The official Thread for the NANYANG MBA Aspirants 2014 Intake

Hello Aspirants,This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are part of the current MBA programme at Nanyang Business School.We will be glad to answer your queries related to the admissions pr…

Hello Aspirants,

This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are part of the current MBA programme at Nanyang Business School.

We will be glad to answer your queries related to the admissions process and the Nanyang MBA Experience!

Please refrain from putting up any profile evaluation questions since we would not be able to answer them.

All the best for the admission process


Balaji, Krutika, Sandeep, Vivek


I was unable to locate the official essay questions for 2014 intake on the Nanyang website.
Could you please help me with the same?

@NanyangMBA Thanks Guys.... As a starter... could you please share the procedure the admission committee follows for shortlisting students for interviews or in other words what makes some one an ideal candidate for Nanyang?

We are getting queries regarding the clubs and societies in Nanyang MBA. The following link has all the details.

HI guys can u help me with my chances ..




work ex---2yrs (IT)

extracul---* National Level Badminton Player(won few national level tournys)

* Part of Aiesec a internation youth Development sector...

went for an INTERNSHIP in RUSSIA..worked with ppl from CHINA BRAZIL INDONESIA etc for 2 MONTHS

* active member of an orphange cum oldage home..

* done few techincal intersn as well.

*College captain for Sports(representative)

*GMAT --700

so here is jist of me...with few more to add on.. soo can u guys pls help me..??

Please mention the deadlines for MBA 2014 intake ?


Please mention the deadlines for MBA 2014 intake ?

Round 1: 1st October 2013 to 31st December 2013

Round 2:1st January 2014 to 31st March 2014

@NanyangMBA :

Is the mail to the referees sent after submitting the application?

hi ,

Can someone give some shots on the placement scenario for international students and visa related information.
how long can we stay in singapore after completing the course?

Hi @NanyangMBA

I am not able to locate the detailed employment and salary report for Nanyang MBA, like the one we have for US B schools. Can you please help me in this?

Hi @NanyangMBA : They do not have the rolling process for the interview, right? Is that only for first round or all?

Hi Guys,

I gave my GMAT in sep. and right now applying to B schools in US and India. I want to apply to Singapore but there are somethings that are confusing me.

-First is the cost factor. I have heard that there are no scholarships available at singapore schools and MBA cost is very high as compared to comparable US schools.Is that so?

-Even if the cost is high. Hows is the Return on Investments??

-i know that NTU is a very good instititute but i wanted to know about the placements profiles offered and salary packages at NTU.Couldn't find any employment statistics(like the one that exists for US B schools) on the NBS website rolleyes

Please reply . Thanks in advance.

Hi Could somebody please evaluate my profile

10th 80.2%

12th 80.8%

Graduation 7.84/10

GMAT: 710

Good Extracuriculars

Hey wat are the chances for get shortlisted for the interview?

Hi, I am a prospective NTU MBA student with 690 GMAT and a close to 9 yrs work ex in IT sector in India. Have couple of questions

1. What % of students with similar profile apply to the school and finally what % of students are from the above profile?
2. What sort of placement opportunities would be possible probably in the tech sector or IT consulting roles?
3. Sorry to compare - but NUS has better (in terms of granularity) stats with respect to above 2 questions on the site itself. Am i not looking correctly? Or any link on the site that can answer the above 2 questions already?


I wanted some guidance on the first essay question. The question asks to choose the most important thing. Can you throw some light on what the committee is looking for. Should we stick to only professional aspects our lives or even the personal aspects can be spoken about.

I understand that I should perhaps not be asking these questions. But any guidance on the this essay question will help.



The first essay mentions "

If you were to choose the single most important thing that matters to you". Is the thing referring to an experience, person or an item ?

Nanyang adcom members arecoming to India in November end. Is there any deadline by which we can submit our applications so as to be interviewed personally by the Nanyang adcom in India.


I gae my GMAT in sept. got 680 (6 AWA)... Just had one query that is TOEFL necessary for foreign students? or GMAT enough for us...


I googled a few sites for answers to my doubts. But finally gave up and thought of having a face to face questionnaire if possible.
Will post my doubts here. Please help me out.
1) is GRE score accepted?
2) Why is it only 1 year Full Time MBA
3) What is the difference between Full time MBA ans MBA with MS(Waseeda Univ)
4) How and when can I apply for either of the courses.
5) I have 2 years of experience in IT sector but almost nothing on extra curricular side. Do i still have a chance?