderator and knows PG in and out.

2) Yours Truly (@shashank3012 )


1. Make only one post (for nomination) & edit if you want..strictly stick to the above team structure. Don't forget to post the person's score/ your reason.

2. Don't comment on someone else team.

3. Don't market for your team or for any member of you team.

4. Please don't forget to give link of scores in mock repository.

If above rules are violated, you along with your team will naturally be disqualified.

How does the selection happen???

It would be in 2 phases.

Phase 1:

We count the no of nominations made for any individual i.e if Mr.x nominates y in his team & Z also nominates y in his team, then y gets 2 votes & so on.

On the basis of above count, we will arrive at a list of 15-20 puys (tentatively).

Phase 2:

Selectors will talk to these 15-20 puys to have a discussion about their performance in mocks, activity on PG and views on being part of Team. Please note that selectors reserve the right to ask for LinkedIn account or FB account, Contact Number or Test Series results screenshots for authentication reasons. Failure to provide these as and when asked during selection process will lead to rejection.

After this talk, announcement of final team for season 2015 shall happen.

***Through the years we have seen, some good candidates not being nominated due to xyz reasons, so remember before the results, if the selectors feel that some good candidate has got less votes or not been nominated, the selectors will have the VETO power to bring that person directly into the team ***

So, please apply some rationale before you nominate & ensure that every deserving guy gets a chance...

Deadline for nominations: 5.10.2015, 11:59 PM (Monday)

Announcement of Dream Team 2015: 10.10.2015 ( Tentatively )

Those whom you know are deserving and are not active on PG, ask them to put forth their nominations, update their mock scores and be active on PG from now on.

Let the GAMES BEGIN !!!!!

Okay let me get started on this thread. 

My Dream Team is as follows:

@hksparadox (Captain) (Quant God)

@nitish9693 (Vice-Captain) (Verbal God and Mock Machine) 

@rdrahul (another Quant God)

@sharmakrishna (King of Accuracy)

@pratiksahoo33 (Bhishma Pitamah 😛 )

@Malfurion (No comments 😁 )

@Never_settle (Class act)

@gupt1 (Potential 100%iler)

@IITB_571 (Naam hi kaafi hai 😁 )

@guitar_geek (Very underrated)

@msd11 (One of the most active guys on PG and can beat anyone on his day)

This team not only has people who have the potential to go on to score a perfect figure in CAT, but also they are humble and ready to help others out. Since the team can consist only 11 members, I had to leave out certain toppers who are not that active on PG. 

Finally the moment has arrived we were all waiting..

The most coveted PG Dream Team selection start today.. we have seen so many people in the former dt who have inspired us in so many ways,have given us hopes and motivation to perform better,to not to go down without a fight.. This year is no exception.. We have seen so many aspirants putting up their best effort to bell the CAT and get one step closer to their dream.. Of those,few have inspired me the most and I would like to nominate those people for this year's dreamteam..

1. Rhitwiz Tripathi ( @ricky05 ) Captain

2. Praneeth Reddy ( @Malfurion ) Vice captain

3. Gursimran Ahuja ( @gursimranahu )

4. Akshat Gupta ( @gupt1 )

5. Himanshu kumar ( @hksparadox )

6. Rajat chopra (@jashanjindal )

7. Pratik sahoo(@pratiksahoo33 )

8. Akhilesh Rathore(@akki307 )

9. Nitish kandpal(@nitish9693 )

10. Vaibhav Raulkar(@IITB_571 )

11. @Never_settle 

Lets hope we get to see a perfect 100 or triple 100 from one of these guys.. all the best people.. !!!

Choosing only 11 out of so many greats here is a very difficult thing to do. Still, following are my nominations :-

1. @Malfurion - The captain (My source of inspiration - Inke Godly scores _/\_)

2. @ricky05 - The VC (A true All-rounder)

3. @IITB_571 - Goes to super-saiyaan mode while giving a mock

4. @hksparadox - The QA mauler

5. @rdrahul - QA k sare tricks inse puch lo

6. @pratiksahoo33 - This guy shows us that 'Somethings are worth taking a risk'. It takes guts to leave IIML

7. @akki307 - Mocks every mock

8. @jashanjindal - QA _/\_ _/\_

9. @Never_settle - Consistent performer. Balanced in all sections.

10. @swargr - Bhai VA padha de.

11. @muxi - Quant god.

It is difficult to choose 11 out of so many high scoring maulers. I sincerely hope if we can increase the team capacity in the future. But for now the nominations are as follows :

1. @ricky05  - This guy is the Dravid of all 3 sections. Its said nothing better than old school. 2015 is his year of rocking the iims. Captain of DT - 15 

2. @Malfurion  - The QA and DI LR God. He does DILR like a piece of pastry as smooth as it can get. Perfect combination of timing and accuracy. Vice Captain of DT - 15

3. @IITB_571  - When he gives mocks he gets high. Insane level of QA and DILR with god level speed.

4. @gupt1  - The DILR GOD. Bhagwaan bhi kucch ni inke DILR k saamne.

5. @hksparadox  - The QA God. Pta ni kya khaake QA deta hai yeh. 

6. @gursimranahu  - Perfect Balance of all 3 sections. 

7. @rdrahul  - The guy just mauls QA like anything. Neend mai QA solve karta hai yeh.

8. @Never_settle - Perfect in all 3 sections. Consistency God.

9. @jashanjindal - God level scores. Nothing to beat them.

10. @akki307  - QA and DILR inka match ni kiske saath. Consistency god level.

11. @anshuji  - Perfect Balance of technique and style. 

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

The team that will motivate many, for months to come. The team that will continue the legacy, the way it is meant to be. Here is my nomination for PG DT 2015 - 

@ricky05 (VA god and a true fighter. Old legends says that this guy was destined to lead this team) - Captain

@Malfurion (A potential 100 %iler in QA. This guy might even score 100% in QA) - Vice Captain

@gursimranahu (A very rare master of all three. Probability of 100 %ile??? As high as it gets)

@gupt1 (DILR for him is like Sachin playing a cover drive, Perfect. )

@pratiksahoo33 (It takes guts to reject IIML and this guy is like, 'been there, done that." As balanced as it gets in all 3)

@rdrahul (Third time is a charm, and this guy will prove it right. These days, if there is a TOP 10 of any tests, He'll most likely be there)

@IITB_571 (The only thing that this guy knows is how to blast a mock test. Big fan of blasting everything.)

@anshuji (A dreamer and a consistent mauler. A very humble guy who'll help you selflessly)

@akki307 (Only guy who'll have more double centuries than Sir Don Bradman. A true mauler)

@nitish9693 (This guy will have a 100 even before 29/11, A 100 of mock tests. Awesome VA)

@hksparadox (Sehwag of the team. The way he makes mockery of QA is insane. Another potential QA 100%iler. If only there was no section 3 :D)

These 11 together are THE INVINCIBLE. All the best everyone (Y) 

I don't even know if i qualify to post this:

I have been a silent stalker for months in PG :

So, my nominations for PG DT 2015 : 

1. Praneeth Reddy ( @Malfurion ) captain ( This guy can play a cricket ball with hockey bat also 😛 )

2. Rhitwiz Tripathi ( @ricky05 ) Vice Captain

3. @gursimranahu - MSD of Mocks ( Consistency 😁 )

4. @akki307  ( Most 200's)

5. @nitish9693 ( This guy can hit 2 double centuries in a single day 😃 )

6. @muxi ( one of the consistent performer)

7. @IITB_571 ( No mock can escape from his wrath 😁 )

8. @pratiksahoo33 ( His attitude that"I am not gonna settle for anything less than ABC" makes him auto select in your XI)

9. @jashanjindal  : ( His profile pic will tell you.. He can convert anything negative to positive 😁 )

10. @ritwikism ( this guy is turning blowing away the mocks these days ) 

11.@gupt1 ( This guy is a Dale Steyn of DILR )

How i longed to post on this thread.

My DT for 2015

1. @nitish9693 (Captain, and opener ...inki century to pakki hai)

2. @pratiksahoo33(Vice Captain, Virat Kohli of the team..)

3. @IITB_571 (Jai Bajranbali..guy with humor and persistence)

4.@hksparadox (Quants bhai quants ...thoda VA kheech lo bas)

5. @muxi (Kitna kaha tumhe ki bhai mock repository bana lo apni)

6.@ricky05 (The unstoppable run machine)

7.@gupt1   (If the word is consistent ,i give you the man)

8.@Malfurion (QA 100 percentile and i can bet my life savings on it)

9.@Never_settle ( the allrounder of the team, its only CAT for him)

10 @rdrahul (if form is something to go by, he is Yuvraj of 2005-08)

11. @akki307 (Maul Maul ke billi ka ullu bana diya hai)

ATB guys ,hope the 2015 season turns out to be a stellar one for all

First post on the revered thread. Followed it last year, and it was enormously inspiring. With the kind of maulers we have this year, I don't think anything is going to change. 😃

Here is the list of people I am nominating for DT 15.

1. @pratiksahoo33 : 'Been there done that' situation for him. Rock it sir. expecting a 3 fgure score from you. 😃   ----- Captain

2. @Malfurion : His Godly QA scores. _/\_  ------Vice-Captain

3. @gupt1 : I used to think I had a good hold over DILR. Then came his scores. Period.

4. @hksparadox : Ur amazing QA scores inspire me sir. A little more effort in VA and you might as well touch the coveted 3 figures.

5. @gursimranahu : Perfect balance. Enough said.

6. @ricky05 : Those Cracku mock scores. Are they even real? 😛

7. @IITB_571 : Amazing QA and LRDI.

8. @Never_settle :  U never settle for less than 99, do you? 😛

9. @akki307 : It was after seeing ur scores did I start pushing for 200 sir. Take a bow. _/\_

10. @rdrahul : Classic example of how hard-work can turn the tables for a person. U are destined for something big this year. 😃

11. @jashanjindal : U've done it once, u'll do it again. All the best. 😃

@muxi U deserve a place too, Alas! 11 is a very small number. U'll shine with all those mentioned above when the results come out, this I am certain of.

Go Maulers! Keep inspiring..Keep working hard.

All the best! 😃

Though it's difficult to pick the best stars in this constellation of brilliance, I'll still give it a shot. Here's my version of the PG Dream Team 2015:-

1) CAPTAIN:- @ricky05  

2) VICE-CAPTAIN:- @Malfurion 

3) @pratiksahoo33 

4) @akki307 

5) @gupt1 

6) @rdrahul 

7) @hksparadox 

8) @Never_settle 

9) @nitish9693 

10) @jashanjindal 

11) @IITB_571 

Good Luck People...May you all be among this year's converts...

Finally writing on this sacred thread,joined PG few months back and learned so much from people here but some people are here to inspire everyone and those people comprise dream team.

Here's my team..Well it was a brainstorming task to choose from a pool of serious talent but here is how it goes (in no particular order) 

@pratiksahoo33 MSD leading the side Captain

@ricky05 : Most 200+ mock scores Vice Captain

@gupt1 :  DILR God _/\_ 

@hksparadox : Amazing QA scores. 

@gursimranahu : Perfect in every section

@Malfurion  : potential qa 100 percentiler _/\_ 

@IITB_571 : Mocks every mock

@Never_settle :  consistency

@akki307 :  Run Machine _/\_

@rdrahul : another qa expert _/\_

@nitish9693 VA God _/\_

Really hard to choose 11 since there are so many who are excellent! Special mention for @jashanjindal and @anshuji 

So finally, here's my nomination for DT'15 - a team which had the likes of @shashank3012 @shashwatdgr8 (these two names always pop up first thing in my mind, had followed Shaswat closely last year)

It was tough deciding the top 11 and I honestly feel a 15 member DT is needed 😛

So here goes :

Captain : @Malfurion  (The Beast. A potential 100 percentiler)

Vice Captain: @pratiksahoo33 (Who needs IIML when there is IIMA :P)

@IITB_571  : The CAT-world Vegeta !

@akki307 : The Machine. Keep calm and solve is his motto !

@hksparadox : "I have a helping of QA in breakfast, lunch and dinner".

@nitish9693 : And then comes this man and says "Well I will have the same but VA instead of QA"

@guitar_geek : As they say : "The Dark Horse"

@gupt1 : I came, I saw, I conquered ! Caesar eh ?!

@Never_settle : Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

@anshuji : They say he was born with the potential. 29 Nov will speak.

@jashanjindal  His Signature says it all :

"CAT - 99.59 %ile, QA/DI -100 %ile; Khoob Jamega Rang, Jab Mil-Baithenge 3 yaar- QA,VA aur DI/LR"

A special mention : @rdrahul  : Another QA Lord !

PG Dream Team 2015

It is an honour to post on this revered thread. It was definitely not easy to choose eleven out of many stalwarts who have performed consistently in mocks. So, I chose to select my team based on who inspired me the most rather than solely based on mock scores. So, my nominations for the Dream Team '15 are:

@ricky05  - VA mauler and my source of inspiration. After 3 years of misfortune, this guy is all set to make it big this time - Captain of DT '15

@pratiksahoo33  - His confidence levels _/\_ - Vice Captain DT '15

@gupt1  - Great DILR scores

@hksparadox  - Potential QA 100%iler

@IITB_571  - Mr consistent. IITB se IIM A jaayega ye

@gursimranahu  - Someone who can score a century in each of the sections on her day!!

@Never_settle  - Balanced sectionals and has been a consistent performer

@akki307  - Inke AIR sirf single digit mein hota hai. Great scores sir _/\_

@nitish9693  - Great VA scores. Accuracy _/\_

@indrasis.bose10  - Another consistent mock mauler. 

@djdeej  - Huge improvement in the last 3 months. With a bit of luck in VA, this guy is right on track to make 2015 his year.

A special mention: @rdrahul  QA god! I learnt quite a few QA tricks from him _/\_

My nomination for PG Dream Team 2015

Captain @gupt1 Absolutely flawless. Sure 100%iler in cat 15 _/\_

VC @Malfurion Qa god _/\_

@jashanjindal Epitome of perseverance. _/\_

@pratiksahoo33  IIML? Nope, Compromise is death _/\_

@IITB_571 Eng and Mba dono no 1 se karenge hum to. _/\_

@akki307 Consistency _/\_

@hksparadox  Qa 100%iler _/\_

@rdrahul another Qa, DiLr champ _/\_

@ricky05 Double century se niche bat nai karte hum _/\_

@gursimranahu Roll of honor is too main stream for you. _/\_ 😃 shares the same ug college with me.

@nitish9693 VA machine, kaise karte hai kisi ko bataya nai aaj tak _/\_

Felt like just started writing names and the no 11 reached. Many more are equally deserving if not more. IIMA is going to have a hard time handing these guns, both in CAT 15 and in classrooms. 😉 😉 

Looking at this thread brought back a few memories.

As the sole member of DT'13(

still to enter a B School(Though came awfully close last year) had a few words to share which I hope will be both wise and inspiring.

Having given CAT 3 times and giving it again for the 4th and final time I guess I have a few things to share which I think people here(Especially CAT First timers) should know.

- People focus too much on CAT

Lets be honest most of us think CAT is like a golden ticket to eliminate the sins of our IIT/BITS/XYZ Hostel life or low acads and get fat paychecks( I was guilty of the same thoughts too). Reality is even a 99.8 can sometimes can not do enough to wash it away. One member of my DT could not get a C call at 99.8 in CAT after clearing sectionals. So take CAT as it is ie. a procedure for rejecting students than thinking of it as a selection parameter

-Not too much effort on repairing/enhancing profile pre-CAT

How many of us have given thought about our profile and how to enhance it? Thing is even if you have a call its very hard to repair/enhance it before the interviews so you end up bombing a call as you did not give much thought to the thing that matters most in interviews:Profile. Complete courses on Coursera, give exams like CFA and if still in final year do your utmost best to get a kickass GPA.

I have shoddy graduation acads but have mostly managed to offset it by decent work ex in Mu Sigma and now Credit Suisse and clearing CFA L3 exam .So plan for and execute things which would boost your profile 

-CAT is Random

This point must be very well known but I think still bears repeating. In CAT even what you perceive to be your strength can fail you. My strength lies in VA( For proof see this: 99.75 in VALR in CAT'14 and but still it went wrong in CAT to get my percentile down to 98.6. So remember CAT is random therefore get contingencies into place in the form of alternate entrance exams/job

I might have sounded like a preacher but I have spoken from the POV of what my naive self would have needed to hear 2 years ago. So I hope it is taken in the spirit it was intended

Good luck to all the nominees of DT'15!

Focus on time management

@fisherking good analysis

So another dream team is on its way I see. :D. As a member of last year's dream team and from my own experience will suggest one thing: CAT is random, focus on it definitely, but do not get carried away by mock scores or anything. And most of all focus on building your profile,otherwise clearing an interview would be difficult from IIIM ABC at least. If you're in final year focus on improving your GPA, because ultimately even if you manage to get into a b-school if your CV is not that impressive getting a great shortlist for summers becomes a bit difficult. All the best everybody.


P.S.-@pratiksahoo33 ,kaisa haal hain bhai?

.Hello folks.I would like to nominate myself for the captain of Dream Team 2015. Though I have not much to boast about the mock scores( I have given only 5 mocks this season ) I am full of confidence that I will crack CAT this time and most probably make it to IIM A,B,C. I think I am the right candidate to lead the team. I request you all to support me and nominate me for the captain of Dream Team 2015. I promise I won't disappoint you all. Thanking you all in advance. All the best for your CAT 2015 preparations. May we all come out with flying colors. 😃