The MISB Bocconi Experience (Batch of 2012-2014)

Hi, There was no thread on the MISB Bocconi Experience , so thought of creating it. The object of this thread is to share the experiences of MISB Bocconi'ans' pursuing MBA (First Batch) for the benefit of aspirants. So let me beg...


There was no thread on the MISB Bocconi Experience , so thought of creating it.

The object of this thread is to share the experiences of MISB Bocconi'ans' pursuing MBA (First Batch) for the benefit of aspirants.

So let me begin my first post on my first experience of the first batch of MISB Bocconi :

1. On Quality of Faculty : Quality of faculty's knowledge is just great, to put it simply. Professors are expert in their respective domains and bring in a lot of international perspective to their sessions. Recently we had Prof. Robert Grant for sessions on Competition Analysis. Lots of international Case studies are used which is the best part of the course.

2. On Quality of Batch : The batch is a mix of different backgrounds from different part of India with different perspectives. There is a healthy mix of work ex and freshers in the Batch.

3. On Exams : So far I have given one exam on Marketing. The level was something which was an eye opener for all of us...... It was pretty tough and i will term it as my first tryst with "Bocconi Standards".

4.On Group Work : Every course carries weightage for group work and classroom participation. So lots of group work after the sessions. Plus readings to be done for the next class. I am learning the art of Time Management and hope i will master it during this 2 years.

More Posts will follow in the days to come... Watch out for this space.

Hey Amit,a nice initiative...and a much needed one to let out the great feelings and frustrations(after the marketing exam) and share them with the future aspirants...

@[163416:coolanudada] : Hey thanks....

The classes and faculty are awesome...

truly speaking the faculty strength is really awesome here,,never had such experience of this brightfull well as ssly the class envt nd way of group work goes on needs to be applauded...i think i m really fortunate to be a part of this college!!!!!1

Apart from the world class faculty, which has been mentioned in every post now, the exchange program with SDA Bocconi and other top universities like Anderson School of management L.A., Tshingua university Beijing, George town university WA and a few others is another catch of the PGPB.

And i am by no means overlooking the very fine residential facilities provided to us; highly conducive to studies and recreation.
-Dushyant Sachdeva
More info on what's happening at MISB Bocconi is also available at :

Amit Mehta

First Impressions of the Career Development Services :

1. What is CDS ?

Career Development service is a unique and innovative concept started by MISB Bocconi to help students optimize their career choices. It basically covers :

1. Effective CV and Cover Letter
2. Personal Orientation Lab
3. Round tables and professions
4. Interviewing Skills Workshops
5. Drop in Sessions
6. Online Offers Posting
8. In Company Training
9.Mock Interviews
10.CV Book
11. Career Event
12.Training Seminars on Soft Skills

This activities are divided over 2 modules in the 2 year program.

2. My Experience...

Well, our CDS has flagged off with Effective CV and Cover Letter (Point 1 above). We were given some simple golden rules for preparing cover letter which can convey important info about our profile in max 20-25 seconds.

The instructor gave some important feedback on my CV. For eg. Not to overload the CV with too much of info. Sometimes important info crowd out the vital info in your CV. So it is important to focus on the vital info of the CV by removing the not so important info...

In short we received many such imp. nuggets of info on our CV and Cover Letter....

Will keep this thread updated on point 2 (Personal Orientation Lab) when it happens...

Amit Mehta

how many students are present in the current batch?

@pnf619 The current batch is of 30

so are the future batches going to be as selective as the current batch?

@pnf619 Yes you are right. SDA Bocconi is an established brand which makes Quality of the Batch an Important Factor. By the way can you introduce yourself... like your profile, work ex..

I'm nelson

10th - 78%
12th - 83 %
BBA cumulative percentage - 84% from birla institute of technology

currently have 2 1/2 years work experience in real estate consultancy.
@pnf619 Nice Profile....What is your CAT/GMAT Score ??
@chaki Still haven't taken the GMAT whats the cut off for MISB and hows the infrastructure cos I can't see much from the main website?
@pnf619 there is no specific cut offs for GMAT. Lot depends on your profile. The adcom is very soon going to hold open saturday for PGPB aspirants. You can contact the adcom for further details...

what is the fees structure of the clg.....any scholarship..How are the hostel facilities....???