TAPMI Results out

http://www.tapmi.org/pgdm_tapmi.asp i didnt make it :disappointed: congrats to all call getters :smiley:


i didnt make it 😞

congrats to all call getters 😃

Hi all,

Got thru :)

First decent conversion after flunking many good colleges.

BOL to all.

Spiderman, What's your WL no?

Dint make it 😞 Not even on the wait list.

Congrats to all you call getters


me too didnt make it.not even in wait list.
congrats to all call getters.


hellloo guyz...me didnt make it either 😞 .......anyway CONGRATULATIONS to all those who did......shriya

made it!!!!!!!!!

no other calls ... contemplating whether to take it or take CAT next year..(this yr %tile 97.5).............

neway..other fellow TAPMIites let me know if u r takin the call.......


hello guys
got through

but am not going to take it
i wanna write cat 2k4

so best of the luck guyss.....and gals.....

Made it. But not sure whether I ll take it. Waiting for XIM WL to clear.:-( Congrats to all those who made it.
Best of luck.

the one's who made it, is there a deadline by which u have to pay the fee's or something? if so when is it?

I guess you will get an offer letter soon with all the details.

just wanting to enquire......are there any ppl who are seriously considering TAPMI.........lets do a little networking amongst ourselves......lemme know........

has anybody received any letter from tapmi?
Plz lemme know

One of my friends received a courier from TAPMI yesterday...
As she has received a final call I am guessing that its the cover letter.

I got my letter yesterday.

Last date for pay - 15/05/2004.

We have to pay a sum of Rs. 97000

BTW, I live in Mumbai.

hi ,
congrats on making it to TAPMI!!! Since u r from b'bay cud u pls tell hows kj som????
Tx in advance And all the best for ur future!!!

got calls from LBS.... nirma... kj......which is better i am able to clear all these.. pls note not able to clear LBS and nirma.. but 84.68% sure for kj..

Hi cataspirant and get2amitj this is not the right thread.

cataspirant, KJ is a pretty decent institute. But with slightly better placements (or so it seems). If you have other decent calls then select them rather that going for KJ, since it has pretty much remained stagnant over the years.

get2amitj, I don't properly understand what you have written, but if you clear all three, select NIRMA - it's a very easy choice.