Syracuse University/Whitman School of Management: Calling out to MBA Aspirants

To all those looking to start an MBA program in 2017, the international deadline for syracuse Univeristy is Feb 15th, 2017. 

You can get more details on

As a current finance student at Whitman and a student ambassador, I'd say my experience here has been very diverse. If you'd like to know more about the university and/or the program, do connect with me or send me an email on [email protected].

Here are the links to upcoming recruiting events in India for Masters and MBA programs:

Access Masters event in Delhi – Feb. 13, 2017:

Access Masters event in Hyderabad – Feb.16, 2017: 

Access Masters event in Mumbai – Feb. 18, 2017: 

Access MBA event in Delhi – Feb. 14, 2017:

Access MBA event in Hyderabad - Feb. 16, 2017:

Access MBA event in Mumbai - Feb. 19, 2017: