Telugu Bank Aspirants

Am working as PO at AndhraBank , IBPS VII (2017) batch . I love to guide u guys in my free time if u have any queries regarding job role , work load , salary , postings , allowances and any trivial doubt drop a post here !! Exclusively for Telugites !

Hi bro canara bank ela untundi work load?

Hi from Telangana my score 49.32 and allotment cut off is 49.97. so 0.65 short. So i must be almost.the last candidate in RL out of 24 or 25. In general category. . So now Through RTI I came to know 34 are unfilled in General category of andhra bank, similarly 7 in Bob , 3 in union bank , boi still not known. So as of now 34+7+3=44 unfilled. I expect it to cross 50 . And if even lucky may touch 60 including all the participating banks. So with the above data. Plz give me ure vote.

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As the admin is a PO in Andhra bank . My question is to him. Will Andhra bank participate in 2nd round of allotment to take RL candidates. Will the merger of Andhra bank happen?.If yes then would that hamper recruitment Process?

Niacl apply chesara ?