Tamilnadu RRB PO(interview) candidates.

Interview ku shortlist anavanga lam join panunga... strictly for TN..

Welcome buddies!!!! Lets use this group for interview preparation..

Hey .hi... Friends 

First time naan interview ku appear aga poaren plz help 

When will the interview schedule release ?


TN RRB  po group  add  s in between what and app  if already there's any group share the link as I mentioned above

Any one know any person with less than 75 attempts in general candidate getting shortlisted for interview?? Just to guesswt willbecutoff

Hi frnds...any guess about when will be the interview???

Interview ratio?

  • 1:8
  • 1:10
  • 1:3

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  I’m going to share my views and experience of interview It may be a long post (sorry for that) 1st time interview poga poravanga bayabada venam..interview room la irukavanga romba experienced people ah irupanga..avanga ellarum neenga comfortable ah dan irukanum nu ninaipanga.. Interview la ena question venalum kepanga..teriyadha question ketta teriyadhu nu solidunga Daily newspaper read panunga..newspaper la endha topic romba important nu nenaikringalo andha topic pathi ungaluku purinja matter ah soli parunga (both English and tamil)..tamil newspaper um padinga (they may ask you to read tamil newspaper as it is RRB) Namma interview complete pana udan, “na ella question kum answer paniten, interview panel members looked like they were satisfied with my answers” apdilam thoughts varum..namma olunga answer panalana kuda avanga apdi dan react panuvanga (because your comfort is more important for them) After interview: normal ah (especially 1st time) interview mudinja udan namaku thoonum “namma interview nalla panom, so kandipa clear panidalam”. Indha thought irukadhu thappu ila But,it may lead to a negative path like adutha exam (IBPS clerk is the next exam) ku prepare panama irukadhu, preparation ah complete ah stop panradhu, final result kaaga wait panradhu, etc..so avoid these things and do well in IBPS clerk also. Because no one knows what tomorrow brings. Na idhu vara oru interview matum attend paniruken (SBI PO 2017)..if anyone wants me to share my interview experience, just comment I will share it in another post  

Provincial certificate la month and year of passing April 2016 nu iruku...but application la na may 2016 potuten..ithula ethum pblm varuma??

Any race institute students here?


this is what happened in my sbi interview 

i am the 2nd candidate in my batch enaku munadi oru anna (he is already working as clerk in a public sector bank)..andha anna veliya vanda udan, i asked him what type of questions they asked to you as you are working in bank..that brother told, "na clerk dana..so they asked basic questions and no in depth questions"   

next they called me and i entered the room 4 members in interview panel (3 men, 1 lady) i wished everyone good evening..they wished back and asked to take the seat then everyone congratulated for clearing main exam..   

chairman of interview: so you have completed engineering preparing for banking.right? 

me:yes sir   

he: one of my friend is interested in lottery business. you are a branch manager and he is approaching you for a loan..how will you respond? 

me: first of all I will get all his details like his address of residence and the state he was planning to start his business, as there is ban in lottery business in some states like Tamil Nadu. i cant provide him loan if he has intution to start it in tamil nadu because its illegal here  

then he asked some basic questions like what is bank, functions and applications of bank, RBI functions, when was RBI established, like that   

mam: what do you think about farmers loan waive?does the loans should be waived?

i said laon waive is not a solution. it affects economy. some genuine farmers who repay their agri loans will be frustrated. this will encourage them to stop repaying loans. most of the defaulters are large farmers. they take loan in name of farming and invest in other fields. only small farmers are the victims of local money lenders and most of the small and marginal farmers dont even get loan from bankimg institutions. so they are not benefited by loan waive   

mam: so how can we help small and marginal farmers? 

me: only big problem for marginal farmers is water. if they had a good harvest this yr they will be benefitted. so water problem can be solved by river interlinking which serves as a multi purpose project, crop insurance coverage area should be expanded to more areas and farmers should be encouraged to insure their crops, minimum support price can be increased. these things will encourage farmers and they can have a good yield..river linking can be done by giving high priority as it also serves as inland waterway navigation, hydro power plant and more   

mam: yes river linking is a good idea..so who is the present water resources minister? 

me: nitin gadkari   

mam: there is a news about him in todays newspaper. what was the news? 

me: sorry mam, i didnt read todays newspaper   

next sir: so this is your first interview? 

me: yes sir 

he: what are the services provided by bank other than basic banking operations i said something like bank will provide guarantee certificate (almost forgot)   

then he asked me something related to cash credit (I forgot the question) 

i said dont know sir 

he gave a start about it looking for me to continue (But i really dont know about that and i didnt said anything)   

next sir: so your father owns a grocery shop..do you have POS in your shop? 

i said no. he asked why i said about rural background and physical currency notes are widely used by the people and many people dont even know to use debit card   

he: do you have a savings account in SBI 

i said i dont have an account in SBI but i have an account in IOB   

chairman: do you use net banking i said i didnt used net banking but i use debit card for online payment   

then everyone wished me for final results   

interview lasted for about 10 mins for all the candidates in our batch

 According to last year trend if we see what is the final cutoff for RRB PO it was around 56-57 , so i feel tis year it will be around 48-50 bcoz, last year cutoff was 75 so 75/2=37.5 x 4/5 = 30  in mains +(26) aft interview = 56 - 57 was the final cutoff so in dis way if we calculate it will be around 48 +2 or -2  expected. this year


RRB clerk attempts?Kindly mention guys so we hv a rough idea?

Wen can we know rrp po mains cleared candidates marks?

Will they accept if originals are laminated??

In uiic Will they take all the candidates who attend language test??

Conduct certificate for uiic.. 1. From nearby doctor 2. From my college - date of issue march 2016 Is this ok..? Or i have to get new?? If i have to get new means then from whom should i get those?? Pls suggest me

Any other xam after ibps clerk???