Syndicate Bank - PO - 1 yr PGD (B&F) - Final Result Dates

The final result for the exam of Syndicate Bank for the post of PO - 1 yr PGD (B&F) will be released during March, 2016 More information will be available on the Syndicate Bank website

is there will be gd in syndicate selection process?

@guys I have a question for you. Please post your comments, which is fair and unfair.

A father has 3 sons. lets take A,B,C.A,B,C married and have their children. Once old aged father fell sick and hospitalised  and returned home.The hospital bill was 1,50,000. They shared and paid 50,000 each.

Now, C is a government employee that he can get reimbrusement of money spent for their father and A,B cannot . C took the bill of 1,50,000 and got 1,50,000 under reimbursement.

A,B asked C as you got the money. Lets share. C says how can I share, as I got them and my company gave it, i cannot give you and the money is mine. By this A, B spent 1,00,000 together and didn't received any in return. C spent 50,000 and got 1,50,000 in return(under reimbursement) ,by removing 50,000 from 1,50,000, he got 1,00,000 more.

My question is

1)Who is right? C or A,B?

2) If C is right and he should retain the reimbursed money with himself, Is it fair ?Why?

3) The reimbursement money should be shared among themsleves ?

Which is fair and unfair?What you think?  Please post your comments. Thank you. 

hi anyone.. can u suggest a good standard level QA book for BMSB and IBPS PO..? it ll be of grt help.... do rpl...