Syndicate Bank SO Exam 2016 (Chartered Accountants)

SO exam preparation group for syndicate bank to be held in Jan 2016 der any negative marking in SO civil..syndicate ??

Any information about results?

hi guys result is declared , how many of you are  shortlisted for  interview ?

Anybody who has been shortlisted for interview for the post of manager CA mmgs II cadre?

hi guys sorry for late reply about your interview queries as my interview time came at 7 pm yesterday. so here are the questions they asked from me.

there are 5 persons in the interview panel 

They give me the choice of area for interview from which i feel comfortable to answer, but i said they can ask me anything so they started asking me about forex.

What import and export?

What is current Dollar rate ?

What is the name of AS which deals with foreign exchange fluctuation?

What is High Seas Sales? Can we sell it below the original Price?

Why rupee value is going down?

After that other person asked me the questions like:-

What is ideal DEBT EQUITY ratio?

What is Gold monetization Scheme?

What is Gold Bond Scheme? Why should is invest in that scheme if there is risk of lower prices of gold after 5 years?

What is AS 18 ?

Who is the Governor of Punjab?

Besides this they also asked me personal ques and about my willingness to join anywhere in india, which i obviously said yes.

If you have any other queries jst ask me 

Any updates of joining process??