TAPMI 2005 - 2007 Batch

red butterflies … welcome aboard, cross check “Y-W theory” results here:http://www.tapmi.org/pgdm_tapmi.asp then, common, lets start rocking now … i’m Rick, B Tech (Mech), 30 Months workex… frm Keralam. v’ll 've a docto…

red butterflies ........... welcome aboard,
cross check "Y-W theory" results here:http://www.tapmi.org/pgdm_tapmi.asp
then, common, lets start rocking now ..........
i'm Rick, B Tech (Mech), 30 Months workex.. frm Keralam.
v'll 've a doctor in our batch, he's my frend Harith.......
c ya ppl there ........
hi frens,
so, lets start rocking now ..........
i'm Rick, B Tech (Mech), 30 Months workex.. i'm frm Keralam.
v'll 've a doctor in our batch, he's my frend Harith.......
c ya ppl there ........

am in the league, count me in

sazeal shah, B.E., fresher

from baroda, gujrat...

welcome all

ya guys cud u pleez post the thread for the results

Plz Post the thread to the TAPMI result

hey guys
where is the result? tapmi's website ka admission result is anyways not opening ,I think.
Give the link if result is out(anyways is result out?)

Hey Junta...
me thorugh.......so...happy....
From Ahhmedabad.......Architect by Profession.....
2 years work ex...and cat..was 90.93
see ya guys there.......


hi!! this is sandeep..
well, i guess i was the first one to give the good news on this site.. hehe watever..
ya myself.. CAT 98.78 ,, BE fresher
and guess wat, did my BE at MIT, manipal.. so gues ir will b fun gettin bakk there.. but am hoping to convert other calls too.. wat abt u guys .. ne other calls.. and ne news abt the fees or dates et'al??


hey knock knock
can neone pls give the link for tapmi results

Hi Friends Got A Message From My Friend That The Admission Office Is Closed For The Day .. So Only Will Be Able To Get Our Results Tommorow.......if Any Seniors Could Step In And Throw Some Light It Would Be Great

Congrats to all of you for getting through TAPMI.

We welcome all those who have decided to join us as our junies.

Good Luck in your journey towards being nurtured as wealth creators.

For any doubt or clarification you can contact us.


where r the results announced???????!!!!!!!

Can u please tell us as to how did u see the result.Please give the link?

thank u jasprit...

will b lookin forward to your guidance if we have some doubts... hope u will b thr 4 us

welcome sandy and CATend, and yeah sandy u were the 1st among us... nice 2 c sch a diverse batch with 1 doctor and 1 architect... lets c wht more do we have in store :grab:

guys guys (those waitin 4 results)...
i do relate with ur anxieties... but as we hav hrd tht offices r closed 4 today... so ntn to do xcpt wait, rite??

my wishes r with u... best of lk

Guys im through too...i guess based on the Feby theory..which i think sounds pretty satisfactory(especially cos im thru!!) im excited!!....it wud be great to be with Rick n Incorrigible i guess...



Name: Mr. KAIMAL ARUN SUKUMAR CAT Reg. No: 3401900 TAPMI Reg. No: 13177
Interview Date : Feb Y , 2005
guess this guy is through

Hey im one of those Feb'Y' guys. im elated. after rejects from mdi and sibm..iv been down in the dumps and just found myself a callcenter job. but maybe life may turn otherwise....i still dont know if this is definitely true..the Feb Y selection....
anyway..if anyone is not able to access that page to check ur result do this..
type : http://www.tapmi.org/catpgdm.asp in google and search..then look for the cached page...and enter your id and check..all the best..else just type ur id on this board...ill try to ckeck it!!
or better still...pick this:-;=en&ie;=UTF-8

with the above theory i guess iam not in.....so muchforthe wait...phew....

😃 so let us c how many of us here?

Rick-- who started this thread
Sazeal-- me!!
Sandeep-- first amongst us to get da result
Catend (whose name we dont know)-- architect 😃
Kamail Arun
Pawan :grab:
Harith-- doc :whatthat:

and i guess i can be sure enough for my frnd jay... though he wasnt lky ennuff 2 chk his results today... am so sure bcz he was so registered in the minds of the panel in directors' interview that they mentioned him in my interview... i was astonished myself

waiting for others to join in