Talk on "Macroeconomic Adjustments - A global perspective" by Dr. Mangal Goswami , Deputy Director IMF Regional Training Centre Singapore

Dr. Mangal Goswami delivered two talks on the 12th of March on "Macroeconomic Adjustments - A Global Perspective" at the LSR college as well as IIT Delhi. He extensively spoke about the primary concerns for macroeconomic performances, the keys for achieving stability as well as the key parameters which initiate adjustments.  He highlighted the key stabilization measures that can be undertaken such as expenditure adjustment policies (fiscal & monetary), expenditure switching policies (exchange rate policy) as well as other policies (mainly adjusting key prices). He also laid down the factors that can determine which policy needs to implemented depending on the speed of implementation, level of impact as well as the key factors that it affects. He summarized the discussion by talking about structural reforms and gave examples of adjustment policies covered by several companies. The event ended with a short presentation of the Meghnad Desai Academy