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Teach For India, a project of Teach To Lead, is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who will commit two-years to teach full-time in under resourced schools and who will become lifelong leaders working f…

Teach For India, a project of Teach To Lead, is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who will commit two-years to teach full-time in under resourced schools and who will become lifelong leaders working from within various sectors towards the pursuit of equity in education.

In June 2009, we placed our first cohort of Fellows in low-income municipal and private schools in Pune and Mumbai.

Today, Teach For India is in 5 cities - Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. We have a total of 550 Fellows and 196 Alumni working towards eliminating educational inequity.


"One day All children will attain an excellent education"

Education crisis:

In India today, 4% of our children never start school – that's 8 million. 57% don't complete primary schools – that's 74 million. And 90% don't complete school – that's 172 million. At Teach For India, the fact that only 10% of our children go on to college both saddens and angers us.

Teach For India exists because of a deep belief that every child can and must attain an excellent education. Teach For India exists to prove that no child's demographics should determine their destiny. To us, the end of educational inequity is the freedom for all children to have the opportunity to reach their potential. And the day that all children reach their potential is the day that India reaches her potential.

Teach For India believes that that day will come in our lifetime.

Teach For India believes that it will take a movement of leaders with the idealism, belief, skills and commitment to actualize this vision. We are committed to finding, developing and supporting India's brightest, most promising leaders for this to happen.

Teach For India is a part of Teach For All network. To know more about Teach For All please visit the website Teach For All

How to be a part of the movement?

1. Fellowship for 2 years:

he Teach For India Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment in which we place the most promising graduates and professionals as full time teachers in under resourced and low income schools.

The Fellowship program is rigorous, challenging and provides Fellows an opportunity to develop themselves as leaders and simultaneously transform the lives of the children under their care. Prior to and during the two-year Fellowship, Teach For India provides Fellows with the technical skills and leadership training required to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their students.

This training includes a 5 week, residential training Institute before they start teaching followed by on-going training and support throughout the two years delivered through conferences, training sessions, leadership forums, online resources and on the ground mentoring by a Program Manager.

In the 2nd year of the program, each Fellow undertakes an assignment called the 'Be The Change' project wherein they ideate, plan and execute a project that benefits their classroom, the school or the society as a whole.

Link for Applying:

How to Apply | Teach For India

2. Volunteering:

The road to end educational inequity is long and we cannot do this on our own. If you are passionate about our vision and have a certain number of hours a week to put in, you can volunteer with Fellows in their classroom or with different departments on staff. We are currently present in 5 locations and depending on the location of your choice, you can write to us at :

Mumbai - [email protected]

Pune - [email protected]

Delhi - [email protected]

Hyderabad - [email protected]

3. Careers:

Careers | Teach For India

4. Other opportunities: Campaign Leader (Co-orporate/ College): Check

Careers | Teach For India

If you have any queries, feel free to ask here.


Trupti C

TFI Fellow, 2010 Batch


Check the website: www.teachforindia.org

If you still have any specific doubts feel free to tag me in your post with query.


Trupti C

I remember this initiative had started with a bang few years back. Amazing initiative and I hope you guys achieved all that you had aimed for, and more.

Where are you guys right now? Is it still going on as expected?

Teach For India Fellowship 2014 applications are out!!!
To apply please visit www.teachforindia.org 😃

Spare a min and check this video


@aniruuud023 15 -30 days after you have submitted your form...
Sometime, they take more time, incase you have been put into waitlist..
If it is more than 20 days.. drop them a mail saying you haven't received any reply stating the date on which you applied.

Hope this helps.


Trupti C

5 days for deadline.. apply Now!! 😃

any one got a a mail from Teach for India regarding the online test ?

As a Teach for India fellow i teach 31 incredibly energetic and curious bunch of 2nd grade kids at VD Ghate English Medium School, Phule Nagar, Pune. In the past two months, I have been confronted by the harsh reality of the educational inequity that our country faces. My school lacks some of the basic necessities like a clean toilets, a library, sports equipments. Most of my kids are at least 3 grade levels behind from where they should be in mathematics, reading and writing.

I am asking for your help. To help me work towards making these kids realize their true potential.

Any contribution that you make will go towards making a concept-based learning environment for these kids. All contributions will be used for the following:

a. A mini library for class.

b. Field trips (the more places they go, the more places they'll want to go)

c. Stationary for kids to work with. (Charts, Flashcards, Sketch Pens, Crayons)

d. Visual Aids

e. Sports Equipment

f. Fees for Extra Curricular workshops

Contribute towards building a nation of champions here:

You can also pledge "Pratham books" for the class.

Please visit the following link to pledge: http://www.prathambooks.org/tfi-pledges

All donations are eligible for tax deduction, and GiveIndia will provide you with a receipt for the same

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime for any queries.

Email: [email protected]

Edmund Burke once said, "Nobody committed a greater sin than the one who did nothing because he could do only a little."

So do what you can.

Thanks a ton!! 😃

Just got done with my telephonic interview.

It was a pretty nice experience, but I think I was a bit nervous and the interviewer could make it out. Let's see if I'll sail to the next round or not. Any of you guys want to share your experiences?


I also got a mail for telephonic round of interview for today. Can somebody share their experiences? Is it that only the weak applicants get a call for telephonic interview?


Just wanted to share the experience.The interview started and the interviewer asked me the following questions:
1. First she asked a question from the essay written in the application. I had written in the application that I support one of the mentally challenged boy by paying his school fees as his brother is an auto driver and can't afford to pay the same. The interviewer asked me whether I had any other commitments.
2. Then from my resume. She asked me that I was already handling a team of 4-5 people. How is it handling a team vis a vis working on your own?
3. Then she asked me as I was heading a department in my last assignment what was the thing I learned there?
4. She told me that there would be a situation where many of my TFI fellows would not agree to my views and I may have to convince them on certain points. She asked me to give any one example where I had to undergo such an experience.
5. Then she asked me whether I had any questions. I asked her the following 2 questions:
a. What is the future of the students of the batch I would teach after 2 years? Whether they go back to the old teachers or they are taught by new TFI fellows? Also, whether TFI adopts an entire school or few classes in a school?
b. What is the future of the TFI fellows after 2 years? Whether they are left on their own to find their own professional assignments or any support is provided by TFI to help them find assignments?


I want to pose a query to the TFI Alumni. I have a couple of queries. I have heard people saying that the TFI is like a MBA with on the field teaching rather than classroom teaching under the conventional MBA course. Is this true? Another thing which I would like to ask the TFI alumni is their experience in finding a job when they go back to the corporate world after a 2 year break. In India corporates have a notion that if a candidate has a break in his career he is like lost touch with all his domain knowledge. All this I am asking because I am a CA with a almost 8 years of post qualification experience.

I would be glad to speak any of the 2010 batch TFI fellow. Please if someone can drop me a mail with their contact details at yogilale@gmail.com I can call and have a chat.

Hi All,

Any further updates on rejection/selection emails or process or tentative dates for the same?



For those already selected to AC (or potential selects): Did any one receive the follow up mail?

I have a small question, it would be great if some alum or current fellows could answer it. I wanted to know that what exactly does visual aid means here? Print outs only or using some other props are also allowed like using balls of different colors to explain adjectives. Kindly guide.


All the best for tomorrow! 😃

Hi Guys! Please share your experiences of assessment centre.

Finally, Assessment center done and dusted! 😃

I attended 6th October, Kolkata AC along with 13 other participants. Surprisingly, only 4 made to the Personal Interview.. Overall a smooth process.. They said they will get back with the results within 2-4 weeks..

How was the experience for the rest of the puys?

Fingers crossed! 😃

Happy durga pooja/navratra..:)