The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2012

Most of us joined this place with one dream, the dream that we live every moment. We aspire every moment to crack CAT, longing to score high in mocks and the drive to replicate the same performance in actual CAT. In the process, we come across per…

Most of us joined this place with one dream, the dream that we live every moment. We aspire every moment to crack CAT, longing to score high in mocks and the drive to replicate the same performance in actual CAT. In the process, we come across performance of quite a few people which becomes our dream with a feel of respect for those scoring it.And, we start aiming at studying in IIMs and other top B-Schools along with these people in our batch.

Most deservingly, for the last few years, the_hate, shashank3012, Basilisk, justlikethat, ThE bmr, silent_assassin, r11gupta, dawn153, omeo316, kamalchabbra, varung, geminite, sarcastix, Samurai X, vipul88 and many many more have been a part of our memories as great source of inspiration. Stories of these people have been passed on with enthusiasm even from those who haven't known them A chance for you all to get into the common thread shared by all these stalwarts.

Yes, we are back with arguably one of the most followed threads on pagalguy, The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2012.

Hereby, we announce the nominations for Dream Team 2012 to be open.

A few details for those who don't know:

What is thread all about??

This thread is the place where an individual comes & nominates his dream team in the following Order, Captain, Vice Captain, 9 other members, 2 reserves & a coach.

The person also mentions the reason (definitely with the link to mock CAT scores) why he wants Mr.X or Mr.Y in his team...

Please go through the below links for reference

PG Dream Team 2011:
PG Dream Team 2010:
PG Dream Team 2009:
PG Dream Team 2008:
PG Dream Team 2007:

Can I nominate myself in my team???

Yes you can. But wont it look better if some one else nominates you :)

A small advice: when you are selecting a team, please also consider the person's helping tendency & activeness on PG ..

Know your selectors:

1. the_hate : The name needs no introduction, with one of the most inspiring journies on AIWTSAC thread, this stalwart made it to IIM-C as part of 2013 Batch and is known across for his modesty and helping nature to make more people reach dream IIMs.

2. raghav507: When he is not banning bots and spammers, an extremely helpful and knowledgeable person. An able mentor and a source of inspiration on pg.

3. Yours' Truly

Auditor : Grondmaster ( winner of best OMPA award, an avid quizzer, one of the most helpful people around )


1. Make only one post (for nomination) & edit if you want..strictly strick to the above team structure..Dont forget to post the person's score/ your reason

2. Dont comment on someone else team

3. Dont market for your team or for any member of you team

4. Please don't forge to give link of scores in mock repository.

If above rules are violated, you along with your team will naturally be disqualified.

How does the selection happen???

This time selection process is slightly changed. It would be in 2 phases.

Phase 1:

We count the no of nominations made for any individual i.e if Mr.x nominates y in his team & Z also nominates y in his team, then y gets 2 votes & so on.

On the basis of above count, we will arrive at a list of 20 puys (tentatively).

Phase 2:

Selectors talk to these 20 puys to have a discussion about their performance in mocks, activity on PG and views on being part of Team.

After this talk, announcement of final team for season 2012 shall happen.

***Through the years we have seen, some good candidates not being nominated due to xyz reasons, so remember before the results, if the selectors feel that some good candidate has got less votes or not been nominated, the selectors will have the VETO power to bring that person directly into the team *** So, please apply some rationale before you nominate & ensure that every deserving guy gets a chance...

Deadline: 04.08.2012, 5 PM

Phase 1 results to be declared: 05.08.2012 (Tentatively)

Announcement of Dream Team 2012: 12.08.2012 ( Tentatively )

Those whom you know are deserving and are not active on pg, ask them to put forth their nominations , update their mock scores and be active on PG from now on.

PS: Slight change in selection process has been made to ensure that no case of fake posting happens as well as selected team remains active on forum.

PPS: We request everyone to keep updating the scores in repository at regular basis from now.

Last date has been kept to take care of getting sufficient mock scores by then.


(Some of the rules have been directly lifted from shashank3012's last year's opening post)

@[316381:visionIIM-ACL] :w00t: :clap: DREAM TEAM :clap:

Nominating @[571257:Estallar12] @[571940:sam05] @[575621:Aizen] @[419941:Enceladus]

These guyz are seriously par-excellence

p.s - If you don't beleive -Step into the quant thread once & view the legends in action :)

My nominations:

1. @[571257:Estallar12] - Stellar performances off late. Single digit ranks and mammoth scores.

2. Ravi Teja Palla - DT captain last year. The man with the shot gun.

3. Rooney575 (Captain) - Deliberate number 3, very dependable just like 'The Wall'. Scary scores proving time and again that overkill is under-rated.

4. battlemonger - Although Rooney is in a league of his own, this guy is a formidable and consistent mock-mauler and the guy who's been competition to Rooney for AIR- 01.

5. Nishant88 - The guy who wouldn't accept IIM - I. Funny and intimidating role reversal.

6. snayak89 - Has continuously been topping, literally topping, the CL mocks.

7. @[411127:sid2222000] - How could I forget to nominate this guy! Rejected converts I'd jump at. Great and consistent mock scores. Surely deserves it.

8. @[491942:thegodfather321]: I wonder how it slipped my mind. A really strong candidate for Joka imo.

9. Bluechameleon18: Very very consistently blasts the mocks.

10. Jordan13: Same as above

11. CBZ13: Pawns it time and again.

12. sivaniim: Usually scores huge!

13. priyank1432 : Consistently good.

14. esgeebk: How did I miss this dude!!!

15. emanresu: If I got the name right, this guy seems to be a really pressed for time working dude, still churns out really consistent and great mock scores!

These guys are in my opinion in a league of their own.

A. I haven't seen Utsav7986 around fir bhi unka nomination toh banta hai.

B. I am not sure if iitr.abhishek is taking CAT this year, but unka nomination bhi obvious hai.

I'll make my remaining nominations within this post as and when the names come to me.

My Nominations:

1))Rooney575 (captain) - Needs no introduction.His quant scores alone are multiples of the total scores of many.

2) RTP - Hasn't written many mocks 'officially' this year, maybe he doesn't need to anyway.

3) snayak89 - The guy who has reserved the top spot in the CL mocks.On his day, nothing seems out of reach.

4)Estallar12 : Rules the quant thread ; has been doing the same in the recent mocks as well.

5) Battlemonger - One more person who has been blasting the mocks.Pretty consistent
6) nishant_88 - Has to be his year.Came close last year, this has to be IT!

Will keep adding!

hello puys :D

this time we would also consider the candidate's activity on the PG forums while selecting members in the dream teams.
also there would be serious authentications about the candidature and genuineness of the applicants, unlike past years.


My nominations.....

1)Rooney575(The best......nothing to say.....Respect.....\m/ )
3)Estallar(Another prodigy.....respect)
4)battlemonger(Inke liye kya bolu.....Time ke paper setters ko inko aur Rooney ko dhyaan mei rakhte hue papers banana chahiye....\m/ )
5)Nishant88(Respect sirjee......I is no match for him.....He is ABC material....)
6)snayak89(CL SERIAL mock Topper)
7)Pratskool(My wingmate frm NIT Dgp.....we have bn partners in fodu material....)
8)Debjitnag(A very Humble guy.....CL mocks beware of him....:D )
9)FSOG(Awesome Guy with a funny bone.....DT ka entertainer)
10)CBZ123(Very consistent.....blasts mocks like they are jokes....)
11)Omkarp(A writer and a mock mauler......we need some inspiration....what better than the combo of both....:D )
12)Godfather(sorry i missed u initially .....but how cud have i....he deserves to be thr wd the gr8's)
13)esgeebk(awesome TIME scores....evn TIME's VA.....doesnt deter him frm scoring well....a very deserving candidate....n my college senior...:D )

Here goes my nominations:

Will update more later:

1)Rooney575(My inspiration, needs no introduction)
2)Estallar(He is a rising giant...a very active guy and very consistent)
3)Nishant88(2 years IIMI rejector, its time he is inducted in DT)
4)sid2222000(again a very consistent guy, and needs no mention on PG, a dark horse for cat 2012)
5)RTP( DT captain 2011, is yet to come to full form but his bad day is better than most of us)
6)snayak89(consistent mock topper)
7)battlemonger(very very consistent)
8)Omkarp(Heard a lot from my peers, seems to thrash the mocks consistently)
9)papainandy(don't know him but hard a lot about him from my peers..expecting big things from him this season)
10)debjit_nag(very sincere and hard-working..fellow puys can get a lot of help from him :))
11)FSOG(Very active and consistent scorer)

bluechameleon18(rising giant from kolkata :), can be inducted into 11 also if required.
PS: some of the names mentioned above are mock maulers but the mods should take a call on their participation as well :)
atul_mishra(he won't nominate himself so I think he can be a part of reserves,but one of the most helpful and underrated member...IIFT convert needs also special mention :))

My vote :

1) @[498722:Rooney575]-->Undoubtedly the best!
2) @[571257:Estallar12]-->Quantosaurus !!
3) @battlemonger -->High scorer!!
4) @nishant_88 -->ABCracker for sure!
6) @[411127:sid2222000]-->Scores huge!!
7) @[491942:thegodfather321]-->Godfather!
8) @[492119:Jordan13]-->good scores
9) @[294016:Omkarp]-->never give up attitude!
10) @[350021:raven_007]-->high scorer!
11) @[586717:Booby]-->good scores
12) @[508419:nits2811]-->consistent!

One point - The new PG allows us to mention the users - on one hand it is easy for the user to find out if he is mentioned or not. But more importantly, it also allows us to visit the user's profile almost immediately. And with the correct user ID, there are no chances of mistaken identity. Counting votes is also very easy.

Hence request everyone to mention the nominees as some have already done so.

Edit: Just learnt from pagalguy's ping ( that mentions are iffy if you're not following a person. Do make sure of this when mentioning.

Ah DT is back...I've spent my two years of CAT prep on this very thread....nd I can guarantee you that being here was an amazing experience.U'll find some of the awesomest guys on PG here. Apart from the level of competition, the bond that the teammates share is awesome. Not only on PG but even in general u'll find ur team mates helping u at every turn in ur life.

Back to the CAT exam...well to all the prospective DT members,

Keep practicing hard...keep cracking the mocks...but somewhere in a deep dark corner of ur mind do remember that we all r humans...nd there are some days wen evrything goes against us bt being humans, we are inherent survivors too so even if we have had one bad day that won't keep us from rising up and fighting again.

P.S Rooney...RTP....Rabbit...Rohitkasai...Sheshendra...FSOG...Sid222000...Nishant88...Debjit...Ash1615...macha dena hai iss baar \m/ atb.

PG DT'10, VC-PG DT'11

Here goes my nominations for DT'12 :-

1) @[498722:Rooney575]
2) @[584501:battlemonger]
3) @[571257:Estallar12]
4) @[323676:nishant_88]
5) @[411127:sid2222000]
6) snayak89
7) @[403386:ravi.tejapalla]
8) @[584040:FSOG]

Will update it very soon.

DT 2012is here...
I will be nominating my team for sure but the amount of love i have had for cat makes me feel sad about the probable end of world in 2012 for just one reason, No World No Cat.But DT 2012 guys/gals have to ensure one thing that the two months before december are full of bombarding and real slaughtering of cat on each day a DT member takes the test, and I won't give a damn even if the world ends.

Have been through a lot of struggle to get into a b-school but I seriously cherish the time spent being part of DT-2011 and may god bless all to acheive whatever they deserve.

I'll also be writing for sure just for research purpose :)

The Team

Rooney- "don''t make him captain for god sake"
(for rest have to do a proper research before I nominate)

Proud Member- PGDT'11

My nominations for PG DT 2K12

Will nominate the following Puys......

-> @[476807:DEBJITNAG]

-> @[509844:papainandy]

-> @[350021:raven_007]

-> @[323676:nishant_88]

-> @[411127:sid2222000]

-> @[571257:Estallar12]

-> @[294016:Omkarp]

PS: Names are in no particular order...& will update more if required.....

ATB Puys...Happy Cracking

Never Back Down

Nominations for PG DT'12

1. @[498722:Rooney575] : Always leaves fellow PUYS wondering, how can one score this much !
2. @[584501:battlemonger] : Biggest competitor to Rooney, super-consistent
3. @[571257:Estallar12] : The 3rd muskeeter. Quant ka badshah !
4. @[323676:nishant_88] : IIM-I rejected twice. Kya yeh risk hai, ajab sa isq hai (with ABC)
5. RTP : DT'11 captain. The legacy
6. @[294016:Omkarp] : Surfacing above all gradually to the toppers list. A dark horse

Great to see so many stalwarts here. I am sure the guys who make it to the team - most will be in IIMs the coming year. All the best. My nominations are:

Still remember DT'10 and DT'11.....Absolute KILLER team they were !!!!!

Well here are my nominations for this year's DT :-

Rooney575 - Respect...Vastrapur awaits you \m/

Ravi Teja Palla - DT'11 Captain..This is your year , 1 of the 100% ile candidate

battlemonger - Great consistency..AIR never touched double figures

Estallar12 - His name proves out everything..Scores AIR-2 when he gives mock in sleepy mode..DT will awake him up and rest will be history

nishant_88 (Captain) - Last year UDT Kaptaan..All he know is only 3 alphabets ABC...awesome mock scores

@Abhishek.iitr - Though not started giving mocks , but this guy deserves to be in DT' 12

@seshendra (Vice-Captain) - Mauls the mocks like anything , 100%iles in mocks are cakewalk for him..awesome and motivating personality is must for this DT.

sid2222000 - Score of 99.xx is not enough for this guy , will do anything to break the shackles this year, awesome mock scores.

@FSOG - Last year's UDT Reject, awesome mock scores , seeks for help even after scoring 99.xx in mocks...Will surely bell/kill the CAT this year

@snayank89 - Has consistently remined in top of Table of toppers in Mocks , breath taking mock scores

My nominations for PG DT'12-


Nominations for Dream Team 2012:


Will update soon...