Telfer School of Management - Admissions 2013

People applying for Telfer for Fall 2013…!!! Any one???

People applying for Telfer for Fall 2013...!!! Any one????

anyone with admit?? no one has applied for Telfer??


Congratulations on your Admission.

I have also applied for Telfer Fall 2013 . I got a interview call today from one of the adcom members. He confirmed me that I am in and I will be getting an offer letter in a week's time. How much did it take for you to get the soft copy and hard copy from the date of interview?

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i got the soft copy in six hours after d interview...

u planning to join telfer??


Yes, I am planning to join Telfer. So, did you get your hard copy of offer letter? Where are you from? Have you applied to any other universities?

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i am from chennai, \India...

Hi Guys. I was admitted last week. I submitted my acceptance form today. I was thinking of setting up a Facebook group for people who have confirmed.
Hi everyone! I have also been admitted to the MBA program for fall 2013. I was interviewed on feb 22 and admitted after the interview. 😃 Let me know if anyone starts a facebook page.
@Angie2013 Hi Angie, if you let me know your email address I can setup and add you to a group on Facebook. I haven't made one yet because you need more than one person to create a group.
@Ernie_Wise sure, I just sent you a private msg with my info.

Hello Everyone...

Got a call from Telfer today...admitted after the interview...
My email id is - [email protected]

I have applied at the end of Jan ,waiting for interview to happen!!!

All the puys who accepted the offer,kindly share ur profile and place.

Any idea on the previous batches placement stats ......

Got offer many decided on going ???

@loser2008 Congrats, I have decided to join..
@tagarwal2 said:
@loser2008 Congrats, I have decided to join..
Any idea on there placement stats ???

88% with in 3 months of completing the graduation, this is what i got to know from various sources.

Hi Puys,

I have also decided to join Telfer. Paid confirmation deposit today. Any one knows how many years of post graduate work permit will we get?

Any one from India?


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Congratulations to all admits, please share your profiles/achievements in brief. It will help future applicants.