• So I got a TAPMI call !!* but what can I expect of TAPMI :: : how good is it… what is it that TAPMI expects of us? I heard TAPMI is increase its fee by about 30% :oops: That would mean my pops would have to part with about…
So I got a TAPMI call !!

but what can I expect of TAPMI :
how good is it...
what is it that TAPMI expects of us?

I heard TAPMI is increase its fee by about 30% :oops:
That would mean my pops would have to part with about 6,00,000 bucks... or more than that :!:

Someone told me only requirement now is a good appraoch from a minister or business giant?

hey sidbha,

it is absolutely BS that you need approach from someone to get admitted to TAPMI ..

I have some friends studying there and also went to TAPMI a few monts back during their fests..

Its faculty is excellent.. bout placements of 2004, im pasting whats given on their website . this is info is quite true from what my friends say.. and manipal is a fun place to be at

bout the fee hike.. yes theres a possibility coz they might move to a new facility and the same has been conveyed in the prospectus too..

now the cut paste..

Placement 2004
TAPMI reverted back to the Campus Recruitment Fortnight format this yar, based on the feedback of recruiters. Last year we had an open season from October onwards. The placement fortnight was scheduled for the period Jan 19-31 2004. However, over 90% of the students were placed during the first three days itself. The quality of placements this year showed a marked improvement with a higher median salary, better job profiles. The five major recruiting organizations were Infosys, ICICI Bank, WIPRO, UTI Mutual Fund and eServe International accounting for 40% of offers.

The highlights of Placement 2004
1. Placement 2004 was a total success with a 100 percent success rate; 90% of the students were placed during the first three days of the campus recruitment fortnight.
2. 37 organizations were on campus with an average of 3 offers per company.
3. The average, median and Highest salaries offered were 3.6 lacs, 3.7 lacs and 5.25 lacs per annum respectively.
4. IT , Banking & Financial services and FMCG sectors accounted for over 90 % 0f offers


Hey sidbha
congrats on ur call from Tapmi, and now lets look at ur apprehensions.... :)
to be frank, Tapmi is one of the institutes which certainly has great faculty, really good and tough curriculum but for some reason, students havnt really been that keen on applyin to it. Probably becoz of the place(believe me man, MANIPAL is HEAVEN) or the placements(though this year has gone good for them). Every bschool went thru problems in 2002,2003.....
Tapmi did have good placements(atleast decent 100% placements) till 2001.
Lets look at it this way, if u already have a good job, and ur happy with it, then probably u could take another shot at cat, but if ur currently not engaged, you might as well crack tapmi and join. It certainly is a great place to be.
Do go thru thier faculty list on their site, the faculty are good.
You can PM me for any futher doubts regarding Tampi.

Hi people ... had once gone to my IMS centre ...

THe centre manager told me TAPMI is one of the decently good institutes
but a bit on the costlier side .. ACcording to him, it is better than most MUMBAI colleges ... except SPJain and maybe JBIMS.

I guess ... its better to talk to someone actually in TAPMI .. he / she will give you
a better picture.

All the best ... bye .. nikhil k

thanks for advice people
Can anyone tell me how to reach there from Lucknow...
I am planning to catch MNGLA Express from Jhashi...but the waiting list is long...so :shock:
others trains take too long a time cant afford Air journey

ne folks from bbay makin the trip to manipal?
also ne idea wot their selection procedure is?

ne folks from bbay makin the trip to manipal?
also ne idea wot their selection procedure is?

me making a trip to manipal from mumbai gd/pi on 21 april . waiting fr the rest of the calls so that i can synchronise everything . get going on im/pm with me fr better co-ordination

Hi friends.

This is my 1st post. I got a call from TAPMI & FORe. My percentile is 97.69. Got my GD & PI at Tapmi on the 17th apr. How is Tapmi...... Could somebody please enlighten me on the trains from Bombay. It seems i'll hav to go in the waitng list.

Neways, guys. Congrats to all call getters. Anyone else on the 17th


got my one and only call frm tapmi ,,,,,,,,,14th ,,,,leaving frm b'bay on the 11th,,,,

bingo........just wanted to know one thing - whom shud i get my reference frm besides the principal of my college (dont fancy asking him! :wink: )


Hi guys got call frm TAPMI GDPI on 14th april
But getting there too difficult long train waiting list.
Can anyone elaborate on the GD/PI Procedure

Hey guys !
Check out this thread for GD/PI and other general info about Tapmi.

All the best to the call getters!

hi shriya
well you should preferably get it from ur principal or ur boss at work as these guys know u well, else u could probably take it from a relative of urs who has a good social standing and knows u well. But id prefer the principal or the boss:)

except SPJain and maybe JBIMS.

I dont think there's ne comparison betn bajaj and Tapmi...

bajaj is a class apart..


Gotta a call from TAPMI, and my interview is on 17th April. Trains from mumbai are

Matysagandha express, Mangala express (board at kalyan) there are a few more trains coming from pune and jaipur, but they run only on specific days.

in addition a lot of buses ply b/w mumbai & Managalore


How many people you guys know are giving TAPMI a miss just because this place seems to be in a jungle.

Well I might, I got a FORE final call and I have to deposit 55000 before my GD/PI for TAPMI. Tell me that I am being foolish!!

Hey Sidhba

if you can risk losing a seat for a GD PI then go ahead and forego FORE !!!!!

its all a function of your risk taking ability

Hey guys tapmi is a good college. It has very good faculty and good infra.the only hitch must be that its placements although decent dont quite match up with the fees they plan to charge. Otherwise it is good education that should be given priority , isnt it?

even i have a call from tapmi. but i am not interested as i have already converted scmhrd.
as for what i know of tapmi, its an expensive but an excellent institute. anyday better than fore. it has an excellent faculty and yes manipal is HEAVEN.
but, then it has a major location drawback. not many people form the insustry come to give guest lectures. placements is also a problem. you should be prepared to stay a couple of years down south after completing mba. (i hope you people like dosas and idli)
i guess placement wise imi of delhi and ubs punjab or even kj somaiya may be a safer option.

friends i got call from tapmi for gdpi on 17th but as my papers r going on du i cant attain gdpi i contacted them but they r not ready to adjust the time nd it will take atleast 4 days for this gdpi in going nd coming back i missed this call expecting something good from nmims nd imi