The Aftermath of AIPGM-08 in Bangalore 24/25th May (Sponsored by Hewlett Packard)

Hellooo Puys, As most of us already know, we have almost finalized everything about AIPGM. Firstly, thanks to Hewlett Packard for sponsoring this event and helping this community to come together for the biggest event of the year. …

Kam se kam ek choti si football league to honi hi chahiye! DarePagals vs. Hosts or Champions vs. Biryanis.....

feels really sad not to be present in such a long list

would miss it a lot.....

any ways you guys have fun!!!!!!

poore bangalore ko pagal bana dena

Hellooo Puys,

As most of us already know, we have almost finalized everything about AIPGM.

Firstly, thanks to Hewlett Packard for sponsoring this event and helping this community to come together for the biggest event of the year.

About HP
HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. We explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. We apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way our customers live and work.

Go HP!!! Yay!!!

NB: The post below has been snipped for clarity...

Pune Jai Maharashtra (11)

Mumbai Champions (21)
chop suey

Point 1: megs0211 of the Pune Jai Maharashtra team is yet to confirm her participation. I request her to do so ASAP.
Point 2: chop suey of the Mumbai Champions has put his participation of the AIPGM on hold at present, pending receipt of some reports from the Hippocratic fraternity.

Updates on both will arrive alongwith the Friday evening, heralding a weekend. Until then, hold the number at 90.

Point 3: urMad in Mumbai? Subbu saar Mumbai kab pahunche?


I am missing this :(
Extremely sad to have missed what would have been my hat-Trick of AIPGMs!
Have a Blast guys and miss me :(

Rock ON!!!

PS: Rohit and Prem bhai kudos to you guys for all the efforts you take for the sponsorships. Inspires me to go on and on forever as a part of this community

Hellooo Puys,

As most of us already know, we have almost finalized everything about AIPGM.

Firstly, thanks to Hewlett Packard for sponsoring this event and helping this community to come together for the biggest event of the year.


Chennai Annas(9)



AIPGM 2008 team
( prem_ravi, harsharocks, macora, grondmaster,deep_agarwal,nikhilkulk )

Ok as requested I am ready to coordinate for Chennai Junta 😃 So this is the latest update from Single Point of Contact (SOP from hereonwards ) of Chennai:p

PUY Status Tentative Boarding Point

andy_jaan Ticket booked (will reach on 24 morning) Majestic/Marthahalli

rajat_nda Ticket was booked one month back Majestic

Oxymoron Will take a bus on Friday evening
Rala Booked his ticket and will share my seat in train now Majestic

monsterkartik Catching Shatabadi on 23rd Stanica's headache
maverick_srikan Will reach on 24th afternoon Not fixed yet
nishant_rungta Will reach on 24th afternoon Will be with Maverick_srikanth
sbh_3i Has friends in IIMB and will come with them directly to resort. N/A

Was in list but now not coming

Keep following this space for more details.
Chennai Junta, we must touch double figures, so ...........PM me if you are still not here in above I can still accommodate three more people on my seat (in train;) )


Charges - Rs 800 per person. This includes staying in a cottage( 5 people in one) , Lunch, evening Tea, Dinner and Breakfast. This is sponsored for 80 people. So it will be great if there are people who are ready to pay for themselves here since we are already touching 92 :shocked: :)

Hi Rohit,
If I could make a suggestion in this regard. The charges for the resort in excess of 80 people could be shared by all the puys present at the meet. Most of us visiting the meet have already been benefited from the generous folks at HP. So, its only fair that we spend "something" to be a part of the meet.

I am sure this would be a considerably small amount and lets not burden a few souls....let the extra cost not dissuade anyone


My first AIPGM, and I am enormously, supremely, tremendously, absolutely, extremely, thoroughly excited and cant wait to meet the puys.

As far as agenda is concerned, since there are 92 ppl and only 24 hrs :(, I think it should all be interaction based. In fact if at all we want an agenda beyond introductory session, it should be at the most dumb charades. Else we wont get to spend time with most people.

Once again, looking fwd to meeting everyone :gm

and yes, i havent thanked Gnrs, & Prem sir yet. Kudos to both of them HP and core team May Hp be generous on us everyyear


Is it a possibility that some people can be accomodated now.........I want to be part of the AIPGM too.........:poketounge:


Hi all:

I also suggest that it shd b interactive and introductory as there wud b many newbie pagals and many ppl for whom this wud b their first AIPGM (including me). So, it shd b like that they shd find themselves lost in INSANITY and not LOST alone. :cheers:

Thanks to all the Volunteers for all their efforts.
Also, Thanks to HP 😃

my first aipgm..... eagerly waiting for it...............:cheers:
well as previously mentioned abt sharing the money I think that at least the people of bangalore can do it bcoz all other r who r comin from outside r paying for there trip........ n me ready for it...........
well i agree that there should be a introductory session it will helpful for the people like us who have there first aipgm......................

Awesome job with the sponsorships puys....
And sharing the 80+ figure, how-much-ever it cumz wud b d best....
Like v say in is D-8

ciao ppl

Besides the introductory session for newbies...

There should be something on the lines of "All I Wanted to speak about CAT" ...

Also we Bangys can arrange something surprise kinda thing for the visitors....:grab:

We are working out the local transportation for everyone of us here..

Will come back shortly with the time of departure & pick up locations.

Please note that the local commutation (Bus) would on a shared basis. we are in process of organising a Bus (50 Seater) which might roughly cost us Rs.8000/- (Pick up & Drop).

Per head it will work out to Rs.160/-. Please be informed of this...


Its confirmed. I will not be able to make it to the AIPGM due to some personal constraints. Feel very bad but cannot help. Especially when I am missing out on a lot of :drinking: . Anyway, sorry Puys.

Since I have been part of this community for over 4 years now, I felt I should do my bit for AIPGM. I have decided to sponsor two people for the meet. I have spoken with Gnr and done whatever was necessary. Wish you all a great time. Looking forward to hear about the experiences and the pics


That's a great gesture, Murty! :thumbsup: :cheers: Though, I still hope and wish that you do come to the AIPGM.

P.S. Senti mat hona :nono: Main to ragging ke liye bakre dhoond raha hoon.

Hellooo Puys,
Hyderabadi Biryanis(5)
( except shank2006, all others coming by Bus and reaching bangalore around 8 AM )
So let us start planning now, what we gonna do in those 24 hours!!!
Again, thanks a lot to HP for sponsoring us.
AIPGM 2008 team
( prem_ravi, harsharocks, macora, grondmaster,deep_agarwal,nikhilkulk )

Puys me too joining Shank...we both come together. So, mera head counts
will post the updates

Since accommodation is sponsered for 80 people, how are you going to decide which 12 would miss out on this.

Your gesture is appreciated by everyone. Do not worry we will put it to good use :cheers:. Pity that you would not be able to make it to AIPGM, otherwise we could have had a discussion on SACHIN.

This is for information of all the Puys who are arriving to or departing from Bangalore by air. The New Bangalore airport will start operations from 23rd of May. It is situated around 40 kms from city, so plan your travel accordingly.
All domestic travellers will be charged a user development fee of Rs. 675 (cash). I am not sure if it is applicable to people arriving to bangalore, but it sure as hell is applicable to anyone flying out of Bangalore.
So, make sure that it soesn't come as a shock to you.
Hope you find this information useful.


thr was an idea as to have some sports tournament it TT/Football/Chess or kho-kho.. idea is not to convert it to All India Sport Meet, but have a little tournament as part of fun :poketounge:
And we might have a little rock band also thr (as apurv mentioned sometime back)...and few budding singers :detective:might volunteer as well
Also guyz..thr r few bangy ppl i guess,who would love to join (at least i have a bangy pgite fren who wants to :neutral:),but due to 875 or so resort charges, they r a bit..u know
as already thr r 35 ppl from banglore...and we might have some number from chennai or some place going down...and most outside ppl paying at least for one side of journey..resort expenses of say 5-7 more ppl can be shared among bangies if not all, it wont come more than 75 or so per head...purely my opinion..??:??:

Rock on