The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2013

Most of us joined this place with one dream, the dream that we live every moment. We aspire every moment to crack CAT, longing to score high in mocks and the drive to replicate the same performance in actual CAT. In the process, we come acr…

Most of us joined this place with one dream, the dream that we live every moment. We aspire every moment to crack CAT, longing to score high in mocks and the drive to replicate the same performance in actual CAT.

In the process, we come across performance of quite a few people which becomes our dream with a feel of respect for those scoring it.And, we start aiming at studying in IIMs and other top B-Schools along with these people in our batch.

Most deservingly, for the last few years, debjitnag, the_hate, shashank3012, Basilisk, justlikethat, ThE bmr, silent_assassin, r11gupta, dawn153, omeo316, kamalchabbra, varung, geminite, sarcastix, Samurai X, vipul88 and many many more have been a part of our memories as great source of inspiration. Stories of these people have been passed on with enthusiasm even from those who haven't known them A chance for you all to get into the common thread shared by all these stalwarts.

Yes, we are back with arguably one of the most followed threads on pagalguy, The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2013.

Hereby, we announce the nominations for Dream Team 2013 to be open.

A few details for those who don't know:

What is thread all about??

This thread is the place where an individual comes & nominates his dream team in the following Order, Captain, Vice Captain, 9 other members, 2 reserves & a coach.

The person also mentions the reason (definitely with the link to mock CAT scores) why he wants Mr.X or Mr.Y in his team...

Please go through the below links for reference

PG Dream Team 2012:

PG Dream Team 2011:

PG Dream Team 2010:

PG Dream Team 2009:

PG Dream Team 2008:

PG Dream Team 2007:

Can I nominate myself in my team???

Yes you can. But wont it look better if some one else nominates you πŸ˜ƒ

A small advice: when you are selecting a team, please also consider the person's helping tendency & activeness on PG ..

Know your selectors:

1. @bluechameleon18 : DT 2012 Member, XLRI HRM 2013-15 Batch

2. @DEBJITNAG : UDT 2012 Vice Captain, IIM A 2013-15 Batch

3. : Community Leader, an extremely helpful and knowledgeable person. An able mentor and a source of inspiration on pg.

4. Yours' Truly

Auditor : @grondmaster ( Moderator, an avid quizzer, one of the most helpful people around )


1. Make only one post (for nomination) & edit if you want..strictly strick to the above team structure..Dont forget to post the person's score/ your reason.

2. Dont comment on someone else team.

3. Dont market for your team or for any member of you team.

4. Please don't forge to give link of scores in mock repository.

If above rules are violated, you along with your team will naturally be disqualified.

How does the selection happen???

It would be in 2 phases.

Phase 1:

We count the no of nominations made for any individual i.e if Mr.x nominates y in his team & Z also nominates y in his team, then y gets 2 votes & so on.

On the basis of above count, we will arrive at a list of 20 puys (tentatively).

Phase 2:

Selectors talk to these 20 puys to have a discussion about their performance in mocks, activity on PG and views on being part of Team. Please note that selectors reserve the right to ask for LinkedIn account or FB account, Contact Number or Test Series results screenshots for authentication reasons. Failure to provide these as and when asked during selection process will lead to rejection.

After this talk, announcement of final team for season 2013 shall happen.

***Through the years we have seen, some good candidates not being nominated due to xyz reasons, so remember before the results, if the selectors feel that some good candidate has got less votes or not been nominated, the selectors will have the VETO power to bring that person directly into the team ***

So, please apply some rationale before you nominate & ensure that every deserving guy gets a chance...

Deadline for nominations: 03.08.2013, 11:59 PM (Saturday)

Phase 1 results to be declared: 04.08.2013 (Sunday)

Announcement of Dream Team 2013: 11.08.2013 ( Tentatively )

Those whom you know are deserving and are not active on PG, ask them to put forth their nominations , update their mock scores and be active on PG from now on.

PS: Slight change in selection process has been made to ensure that no case of fake posting happens as well as selected team remains active on forum.

PPS: We request everyone to keep updating the scores in repository at regular basis from now.

Last date has been kept to take care of getting sufficient mock scores by then.

After Selection Process, putting up the team here for quick reference in future.

1. @ankita14 - Captain

2. @sid2222000 - Vice Captain

3. @Sere

4. @nits2811

5. @rishi1415

6. @Dexian

7. @atuul89

8. @fisherking

9. @aksaur

10. @harshavardhan89

11. @abhi_sur


1. @s_k_

2. @tewathia

3. @Estallar12




(Some of the rules have been directly lifted from shashank3012's 2011 season opening post)

DT 2013....!!!!!

Ahhh...... Good old memories...... Right from 2010.....when i was a newbie and saw the likes of @sarcastix , @shashank3012 , @geminite , @TnT , @GANESH87 , @rooney007 , @abhishek_sharma , @targetcat2010 amongst many decimate mocks and CAT alike.......It has been a fabulous journey for me: being inspired by the ppl above and hence, aiming for the pinnacle as a consequence.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the coveted DT last year but somehow cudnt do justice to the faith restored in me....hope to redeem myself this season........:)

Here are my nominations:

1) @nishant_88 .......With already 2 99's under his belt he doesnt any introduction......:)

2) @Estallar12 ........100%iler on the way....!!!

3) @ankita14 ......Lady luck.....the lady who hasnt scored below 99 in any of the mocks ths season...!!!

4) @nits2811 .......CAT 2012, 13 murderer.......\m/

5) @pratskool .......A genuine Mock Mauler...:)

6) @s_k_ .......IIM Shillong reject-er...... IIM A calling ths year buddy......:)

7) @atuul89 ......No one can stop ths guy from BESU...!!!!

8) @rishi1415 .......MMDT 2012 Kaptaan and the Jaan of MMDT ...... \m/

9) @snayak89 .....Redemption Time buddy.....:)

10) @aksaur ......This guy has been killing mocks day in n day out....Will be a fresh face in the team...!!

11) @abhi_sur ......Another Freshie Mock Mauler...Fodu janta.....\m/

12) @cricketfreak .........Again one of the most consistent ones....!!

13) @Sere ....Have had the pleasure of working with her.... with her knowledge and sincerity......any B-skool will fite fr her......Had killer mock scores last year.....has jst started off ths year....:)

14) @billuisback ......IIM-Indore went for a toss......billu sir will bell the billi ths time....!!

15) @tewathia can i forget him.....C calling buddy C calling......!!!!

16) @fisherking .....VA God....n OA King......I bow down to thee.....:)

17) @harshavardhan89 ......Consistent mocker...... πŸ˜ƒ

here are my nominations for DT 2013:

1. @nishant_88
2. @tewathia
3. @psk.becks
4. @shubham07iitr
5. @RoadKill
6. @Estallar12
7. @sid2222000
all of them have done well in CAT/Mocks and have the potential to make it to good b-schools and hence my reason to choose them. for reference, their scores are posted in mock repository 2013 & 2012.

I will keep adding names:

For a start
@nishant_88 Captain *
@sid2222000 Vice captain ***
@nits2811 **
@pratskool ***
@atuul89 **
@aksaur *
@snayak89 *
@s_k_ ****
@arunavaray ****

@fisherking Forgot him :banghead:
@rishi1415 Again how can i forget him :banghead:

* Tragedies of my slot last year and hopefully no tragedy this year.
** Watch out for these user id's come 9th jan
*** count the no of calls they will have this year and you will fall short of fingers
**** s_k_ part of udt 2010 so its high time he is inducted in DT. super guy. Arunavaray has 99.8 plus in va in last 2 years. matter of time for him to replicate the same in qa.

Cheerleader: @DEBJITNAG :mg:

I believe it is ultimate aim of most Pguys is to be in this team. With the past record of students from this group, anyone would like to be in the company of such stalwarts. I would be glad if I could be of any help - as a coach or as a cheerleader. My nominations:
1. @sid2222000
2. @Estallar12
3. @nishant_88
4. @rishi1415
5. @ankita14
6. @nits2811
7. @RDN
8. @siddharth1991
May nominate more, once I get to know more people.

Dream Team '13


I don't know too many people, but would reserve a post anyway, will add more names if I can later:
Captain: @ankita14
Vice_Captain: @Estallar12


I would also like to offer my services as coach/cheerleader :o) (For any of PGDT/UDT/MMDT in fact)


My nominations for the Pagalguy Dream Team '13.

There are many stalwarts here at PG, but I am putting up a list which has a good mix of old and new folks. So, here goes my nominations.

Captain - @Estallar12 - I don't think anyone deserves this post as much as he does. One of the super talented human being. Last year, he goofed up, but this year, we all know what is coming !!:)mgπŸ˜πŸ‘

Vice captain - @nishant_88 - Another veteran here at PG. 😁mg

@ankita14 Don't know much about her. But, her mock scores are just fab. !! Keep up the good work lady.πŸ˜πŸ‘

@RoadKill : You just can't define this man. One of the coolest dudes here at PG, remains unflustered no matter what happens, a great quality. Watch out for him this year😁lookround

@sid2222000 : A warrior, his tenacity makes me bow down :). May god fulfill all your desires.mgπŸ‘πŸ˜

@fisherking : Ahh, How can I even dare to forget this man. Last year, everybody expected him to score 100%ile, though it didn't happen. This year it seems it will. 😁 πŸ˜›

@Dazed-Confused : A dark horse, You don't deserve BLACKI. BLACKI deserve you. Keep working hardπŸ˜πŸ‘mg

@cricketfreak : One of the probable candidates for BLACKI this year. GOOD LUCKπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

@nits2811 : His mock scores are just mind - boggling. Keep up the good workπŸ‘

@tewathia : This year is going to be his. πŸ‘

@JanardanJakad : He is going to lacerate CAT this year with his sheer talent. Watch out for him πŸ˜ƒ

@Aizen : He is a superman in quant. Come on, bell this cat😁mg

There are lot of people here at PG who deserves to be part of any great team being formed or going to form. Below are some of people I know (not vice versa mg) and respect them for helping out aspirants like me with their wealth of knowledge. πŸ˜ƒ

My nominations:

Captain: @Estallar12
Vice Captain: @RoadKill




P.S. These are the people for whom I think IIMs should fight among themselves πŸ‘πŸ»

My nominations for the BIG TEAM :-

@Estallar12 Captain
@sid2222000 vice-captain

Coach :- @scrabbler sir

A request to selectors, my friends, and puys, please do not nominate me, i have let down two teams in the past... i would be giving Cat this year , for the redemption, but might not join any Bschool and would not be a part of any team this season...(that is the reason i have not posted in the mocks repository thread) i am still a UDTian(2012) and KDTian(2011) by heart... and would always be... meanwhile would like to get inspired from people here.... looking forward to a great season for all of us ! all the best !

Behti Ganga main haat dhoke main bhi nominate maar deta hoon :mg:

1.Captain: @ankita14 (Enough ppl have sung abt her glories :mg: )
2.Vice Captain: @Estallar12 (Just missed out on captaincy due to Ankita's overall awesomeness πŸ˜› )
3. @sid2222000 (Awesome guy...Consistent Performer)
4. @hanushanand (QA main 99.94 in CAT 12...Need I say anything more πŸ˜› )
5. @Sere (Had really good mock scores last season and will be a consistent performer once she starts giving mocks again)
6. @nits2811 (Really cruel to miss out on C last time.....Should be there this year)
7. @RoadKill (VA master.....Enough has been said abt him )
8. @tewathia (99.95 Enough Said)
9. @rishi1415 (Should be in a BSchool next season)
10. @ashishpai2001 (Amazing Man and how can I forget those notes he gave on 4 set Venn Diagrams πŸ˜› )
11. @fisherking ( Moi :lookround: )
12. @pratskool ( Had to include him even after his reluctance to be in DT coz he is that good )

Coach: @scrabbler w/o a doubt though I might have nominated @YouMadFellow if he was free πŸ˜›

Following the trend. :mg:
Sorry new puys, don't know many :lookround:

Reason: They are all good performers, some brilliant.

@RoadKill =Fab VA
@fisherking =Fab VA
@Sere =Fab VA
@tewathia =Fab overall
@rishi1415 =Fab VA

Coach: @scrabbler & @PatrickDsouza

Nominations in no particular order:

1. @sid2222000

2. @pratskool

3. @Estallar12

4. @ankita14

5. @nits2811

6. @nishant_88

7. @harshavardhan89

8. @victor_krum

9. @aksaur

10. @busar005

Will add more names soon..

My nominations:

1) @sid2222000 Captain
2) @Estallar12 Vice-captain
3) @ankita14
4) @nishant_88
5) @nits2811
6) @RoadKill
7) @rishi1415
8) @pratskool
9) @fisherking
10) @cricketfreak
11) @Dazed-Confused
12) @Ibanez
13) @Dexian

This is the first time I am hearing about such a thing.. Ya now people know I am a newbie.. Anyways donno many.. but saw at times scores of some of u guys like

@Dazed-Confused @pratskool

@ankita14 Never heard about .. Seems like quite a character to kill the cat..Anyways ATB all of u guys...!πŸ‘πŸ‘

My nominations in no particular order:
@Estallar12 CAPTAIN(The guy who gave @Rooney575 competition for AIR 1 in aimcats)

@sid2222000 (needs no intro..)

@pratskool (consistent mock mauling this season!)

@bhargav.nitc (The guy who nailed XAT and will do it again along with CAT )
@nits2811 VICE-CAPTAIN (done it and will do it again, 100%ile contender)
@tewathia (99.95...)
@hanushanand (99.94 in sec 1 !, will kill sec 2 as well this time)
@RoadKill VA prodigy..

coach- @scrabbler @PatrickDsouza !

My nominations for the most coveted team on PG " The PG Dream Team" are:-

1) @ankita14 --- Captain. (Dhoni sahiba)
@sid2222000 -- Vice Captain. (Young and Dashing, Kohli)
3) @nits2811 --- Tashan wala, Shikhar Dhawan
4) @Estallar12 --- Sir Ravindra Jadeja πŸ‘
5) @anshul_mechie -- Rohit Sharma
6) @Dazed-Confused -- Suresh Raina (just remember this is not 20-20, its 70-70 πŸ˜ƒ )
7) @cricketfreak -- Dinesh Kartik, when in form, CAT ho ya XAT, hila doge..
8) @RoadKill -- Irfan Pathan
9) @fisherking -- Murli Vijay
10) @Ibanez -- Ishant Sharma
11) @pratskool -- Ashwin
12) @Dexian -- Bhuvneshwar Kumar -- Cat mein bhi swinger dalna

Coach -- @scrabbler @PatrickDsouza

The team above won the Champions Trophy 2013.
I am very sure all the members mentioned above are champions and will be in the top 5 B-schools by the time the next dream team nominations will start .... ATB !! πŸ‘

I was the vice captain of DT last year, but in my opinion I wasn't able to do justice to my place......I hardly attended a couple of confys and wasn't too active on the thread you might have noticed, my activity in PG has come down a fair bit in the past few months......and the way things are going, that won't change in all probability......

Therefore I would like to opt out of the team for this year......request the selectors to not consider me while selecting the team and instead pick someone who would be more active and thereby be able to contribute more to the team.....

And I'd also like to thank all the fellow puys who have nominated me in their teams......

P.S. I won't be disappearing from PG though......would drop by now and then......

Do whatever you want to. Just don't make him the Captain. Although he can break any damn jinx and I am 200% sure anyone who becomes the captain this time will, but I don't want to take any chances. I really really don't want to take any damn chances.

I want to see @nishant_88 in any B school he wants to see himself THIS YEAR. THIS DAMN YEAR.

@nishant_88 , it's time dude. It's time. Payback. I can't wait anymore. :mg: